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  1. 1. CoachingStu Wrighthi rob how are you getting on with your learning outcomes from pwbl?20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Hi Stuart yes well I have come up with some outcomes and I have tried to make them specific to the placement I will be doing and also split them into career, personal and academic fields. 20th June 2011Stu WrightWhat learning outcomes have you changed to make them specific to these areas?20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Well for the personal aspect I came up with a learning outcome to find out exactly what is needed and required for the day to day running of a gym within the leisure and fitness industry. 20th June 2011Stu WrightThat sounds a good idea. That seems more specific to your placement. Have you made any more changes? That youthink you would help you before you take on your placement?20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Yes well when I decided where I was going for my placement I decided to alter my career learning objectives from more general to more specific for the industry I want to work in. 20th June 2011Stu WrightWhat ways have you made it more specific and what industry do you want to work in?20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak I have made it more specific by saying in my learning outcomes the area that I want to work on for example I said I would like to work in the management area of the gym that I will go to for my work experience. 20th June 2011Stu Wright
  2. 2. That is good I think that will help you more now you have updated your learning outcomes.20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Thanks. How are you getting on with your learning outcomes? 20th June 2011Stu WrightI have also updated my learning outcomes from pwbl. I thought they weren’t specific enough either. I also added that Iwanted to work in the adverting section of the business in particular while I will be on placement.20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak That sounds like a good idea. Do you want to achieve from looking in the advertising section? Where have you decided to go on your placement? 20th June 2011Stu WrightI have decided to go to city bloc an indoor rock climbing place in Leeds which looks purity good. I want to be able tofind out what techniques sports businesses use to advertise their business effectively.20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Cool that sounds good is there any other outcomes you have changed? 20th June 2011Stu WrightYes I also added a learning outcome of developing my teamwork while on my work placement as I feel this is a veryimportant skill20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak That good I think this will help you in your work placement. 20th June 2011Stu WrightThanks yeah I think my learning outcomes did need changing20th June 2011 Robert Sonczak Hi stu How is your work placement going? Are your learning outcomes still relevant to your work placement? 26th July 2011
  3. 3. Stu WrightHi rob, yeah my work placement is going well thanks just been doing a lot of advertising work for a charity event thatcit bloc want me to advertise which is really good. This has been a great way for me to look at my learning outcome ofadvertising. How has your been going?26th July 2011 Robert SonczakYes mine has been going well I have been able to get involved in a lot of the different areas of the gym that I am quite happy about as I wanted to be able to look at the different areas of work that I am going to do. What have you been doing in the advertising and how has this helped you develop personally? 26th July 2011Stu WrightThat good I have been making flyers and emailing Headway a charity that city bloc has chosen to be the charity thatthey will donate the money towards for the event. This has helped me personally as I wanted to be able to find outwhat I needed to do in order to be able to advertise successfully like sports businesses do. Which area are you mosthappy about working in and why is it that?26th July 2011 Robert Sonczak Cool that well good to be able to have the opportunity to do all that for city bloc. I’m most happy about doing work with the management as I was able to shadow the owner of the gym through a marketing campaign. 26th July 2011Stu WrightThat good how do you think that helped you?26th July 2011 Robert Sonczak It helped me see what the stages I needed to do for the marketing which helped me as I want to work in a sports industry 26th July 2011Stu WrightThat good I will sounds like your placement is going well.26th July 2011 Robert Sonczak Thanks yes I think it is going well. 26th July 2011Stu WrightHi rob,
  4. 4. How did you think your work experience went? Did you change any more learning outcomes after you finished?8th January 2012 Robert Sonczak Hi, yes well when I started I decided that I could alter my career learning objective from a more general one to morespecific about the actual processes that take place within the organisation like the shadowing of the marketing meeting. 8th January 2012Stu WrightOk that sounds good making it more specific. How did you think this helped your personal development?8th January 2012 Robert Sonczak In terms of my personal development I feel it will give me a greater understanding of the skills that I already possessand the skills which I must attain or develop in order to give myself the best chance of getting a job within the industry I want to work in 8th January 2012Stu WrightYes I think that would be beneficial that you were able to get that out of the work placement and feel you have learntfrom that experience. Was there anything else that you changed or found useful?8th January 2012 Robert Sonczak Yes I found the different areas that I was able to work in were useful because I was able to see all the areas that are important in running a successful gym. 8th January 2012Stu WrightYes that good how do you feel you have developed during the whole of the work based learning?8th January 2012 Robert SonczakI feel that I have been able to work well in different environment and been able to perform well in different tasks in the work placement. Also feel it’s been really useful actually doing the work placement for the experience of different roles that are needed in the running of the day to day business. 8th January 2012Stu WrightWell your placement sounds like it was a really good experience that you have taken a lot from and you havedeveloped a lot of skills from it.8th January 2012
  5. 5. Robert Sonczak Yes thanks I think it was really useful. How did yours go? 8th January 2012Stu WrightI felt that my work experience went really well I was able to cover all my learning outcomes in some way during thework placement which I was pleased about but the main ones I feel I achieved were the creativity, advertising andteamwork areas.8th January 2012 Robert Sonczak Ah that sounds good. How come these were areas you felt you did well in? 8th January 2012Stu WrightWell I was able to do a lot on the advertising of the charity event such as having numerous meeting with people aboutit such as business advisers and a university lecturer called Andy who said he would be able to help advertise the event.I also emailed and was in contact with a lot of places that would possibly get involved in the event. I also feel that Iwas creative in the way I was able to advertise as the emails and flyers looked very professional so my work supervisorwas very happy with that and my work supervisor also thought I worked well with all the members of staff.8th January 2012 Robert Sonczak Well that good you were able to develop all those skills. How do you think you will use these in future? 8th January 2012Stu WrightI will use these skills by working well in a team in any situation and try and be creative in overcoming problems. I willuse adverting after university as this is a job I would like to go into after university.8th January 2012 Robert SonczakNice one well that sounds like you have been able to get a lot out of the placement especially in the advertising section 8th January 2012Stu WrightCheers8th January 2012