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Ascendant Technology: Successful Collaboration solutions require a concrete adoption strategy
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Ascendant Technology: Successful Collaboration solutions require a concrete adoption strategy


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Presented by Rebecca Okoroji of Ascendant Technology at the Social Connections event in London on 4th July 2011

Presented by Rebecca Okoroji of Ascendant Technology at the Social Connections event in London on 4th July 2011

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. If you build the right solution they will comeSuccessful Collaboration solutions requirea concrete adoption strategyRebecca Okoroji
  • 2. Why do enterprises invest in aCollaboration Solution?Most cited benefits of deploying collaboration tools Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 3. Why do enterprises implement collaborationsolutions?• Access to experts• Access to information• Reduce travel/communication cost• Keep the dialogue inhouseLarge travel budgets Access to information Access to experts Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 4. Why do enterprises implement collaboration solutions? • Access to experts • Access to information • Reduce travel/communication cost • Keep the dialogue inhouseAttract and retain employees Email jail Keep the dialogue in-house Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 5. Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 6. Why is implementing aCollaboration Solution notenough?Just build it and the users will follow … Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 7. If the user has no benefit from using the solution, he will not use itCollaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 8. Exceptional User Experience Adoption Strategy Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 9. What influences the userexperience positively?User experience is the user’s holistic, subjective impression of the solution Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 10. The first time an object is used, it creates the mental model for future use. Image © Understand your users’ mental modelCollaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 11. Understand your users’ goals and how they achieve those goalsCollaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 12. Skill area Boomers Gen X MillenialsProblem solving Hierarchical Independent, self-reliant Collaborative, rarely individuallyTask focus One task at a time Multi-tasking is Multi-modal multi-tasking is the unfortunately necessary daily/hourly routineCommunication Guarded, through Hub and spoke, through Hyper-connected and transparent hierarchical specific channels channelsLeading others Hierarchical Coaching down several Partnering with others regardless levels of location or positionPeer or Manager Annual, or biennial Monthly or Weekly On-demand as needed; engagingFeedback in ambient listening or mentoringDecision making Self-made, informing the Self-made but involving Seeking social proof or collective team the team agreement to support choicesTraining Only if really needed Occasional formal or on- Continuous or lifelong learning the-job training for career developmentLearning style Facilitated by a formal trainer Facilitated but also self- Social learning from the peer study network, and self-studyTechnology use An encumbrance but Comfortable at desk or Ubiquitous; find it unfathomable occasionally useful. Strongly laptop but also with face when others dont use it. Still prefer face to face interaction to face interaction enjoy face to face meetings Rawn Shah, 14.07.10 Understand the users’ changing expectations about work Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 13. What belongs to a goodCollaboration AdoptionStrategy?Getting users engaged Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 14. ROI ROI – weigh all relevant costs against a configurable set of benefits Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 15. Governance Governance – keep your solution up-to-date and running Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 16. Best practices Best Practices – define and communicate Conduct and Usage guidelines Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 17. Change mgmtChange Management – communication, incentives, early adopters, anchor content, leadership Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 18. Training Training – provide easy to use, relevant and accessible training opportunities Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 19. Measurement Framework Measurement Framework – keep measuring the success of your solution Collaboration Adoption Strategy
  • 20. Thank YouQuestions?Contact Us Rebecca Okoroji Digital Business Services Lead Europe Collaboration Adoption Strategy