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this is a presentation about COMT and PTSD

this is a presentation about COMT and PTSD

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  • 1. PTSD By, Lucas Millman and Adam Hall
  • 2. About PTSD
      • PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      • It is a psychiatric illness that affects the brain after it goes through a traumatic experience
      • It was first identified in veterans from Vietnam who had a traumatic experience
      • The types of traumatic events range from losing a loved one, experiences in prison, assault, domestic abuse, rape, war experiences
      • It can happen to any age, race or gender and does not always occur right after the traumatic event  
  • 3. Study in Rwandan Genocide
      • A study identified genes as potential biologic markers linked to PTSD
      • Scientist screened surviving victims of the Rwandan genocide where the total death toll was about 500,000 people
      • Rwandans experienced significant trauma by witnessing traumatic events or losing loved one
      • The study evaluated blood samples and reviewed medical records from 424 Rwanda genocide survivor, participants experienced trauma but one group was diagnosed with PTSD
      •   The study found a "dose-response" relationship between traumatic load and the widespread appearance of lifetime PTSD
      • Their hypothesis suggests a direct relationship where the higher amount of  traumatic load, the more likely the chance of developing PTSD
      •   Scientists also found genetic biomarkers directly linked to the "traumatic load" 
  • 4. COMT
      • The COMT stands for catechol-O-methyltransferase  
      • It is an enzyme produced by all individuals with some variability
      • COMT "digests" the chemicals produced when stress occurs 
      • COMT used to be linked with the feeling of fear 
      • They concluded people with less COMT have a higher stress load leaving them more vulnerable to PTSD
      • This study may provide information putting us one step closer to finding a biologic intervention for prevention or treatment of mental disorders related to stress like PTSD
  • 5. Bibliography
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