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Ssearles instructions

  1. 1. Stuart SearlesENC324103/29/2013Having a digital portfolio is a way to keep key works and accomplishments organizedand showcased in a media form. This type of portfolio lets you create and customize your workwith varying templates. Letting the user change the colors, fonts and overall look of the portfoliogives it a sense of style and creativity.Creating a Blogger Site for a Personal Digital Portfolioby Stuart SearlesHow to create your blogger portfolio1. Type in in the URL address bar or simply use a search engine and type inGoogle Blogger.2. Sign up as a new user or use your personal Google account to access the Blogger site.3. Once signed in, click on the box named "New Blog".
  2. 2. 4. Type in the title of your new Blog in the first box.5. Type in the web address you would like in the second box.6. Choose the Template you want in the third box. This is not permanent as you can changeit later.7. Click on the Create Blog button in the lower left hand corner.Using the Settings on Blogger1. On the lower left corner click the link settings.2. The basic link allows you to edit the title and description of the blog.3. The ability to change the privacy of the blog is also listed under the basic link,here you can allow people to search for and read your blog.4. The Posts and comments link is where you can choose who comments on the blogand make changes on comment moderation.Advanced Settings1. On the left side of the page click the Template link.2. Click on the orange box named Customize.3. You can change the default template and choose from different options within thattemplate.4. Click the Background link to upload a picture of your choosing to use as the background.
  3. 3. 5. Adjustments can be made to the length and width of the entire blog or just the rightsidebar making them longer or shorter.6. There are options to change the layout of the elements in the blog including the header,footer, about me and blog archives.7. When you are done customizing click the apply to blog button in the top right tocomplete the changes.Creating a Post on Blogger1. Click on the orange box that says New post.2. Type in the title of the post in the top box.3. There is a large text box on the left to type in the contents of post.4. The box above has a general layout where changes can be made to the look of the fontand include links.5. On the right hand side, options are given to schedule the post and add a location if youchoose. This is where there is an option to allow reader comments on your post.6. Once finished click on the publish button to post.
  4. 4. Uploading Pictures to Blog1. To add a picture to a new post click the insert picture button located to the right of thefont options.2. There are many features to choose from:Upload a picture from your computers hard drive.Get an image that is already being used on the blog.If you have a smart phone you can download an app to retrieve photos.Snapshots can be taken with a webcam.Paste the URL into Blogger and retrieve the picture.3. Once the picture is uploaded click the button that says add selected.4. Click on the picture to get the options for size, alignment and captioning.Having a digital portfolio is an important way to show future clients or employers theprevious work you have accomplished. With a new Blogger account, creating a portfolio canbe a user friendly way to showcase talents. This portfolio can be customized with a varietyof options to make it personal thus allowing prospective associates viewing the portfolio toget a sense of the blogger.