CanCham Shanghai's Annual report 2011


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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai's Annual Report 2011

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CanCham Shanghai's Annual report 2011

  1. 1. Annual Report 2011 上海加拿大商会The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiLa Chambre de commerce canadienne à Shanghai
  2. 2. Annual Report 2011 2The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai works to ensure that East China’s Canadian business and social communities continue to thrive.
  3. 3. Annual Report 2011 3Table of Contents4 Message from the Chair 14 Chamber Staff5 Message from the Executive Director 15 Services6 Business and Government Event Highlights 16 Demographics10 Social and Community Event Highlights 17 Advertising Rates12 Financial Report 18 Special Thanks13 Chamber Board of Directors and Officers 19 Contact Us
  4. 4. Sharon Wong Annual Report 2011 4 Chair Présidente Message from the ChairDear Valued Chamber Members and Friends,It is with great optimism and gratitude that I send you greetings in the new year! ness needs in China, enhancing existing value and creating opportunities to devel- op a thriving Canadian community in China. In this regard, your input and ideasLast year was a busy and eventful year for both the Chamber and our members. are important and invaluable and we hope to harness these in the new year.Following the success of our numerous social events and business intelligence pro-grams, we have continued to see great developments in 2011. Highlights include Our achievements to date are a reflection of your continued support and dedica-hosting visits from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable John Baird and tion to expanding Canadian business interests in China. We thank you for this.Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Joe Oliver and welcoming British We also invite members to take advantage of the great opportunities CanChamColumbia Premier Christy Clark at the BC Alumni Ambassadors Reception. offers to help further your business and raise your profile. I encourage each of you to become involved and engaged and drop by our office for any questions or ideas2011 saw a number of changes for members doing business in China including the regarding CanCham.requirement that expatriates participate in China’s social insurance scheme and thepilot introduction of the value added tax in Shanghai. In respect of social insur- It has been a privilege to serve as Chair of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce inance matters, CanCham has worked on lobbying for further clarifications on these China in 2011. We look forward to providing you with continued excellent serviceissues. in the coming year.Additionally, following CanCham tradition, members celebrated all things Ca-nadian on Canada Day as well enjoying other outings such as Hockey Night inShanghai and Movie Night under the Stars. Members also had the opportunity tonetwork and build their business expertise through events such as Transfer Pricingin China, the Inter-Chamber Ladies Networking Night, Hiring and Firing andLegal Best Practices for Managing a Subsidiary or Rep. Office to name a few. Sharon Wong ChairIn the coming year, CanCham is committed to further understanding your busi- The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
  5. 5. Carley Pulford Annual Report 2011 5 Executive Director Directrice générale Message from the Executive DirectorDear Members and Friends of CanCham Shanghai, tinuing to uphold Canada’s strong brand image here.Let me start by saying that since my appointment as Executive Director it has truly As a member of the CanCham, you are not only broadening your network but youbeen a privilege to serve not just the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai are helping to create a piece of Canada in China for those that wish to learn morebut the Canadian community at large in China. about Canada and for those who wish to reconnect with their Canadian roots.Our two main missions in China remain the same, first, to connect you and your I look forward to continuing to work with you all in 2012 as we strive to realize thebusiness to opportunities and key contacts in China. Second, we provide support full potential of Canadian businesses in Canadians and Canadian Companies working and living in China not onlyfrom a business point of view but from a social aspect as well.During 2011 we’ve launched several new initiatives that are helping the Chamberserve you, our members, better. We implemented a new membership category andseries of events to further increase the involvement of the Young Professionals en- Carley Pulfordsuring the future of CanCham. Executive Director The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiWe’ve also reinstated the Access Program which provides member to member dis-counts and special offers.I strongly believe that everyone involved with CanCham Shanghai is united by adesire to demonstrate the absolute best that Canada has to offer by strengtheningthe business relationships that already exist between Canada and China while con-
  6. 6. In 2011 the Chamber hosted more than 75 events for Canadians and friends of the Canadian community. Annual Report 2011 6 Our business events are created to help our member businesses grow theirBuild Your Business professional networks while gaining the knowledge needed to succeed in the China market.Business & Government Highlights January Annual General Meeting 2011 Trends and Strategies The Impact of China’s 12th Five YearSisters in Business Breakfast Event Se- The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held Dong Tao, Assistant President of the Shanghai Plan: How it actually works and what’s on February 23rd, 2011. The Board of Direc- Foreign Investment Development Board dis-ries: Heidi Dugan Speaks in store for the next five years tors reviewed CanCham Shanghai’s develop- cussed the trends and strategies for Foreign Di-Heidi Dugan, media personality and inspira- The Canadian Chamber in Shanghai and the ment over 2010 and previewed CanCham’s ini- rect Investment in China.tional businesswoman, shared how she performs Canada China Business Council (CCBC) host- tiatives in 2011. The Chamber’s current board ed Kenneth Jarrett, Chairman of APCO World-multi-roles while maintaining a work-life bal- of directors was also elected at this AGM.ance. Organized by AustCham and supported 2010 Annual Filing & Non-Trade For- wide, Greater China who spoke about the keyby CanCham. eign Exchange Remittance Seminar impacts of the new policies announced in Chi- March With the promulgation of various new tax rules na’s new 12th Five Year Plan. February CSR Roundtable: and regulations in 2010, enterprises will inevi-Sisters in Business Breakfast Event Se- Building Responsible Businesses tably face a lot of new tax issues when handling The Taxmen Cometh: Presenting Van- In this event supported by the Canadian Con- 2010 annual filing and non-trade foreign ex- couver’s International Financial Cen-ries: Susan Heffernan, Soozar change remittance matters. Now, a professional sulate and the Canada-China Business Council, treAustCham and CanCham hosted Susan Heffer- from Deloitte brings you a seminar providing Danielle Ruan, Director of COCO Mat and The International Financial Centre BC is posi-nan who told attendees how she in-depth analysis focusing on the hot topics. Marie-Lucie Spoke of the Giving Tree discussed tioning Vancouver as a tax free zone for inter-founded and successfully developed Soozar’s the challenges and successes of encouraging so- national financial activities. With this in mindbrand in China and internationally. cially responsible practices in China from both a ,Bruce Flexman, President of IFC BC, and Jim- for-profit and non-profit perspectives. April my Mitchell, Vice President, Business Develop-New Facts on Brand Buying and How In the second segment, Tom Cumming, Pro- Young Professionals: mnent IFC BC spoke of how BC’s competitiveMarketing Works gram Advisor, Investment Cooperation Program Launching Your Career in China advantages can work for businesses.Presented by AustCham and CanCham. Guest (INC) Division Foreign Affairs and Internation- Fred Spoke, Managing Director of Canadaspeaker Dr Jenni Romaniuk unraveled the al Trade Canada, discussed how Canadian com- Wood Ltd discussed his 10 years of ChineseSeven Major Myths of brand buying and cus- panies encourag ing CSR practices can receive working experience and talked about what Best HR Practices: Hiring and Firingtomer behaviour, followed with empirical evi- grants. young professionals should be aware of upon in Chinadence from the Chinese market which haven’t embarking on their careers in China. CanCham and AustCham presented Michael J.yet made their way into university textbooks. FIE’s Strategy in Investing in China- Zuo, Account Manager & Senior Consultant at
  7. 7. Annual Report 2011 7Build Your BusinessBusiness & Government HighlightsShanghai Donghao Human Resource Co., Ltd. foreign capital in China because Chinese com- tions, Asia Pacific, and Nigel Ingham, Director ans about his career path and how he went from(DHR), who discussed the ins and outs of HR panies have become such strong competitors. of Industrial Services, East China, presented on majoring in French literature to becoming thein China, and what both employers and em- the office and industrial property markets in head of one of Canada’s largest banks in Asia.ployees should know in matters related to hiring 2011 Chambers of Commerce Forum: China and everything you need to know aboutand firing. purchasing and renting business premises. Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders China Gold Rush with Global Invest- ment Rajeev Peshawaria , CEO of the ICLIF Leader- Consulate Briefing 2011 ship & Governance Centre addressed members May Business leaders from Chinese and International The semi-annual Consulate Briefing from theYoung Professionals: Taking the leap Chambers of Commerce gathered at this 2 day of MayCham and CanCham about why Canadian Consulate was held on June 16, 2011. some organizations are able to achieve greaterand building your business in China conference to discuss trade, investment, impli- Consul General of Canada Nadir Patel spoke cations of the 5 year plan and other topics per- commercial success over longer periods of timeOlivier Brault, General Manager of Norduyn about the latest business, economic, political, compared to others even in the same marketChina, spoke to young Canadians about how he taining to Chna’s economy. cultural and consular news. conditions.left Canada to start the China operations of aCanadian aerospace company from scratch. Understanding Your Laowai Boss Social Media in China Canada-China Business Luncheon Jason Inch, Managing Director of InChina Sam Flemming, Founder and Chairman of CIC Event Management and Dolly Ou Yang, Execu- and Alex Miller, Product Manager for Advertis- with Minister of International AffairsThe Evolving/Devolving Business tive Director of HKJ Global Co. Ltd. spoke to ing at discussed where Chinese us- John BairdEnvironment for MNC’s in China - CanCham Shanghai and CCBC hosted a wel- attendees about everything an employee needs ers are talking online and the power of socialWhich Way is forward? to know about dealing with a boss of another media marketing. come luncheon for the Honourable John Baird,BenCham, AustCham, DanCham and Can- culture. Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.Cham Shanghai, presented David Hoffman,Vice President and Managing Director of The June JulyConference Board China Center for Economics Making Sense of China’s Property How will China’s current social insur- Young Professionals with Robert Mar- ance law affect you?and Business who discussed whether the current Gamedifficult environment for MNCs was due to tin Phuong Chung, Senior Vice President and Lily Colliers International property experts Chris Robert Martin, the former Head of Asia for theregulator design or to the diminishing need for Cuff, Executive Director of Corporate Solu- Zhang, Director, Employee Benefits (EB) of BMO Financial Group talked to young Canadi- Manulife-Sinochem briefed attendees on China’s
  8. 8. Annual Report 2011 8Build Your BusinessBusiness & Government Highlightscurrent Social Insurance Law and talked about Behind the Scenes at the Pullman Ho- of the common legal problems that managers Commissioner at the Canadian Consulate inits impact on employees. They also discussed the face, and best practice approaches to avoid or Shanghai and the Canadian Trade Commis-new social insurance law and how the potential tel respond to these issues. sioner team spoke to members about the servic-change can impact foreigneres and their social Attendees got a behind the scenes tour of the es that they can provide to Canadian businesses Pullman Skyway Hotel. Those on the tour sawinsurance benefits. Luncheon with the Premier of Quebec, in China. the day to day operations of this luxury hotel and learn how the HR, Security, F&B managers Jean CharestTowards Sustainable Growth in Chi- as well as the GM of the hotel ensures that the During his visit to Shanghai, Premier Charest Strengthening Management Commu-na Pullman runs smoothly. gave a major public address on September 1st nication SkillsAustCham Shanghai, BritCham Shanghai and to strengthen the business ties between Québec This public talk, given by Mr. Ethan Becker, dis-CanCham Shanghai hosted a panel discussion and China. cussed 2 of the 8 most common topics in thewith Dr. Yolanda Fernandez Lommen, Head of September discipline of communication as it relates to thethe Economics Unit at the Asian Development Media/PR tips for personal presenta- Young Professionals Panel Discussion: workplace: diffusing defensiveness and control-Bank who gave an analysis of the major chal- tion and public speaking ling nervousness when speaking.lenges in terms of future growth and develop- Jumpstarting Your Career in China AustCham Shanghai, CanCham Shanghai and John McDonald, Trista Baldwin and Hilaryment in the economy. guest speaker Mario Cavolo hosted a seminar Bauer, Canadian professionals who are currently November on effective personal presentation, speaking and working in Shanghai, spoke to young profes- Improving Performance with Scarce communication styles to support your business’ sionals about working for well-established non- August media/PR communications needs. Talent: Richard Ivey Business Round- profit organizations in Shanghai. table with Bruce MiyashitaImproving Essential Business English Organized by CanCham and Ivey School ofWriting Skills How to Control Your Company: Business Alumni Association, keynote speakerJason Inch, Managing Director of InChina Best Practices for Dealing with Legal October Bruce Miyashita highlighted how organizationsTraining, worked with attendees to improve Challenges of Managing a Subsidiary Canadian Government Breakfast Se- are dealing with the challenges of attracting,their writing style and make their business writ- ries: How Can Trade Commissioners building and retaining talent in order to achieve or Rep. Officeing more effective and professional. Managing Partner Maarten Roos of R&P China Help Your Business? and maintain higher levels of business perfor- Lawyers used practical examples to show some Robert McCubbing, Team Leader and Trade mance.
  9. 9. Annual Report 2011 9Build Your BusinessBusiness & Government HighlightsTo Buy or not to Buy: portunities and developments in the province of Ernst & Young, Shanghai provided information their reputation online, how to defend againstThe Commercial Real Estate Situation British Columbia. on recent transfer pricing developments in Chi- blows to their brand’s reputation, and discussed na and discussed the key issues for tax directors, the role of reputational marketing in their com-in and around Shanghai finance managers, controllers, general managersThe Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Ca- How Your Work Is Killing You : panies’ arsenals.nadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in- and CFOs dealing with transfer pricing issues. Improving Health & Productivity invited two very experienced real estate experts at the Workplace with Ergonomics Quick Event Statsthe Longemont Hotel to help attendees under- A seasoned physiotherapist, Patrick Ansovini, December 16stand the current real estate situation in Shang- physiotherapist at SinoUnited Health talked to Behind the Scenes: Coca Cola Factoryhai. attendees about how you can improve health, Tour safety and efficiency at the workplace. Attendees got a behind the scenes tour of the Board and CanadianCanada-China Business Leaders’ Coca Cola Shenmei Plant. government eventsDinner with Canada’s Minister of Chinese proverbs: Condensed Culture 32Natural Resources, Joe Oliver and Insight into Chinese Mentality China’s New Social Insurance Law -The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shang- In this session with Albert Krisskoy, who has Updates and Solutionshai hosted a welcome dinner at the Four Seasons spent 18 years in China studying, working and In the follow-up of “How Will China’s CurrentHotel Shanghai for the Honourable Joe Oliver, accumulating knowledge of Chinese language Social Insurance Law Impact You?” This edition Business eventsCanada’s Minister of Natural Resources. and culture, members of the Spanish and Ca- updated members on the latest changes to Chi-BC Alumni Ambassadors Receptionwith the Premier of British Columbia, nadian Chamber learned about the cultural sig- nificance of Chinese idioms. na’s Social Insurance Law and further discussed its impact on businesses as well as possible solu- tions. Trade mission 4Christy Clark Transfer pricing in China - Latest de- and governmentBritish Columbia’s alumni and friends in Shang- velopments and planning strategies Reputational Marketing Seminar : delegation eventshai joined Premier Clark for the BC Ambassa- Two experienced transfer pricing practitioners: Influencing Consumer Decisionsdors reception to hear about the exciting op- Mr. Jonathan Belec and Mr. Travis Qiu from CanCham and CEBEX hosted a seminar to help attendees learn how to build and maintain
  10. 10. As the core of the Canadian community in East China, Annual Report 2011 the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai has a 10 mandate to create a sense of community for Canadians andConnecting Canadians friends of Canadians.Social & Community Highlights January Canuck Connection: Caesars & Pou- May La Fête nationale du QuébecCanuck Connection : tine Night Canuck Connection: Quebec Day CelebrationWelcome Back Mixer Canadians gathered at Osteria to enjoy delicious CanCham Music Festival Quebec lovers gathered to enjoy the biggestCanadians and friends met at the Boxing Cat Caesars and poutine at this monthly mixer. CanCham Shanghai and Big Bamboo hosted a Quebec day celebration in Shanghai. AttendeesBrewery to meet up with old friends and make night of fantastic live music featuring popular enjoyed French-Canadian music, a poutine barnew connections. local bands Studio 188, Smoking Aces, Dave and an authentic French-Canadian experience! April Hewett Apphia Campbell, Rough Diamonds Rick Hansen Difference Maker and Lonestar Wild. February Awards Celebration JulyCanuck Connection: The Rick Hansen Foundation with the support Shanghai Hustle Scavenger Hunt June CanCham Shanghai’s Canadian Alumni Com-Hockey Night in Shanghai of CanCham Shanghai celebrated their 25thOver 300 hockey fans gathered at CanCham’s anniversary of the Man in Motion World Tour Canada Day in Shanghai 2011 mittee held the 2nd annual Shanghai Widelargest Canuck Connection in the Chamber’s Over 300 Canadians and friends came out on Scavenger Hunt at the Big Bamboo on Nanyang with the Man in Motion himself, Rick Hansen.history to watch a live hockey game put on by June 18th, 2011 to Sheshan to celebrate Cana- Lu.the Shanghai Hockey Club. da’s 144th Birthday! Canuck Connection: Contestants navigated through Shanghai’s ur- Pancake Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt Special thanks to our Silver Sponsor B+H Ar- ban landscape to complete a myriad of tasks, March CanCham Shanghai hatched a plan and invite chitects and our Booth Sponsor the Bank of challenges and puzzles and win bragging rights3rd Annual Canadian all Canadians and friends to an eggsquisite Montreal (China) Co.Ltd. Shanghai branch for for their team and alma-mater!Inter-University Alumni Mixer breakfast buffet with pancakes and real Cana- their generous support.The Canadian Alumni of Shanghai gathered at dian Maple Syrup from Goodwell’s.this annual mixer to reconnect with their Alma- Kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt hosted by Can- August Inter-Chamber Summer MixerMater and fellow alumni. Cham’s Eggsecutive Director and eggspert Eas- Members of the international Chambers of Canuck Connection: ter egg hider. Commerce gathered to expand their profession- Welcome Back Mixer al and social networks in Shanghai. The return of Canuck Connection brought Ca-
  11. 11. Annual Report 2011 11Connecting CanadiansSocial & Community Highlightsnadians and friends out to Avalon for some Ca- Inter-Chamber Ladies Networking Decembernadian Club, Moosehead and poutine. Night Annual Canadian Christmas Dinner Quick Event Stats Women professionals gathered at this success- This year, CanCham celebrated the 2011 Yule- ful mixer to exchange ideas about running their 9 September own business, engaging in corporate businesses, tide season at Marriott Changfeng Park in the style of a traditional Canadian Christmas Eve.Inter-Chamber Mixer in Suzhou planning to start working or just wishing to en- Over 280 attendees had a holly jolly ChristmasThe international chambers of commerce met in large their professional network. with turkey, prizes, entertainment and a specialSuzhou to meet up with friends and make new Inter-Chamber visit from Santa!connections. Annual Canadian Alumni Thanksgiv- Events ing DinnerCanuck Connection: 16 The Canadian Alumni Committee hosted theMovie Night Under the Stars annual Canadian Thanksgiving where Cana-Canadians and friends gathered at WA Opti- dians and friends celebrated with their fellowmum Health to enjoy an outdoor movie night alumni and enjoyed an evening of good fun,under the stars. great friends and fantastic food. Social and Alumni Events October If you would like to share your ex- NovemberInter-Chamber Legal MixerMembers of International Chambers of Com-merce had the opportunity to informally net-work with other legal professionals from around Canuck Connection: Movember The “Movember” edition of Canuck Connec- tion got a little hairy with a “grow your mo (moustache)”theme. pertise with the Canadian business community in Shanghai or if you would like to see a particular topic 2079 Attendees at CanCham’sShanghai. covered in a seminar, please con- Events in 2011 tact the CanCham team .
  12. 12. REVENUES BY PROGRAM Annual Report 2011 12 Sponsorship - General 4%Financial Report 2011 Social Events Membership 27% 45% Business Events 24% EXPENDITURES BY PROGRAM deficit Governance 7% 5% Sponsorship - General 3% 10.0% 9.1% Membership Social Events 40% 8.0% 6.0% 25 % 4.0% 2.0% 0.0% 1 Business Events 20%
  13. 13. Annual Report 2011 13Chamber Board of Directors & Officers The Chamber’s board members are responsible for forming and driving the policies as well as providing guidance on all the ac- tivities of the Chamber.Sharon Wong Winston Kan David Nicholson CAChair Vice-Chair TreasurerCounsel Senior Business PresidentKing & Wood Mallesons Development Manager, Bennet & Wright Interna- IMW Compressor Co., tional Group Ltd. Ltd. Alan McMillan Eunice WangMark Ceolin Phuong Chung Anthony Fong John E. McDonald Radley Mackenzie Yves J. Nadon Director DirectorDirector Director Director Director Director Director CEO Vice PresidentPresident Senior Vice President General Manager Managing Director Consultant Consultant Bank of Montreal (China) APCO (Beijing) WSX Group JIE Technologies Ltd.Red Gate Interna- Manulife-Sinochem IBM Engineering Tech- British Columbia Trade Co.Ltd.tional nology Company and Investment Office – Shanghai
  14. 14. Annual Report 2011 14Chamber Staff The Chamber staff executes the programs and services of the Chamber. If you should need any assistance regarding our services for members, events, media platforms, sponsorship, etc., you may contact any one of our team members. Carley Pulford Executive Director Sarah Cheng Rebecca Copelovici Christine Cheung Alice Wang Media & Communications Senior Membership Manager Senior Events Coordinator Events Coordinator Manager
  15. 15. Annual Report 2011 15ServicesInform Promote Connect• Via topical seminars at membership rates. • Members are given the opportunity to speak at • The Chamber widens your professional and social seminars in order to share their expertise with a network through personal introductions. We take• Meet informed experts/professionals at seminars wider network. the time to meet with you to understand your and social mixers. needs and goals and then we take that information • Market your services and products to other mem- and research potential stakeholders/customers/• Share your expertise with the Chamber’s mem- bers with the Access Program (a member to mem- business partners within our network and within bers. ber discount and services program). the network of other chambers as well. • Members are listed on our online membership di- • As a speaker at one of our events, you have the rectory. chance to expand your clientele. • With over 2000 attendees at our events, members get the chance to meet like-minded professionals as well as potential customers.
  16. 16. Annual Report 2011 16Demographics
  17. 17. Annual Report 2011 17Have Your Voice HeardAdvertising Rates
  18. 18. Annual Report 2011 18Special Thanks The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies for their generous support. The time,effort and resources you contribute to the Chamber ensures that the Chamber can continue to serve our members and the greater Canadian community at large in East China. Shanghai Nine Dragons Construction & Consulting Co.,Ltd
  19. 19. Annual Report 2011 19Contact Us Suite 2805 172 Yuyuan Road Jing An District T: 021 6075 8797/98/99