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Presentation about CSR philosophy and how it can be implemented into meetings/incentive industry; based on the experience of ICP Group S.A form Poland

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Site EMEA Forum 2012 csr

  1. 1. EMOTIONS RELOADEDmeetings socially responsible Source: Seweryn Jakubiec, Chief Operations Officer Poland Concept DMC (ICP Group S.A.)
  2. 2. SITE EMEA Forum 2012 speakerHerman Konings said:Communication 361 Did you do something good recently?
  3. 3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. 4. What CSR is NOT:CSR is a tool with main purpose to improveyour Public RelationsCSR is a philanthropy, mainly charity eventsCSR is an excuse for other (unfair) actions
  5. 5. What is CSR? It is a corporate/organization responsibility forECONOMICAL SOCIAL ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT on its surrounding It is awareness about OUR impact on lifes quality on EARTH
  6. 6. CorporateSustainability & Responsibility
  7. 7. New CSR? CSR is the way in which business consistently creates shared value in society through economic development, good governance, stakeholder responsiveness and environmental improvement.C - Creativity – not only tick-box approachS - Scalability – from local to globalR - Responsiveness – solutions to the problems2 - Glocality – think globally, act locally0 - Circularity – or cradle to cradle Source: CSR International
  8. 8. At each stage of our business we make an IMPACT! MICE Source:
  9. 9. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions
  10. 10. Does it pay off?
  11. 11. Guidlines ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to health and welfare of society. ISO 20121 is a management system standard that has been designed to help organizations in the events industry improve the sustainability of their event related activities, products and service
  12. 12. ISO 26000
  13. 13. How about us?Tourism & Meetings is the biggest industry sector in the world. It provides: 10% of global employment and 11% of global GDP
  14. 14. Cape Town Declaration 2002 The Cape Town Conference was organised as a side event preceding the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. The Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations was attended by 280 delegates from 20 countries. Source:
  15. 15. Competitiveness in incentive industry BRAND
  16. 16. Competitiveness in incentive industry Opinion Conversation CommentsBRAND Recommendations REPUTATION Likes Share Fans
  17. 17. What participants want?Participants wants more, harder, further, faster. They want to experience the brand and to participate in the events that give real and honest emotions. And those can be delivered and enriched by CSR activities.
  18. 18. What is CSR in incentive travel? (not industry)Creation of incentive programs with conscious reference to their impact into local community. Building lasting relationships with the participants and between the participants using socially responsible activity. Giving a new dimension to incentive programmes: humanitarian, social, cultural and emotional.
  19. 19. What you can offer?Experience Knowledge YouContacts Resources
  20. 20. Where to reach?Employees Partners YouCompetitors Clients
  21. 21. You have access to Big Guys!
  22. 22. How to plan? Research Brief Plan ExecuteWhat are your What is clients What are Make the story resources? CSR awareness? the needs? Be carefull and Which goals can be Who are watch over CSR ‘enriched’? the partners? What, where, when, how, why? Evaluate!
  23. 23. How we do it atWhere to start?
  24. 24. Something small Natural environment
  25. 25. Something bigWe are a member of Coalition of CEO’s for We support Enactus: a community ofWolountary Service. Besides its social student, academic and business leaderspurpose it’s also an interesting networking committed to using the power ofhub with leading polish companies. entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.
  26. 26. Participation ininternational initiatives
  27. 27. IMEX ChallengeMICE industry meets to have a positive effect on the lives of others!
  28. 28. Lubljana, 2012 Wracamy do ogrodu
  30. 30. Calibri 36Calibri 28 Calibri 24WARSAW 2010, WE’RE COMING BACK TO THE GARDEN
  31. 31. TEDx in Poland Warsaw Łódź Gdańsk Toruń Wrocław Cracow Poznań … in total, approx 20 events each year
  32. 32. Calibri 36Calibri 28 Calibri 24 Volunteers
  33. 33. What you can have?Participation in the most prestigious educational event in the worldTED - a brand symbolizing the sharing of knowledge and people who careExcellent opportunity for employees to develop the knowledge, meet interesting projects and people and share experiencesEmotional and educational "pill" for the whole year
  34. 34. Abroad CSR projects
  35. 35. FARMACEUTICAL COMPANY TURKEY 2005 – 40pax Activities in Turkish schoolprovided for children younger classes (English lessons)
  36. 36. ASPECTA LIFE RPA 2006 – 25pax Help in Wild AnimalOrphanage in South Africa
  37. 37. MICHELIN Poland THAILAND 2008 – 20paxPass the bikes for children ofthe villages after the tsunami
  38. 38. GENERALI Life GOA 2011 – 40paxTransfer of school accessories for children
  39. 39. Local CSR projects
  40. 40. SITE EMEA Forum 2007 – 20paxRevitalization works in the House of the Little Child in Warsaw.
  41. 41. PHARMACEUTICAL Company 2012 – 80 + 89 childrenGames and integration with adults
  42. 42. CSR - Case studiesCOPYRIGHT PROJECTS Own CSR projects
  44. 44. PARTY FOR CHILDREN FROM THE OPRAHANGE 2010 – 50paxThe transfer of gifts and integration with ICP Group employees
  45. 45. PARTY FOR CHILDREN FROM THE OPRAHANGE 2011 – 80paxTransmission of gifts + attraction and integration ICP employees
  46. 46. ICP Group 2012
  47. 47. 2012 Go4Help – The campaign against animal homelessness in Poland
  48. 48. Our actions 2012May – educational festival to promote adoption
  50. 50. We frequentlydecided to launch Go Celestynów,role take dogs for a walk, The idea “give instead of take”plays major we in our company. We have visit a dog shelter in 4 Help program to reach places All employees suchare taughtin our companyto help, where aremajor is and supplies. play help role that’s it is cool CSR activities we bring foodespecially give something with expecting nothing in return. It gives you this great power.
  51. 51. Charity Auction & foodcollectionat the 10th Aniversary Gala
  52. 52. Go4Help Actions 2012 Food delivery sponsored by one of major pet suppliers
  53. 53. What is it for us (you)?2005 – our 1st CSR project. Now – 10-15 a year!Clients demand new projects with CSRIndependent CSR brand Go4 helpBetter business contacts with clients & partnersMotivated and happy employeesExperience and knowledge sharing And many, many, many smiles 
  54. 54. SITE EMEA Forum 2012 speakerFried Ringoot said:You (almost) receive what you give
  55. 55. CSR activities make sense and bring the greatest results when they are primarily a result of theinvolvement of the employees. It is through their ideasand work for socially responsible projects the company is likely to be closest to the people.
  56. 56. ICP Group S.A. is a Warsaw based company established in 2002. Our range of services covers all aspects of meetings, incentives,conferences and special events, from the planning stage throughproduction to the project evaluation. Our clients range form big, international companies to domesticenterprises, associations and government organizations. We help clientsrepresenting various fields, such as: financial services, FMCG, pharmacy,telecommunications, building industry, automotive and many others.
  57. 57. CompetencesIncentive travel and PCO/DMC and Tailor-made motivational ground services for programmes and programmes B2B, Organization of special incoming groups to Pharmaceutical concierge services B2C events, conferences, Poland education and for VIP groups International congresses, trade and research and clientsmedical congresses road shows, pr events, and conferences gala & occasional evenings Event support & production for all ICP Group brands
  58. 58. CredibilityMember of:Recommended by: INCENTIVE TRAVEL ORGANIZERS ASSOCIATION
  59. 59. Stability ICP Group S.A., first public company of its sector in Poland, has been launched on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2012NewConnect is a financing and trading Being one of the largest and mostplatform organized by the Warsaw Stock successful firms in Poland, it’s stockExchange, launched on August 13th, 2007.This is a market for companies with a high launch is a proof of companys highestgrowth potential, which want to turninnovation (of their products, services or business credibility, financial stabilityprocesses) into their greatest competitiveadvantage. and transparency of standards.
  60. 60. SecurityInsurance guarantee Accident insurance 1 300 000 PLN Liability insurance Registry of tourism organizers – license no.509 Share capital – 500 000 PLN Risk Management Procedures
  61. 61. References
  62. 62. About DMCPoland Concept – DMC (Destination Management Company) /PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) - is a business unitdedicated to providing services for foreign clients staging in Polandtheir motivation programmes and projects building relationshipsand influencing information exchange (that is congresses,conferences, events, incentive trips, etc.).ONE-STOP SHOP PARTNER FOR ALL WORLD CLIMATE SUMMIT TASKS TAKING FULLADVANTAGE OF THE SYNERGY OF ALL ICP GROUP S.A. BRANDSCombining competences in the field of arranging special events, building effectivemotivation programmes and familiarity with the logistics-conference infrastructure inPoland, we are a local partner for foreign corporations and organisers of specialevents, offering professional services along with measurable financial benefitsowning to their local providers.
  63. 63. EURO 2012! Poland & Ukraine• 5 cities • 6980 meals• 16 matches • 9 choices of activities• 2000 guests • 17 hotels• 15 restaurants • 96 staff!
  64. 64. THANK YOU! part of:Contact person: ICP Group S.A.Seweryn Jakubiec Aleja Wilanowska 303AChief Operations Officer 02-665 Warszawa, Polandmobile: +48 502 569 467 tel.: +48 22 54 88 100e-mail: fax.: +48 22 54 88 www.icpgroup.plLike us at: us at: MOST OUTSTANDING INCENTIVE TRAVEL AWARD PROGRAM Member of SITE - The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives Member of MPI - Meeting Professionals International