Practicum in translation


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Practicum in translation

  1. 1. Practicum in Translation<br />Translation skills<br />Dr. Shadia Banjar<br />LANE-462-<br />first term<br />1431-2010<br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  2. 2. Project MANAGEMENT : <br /><ul><li>Resources coordination
  3. 3. Administration
  4. 4. Quality management
  5. 5. Added value services such as DTP</li></ul>This skill helps the translator in managing his project , dealing with the customer, and in finding related resources about the subject .<br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  6. 6. Terminology Management: <br /><ul><li>Terminology database maintenance
  7. 7. Terminology research
  8. 8. Translation memory management
  9. 9. Interaction with customer </li></ul>This skill helps the translator in searching about the important terms of the subject he is going to translate. Also the translator should know how to make a translation memory as sub skill. This skill also including interaction with the customer for better understanding for the subject . <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  10. 10. Language And literacy <br /><ul><li>Understanding of the source language
  11. 11. Writing skills in the target language
  12. 12. Editing and proofreading </li></ul>The translator used this skill in decoding the text from the source language and encoding the text to the target language. Also this skill helps him in the editing and proofreading for his translation. <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  13. 13. Communication<br /><ul><li> Clarity of expression
  14. 14. Establishing rapport
  15. 15. Giving and receiving feedback
  16. 16. Observing and checking understanding</li></ul>This skill is important to any translator because it helps him in communicating with the customers or with whomever he is dealing with . <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  17. 17. Making decisions <br /><ul><li>Consulting
  18. 18. Reflecting
  19. 19. Analyzing and Evaluating
  20. 20. Establishing facts
  21. 21. Making judgment</li></ul>This skill is also important for any translator because he have to decide the methods and strategies he is going to use in his translation . <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  22. 22. Information technology <br /><ul><li>Hardware and software used in producing translations
  23. 23. Electronic file management
  24. 24. E-commerce</li></ul>This skill is essential for the translator because he needs to know<br />How to use computer and all the application related to it ,he also <br />need to know all the hardware and software that helps him in his translation . <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />
  25. 25. Cultural understanding <br /><ul><li> What influence the development of the source language ?
  26. 26. National characteristics where the language is spoken
  27. 27. Hazards of stereotyping</li></ul>Translation aim is to translate meaning not words, and sometimes this meaning is related to culture ,so you have - as a translator – to understand the culture of the source language to understand it very well , also you have to know the culture of the target language to translate a text that will be understood . <br />Dalal Raja Al-Tayari PRACTICUM 1 0879421<br />