Over Protective Parents
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  • 1. Over Protective Parents, Could They Damage Your Brain? By Amanda Shepherd  and  Alex Scheman
  • 2. What was done? A Japanese scientist named Kosuke Narita looked at the brains of 50 people in their 20's and had them fill out a survey about their parents in the first 26 years of their life They used a survey called The Parental Bonding Instrument which asks the person to rate their relationships with their parents in a number of areas
  • 3. Neglect and Overbearing -He found that people with neglectful parents had less gray matter in the pre-frontal cortex of their brain (the part of your brain that concerns personality) -The same results were found with parents who were over bearing -This part of your brain develops in you childhood, and up until this study, abnormalities were only thought to be caused by schizophrenia and other mental illnesses -Narita believes that this is caused by the increased amount of the stress hormone
  • 4. Potential Problems -An Australian scientist named Stephen Wood says that this study may not be accurate -He says that it is quite possible for the subjects studied to have been born with the abnormality, and the relationship with their parents just lowered it even more -He also notices that the study excluded people with low socioeconomic status and uneducated parents which are two things known to contribute to bad performance on cognitive tests "The effect they found may be real, but why worry about parenting if there are other factors that are so much larger?" -Stephen Wood
  • 5. Acknowledgments http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn18633-mom-and- dad-stop-stifling-me--its-damaging-my-brain.html? DCMP=OTC-rss&nsref=life
  • 6. Q&A   ???
  • 7. Seminar Questions Do you think there is Do you think there is enough evidence to support enough evidence to support this theory? this theory? What other tests could be Why could this information done to prove or disprove be useful? this theory? Do you think that it is Do you think that it is reverse order, and that reverse order, and that they are born with this they are born with this abnormality and the abnormality and the relationship with their relationship with their parents just increased the parents just increased the problem? problem?