The Great Gatsby social marketing


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A data-driven review of how the Great Gatsby performed in the UK using insights from Crimson Hexagon, Socialbakers and Radian6.

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  • Time period: Apr 28 th – May 28 th : excludes hashtag for accurate keyword comparison (a) Fast and Furious (UK launch 17 th May) total posts: 102,712; top day May 16 th with 16,773 posts. (b) Star Trek (UK launch 9 th May) total posts: 148505; top day May 8 th with 12,268 posts. (c) The Great Gatsby (UK launch 16 th May) total posts 110,656; top day May 16 th with 9,568 posts.
  • Gatsby peak of 9,424 on 16 th May in UK; down by a third to 3260 posts by Sunday 26 th , just under number of 3,324 where it was on Weds May 8 th : so taking 2.5 weeks to rise, peak and decline. IOW - 3 key weekends, before launch, launch weekend, after launch weekend. It’s a typical online marketing problem where see a peak in interest and then sudden drop-off – requires building a community around a themed set of content. (the movie fan community is one way to solve that problem).
  • The top influencers for 16 th May film opening day - data show news media (Guardian/Sky) and fashion (Vogue/Asos) and music (Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine).
  • Sentiment data: 14 th – 28 th May Just over 71K posts (cross channel) – of which 75% were positive, and less than 10% negative. This suggests that was a positive opening two weeks by % positivity as scored above 70% level.
  • Note the rise in ‘Neutral’ sentiment in US from 16 May, after opening on Fri 10 May. This is not so positive a sign of performance.
  • (1) The most popular form of content is meme type photo. (2) The spike in engagement on 22 May is around competition with Holiday to NYC – my suggestion of having smaller prizes instead on next slide! (3) The featured picture belongs to the top engaging Facebook post:- Likes:3 870 Comments:121 Shares:610 Engagement Rate: 11,0859  %
  • What about running a weekly competition, with winner every Fri eve; starting week before launch week; and continuing for 3 weeks? Also can target competitions on different fan sites, and top bloggers, to meet their relevant interests: music; actor etc Success calculated in terms of reach (shared on FB via newsfeed and on FP page), #entries, #mentions in posts.
  • Top ‘Liked’ Tumblr – official image with quote “He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man” with 997 notes/Likes. Note that ‘Fan art’ contributions on Tumblr scored above that level consistently.
  • Gatsby Youtube channel – stats from 24 May Soundtrack videos: 4,229,068 – though top music video on FB Page is not in this list - Lana De Ray’s performance of ‘Young and Beautiful’ posted from another video channel (b) Trailers: 298,807 (c) TV Spots: 219,286
  • My next set of slides will consider what results mean for next Warner Bros UK campaign? As there is a lot of reporting data but question again (1) what would are recommendations be from a measurement perspective and (2) what they’d change/improve to sustain Share of Voice, and to improve Word of Mouth for a new campaign?
  • First clear tactic would be greater listening of what fans want, and find out who ‘they’ are as a result – you have a product, find out who customers are and how to reach them with compelling calls to action, measure success through engagement and sharing – ie: social/community marketing by discovering top bloggers and official fan websites – also use of FB sponsored stories to target, and YT analytics to discover through analytics
  • Another tactic currently absent: response rate to fans to build community Response rate on Twitter was 77 questions, from 22 Apr to 27 May, with just 5 recorded replies. - Benefit of improved response?: Track % of greater involvement with user-generated art work for Tumblr plus greater participation in competition if queries about entry: helps Call to Action fulfilment
  • Break audience down into attractive parts to different audiences – marketing connected with how film is part of how consumers express themselves: Actor – eg Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan - appeal to UK Asian population Music: Jay-Z more obvious Vogue - fashionistas
  • However, is also possible to find viral promotional material that crosses over different audiences, as Sony found out with Men in Black 3
  • In the first 48 hours, this photo meme generated 68.7K+ ‘likes’, 2K+ ‘comments’ and 6.8K+ ‘shares’ In the first week, this generated 142K+ ‘likes’, 3.7K+ ‘comments’ and 13.4K+ ‘shares’ It hit a chord, distilled the humour and the characters into one cameo moment; part of what those effective moments are is mix of art and science; part about listening for clues, what I call #thinslicing
  • Greater use of music soundtrack to engage with fans – popular theme, e.g. Sony’s silent disco video for Walkman marketing last year was highly popular video, creative and at same time easy to relate to.
  • Track influencer success through reach and comments count, using tools such as Klout for Lana Del ray – as shown above Approach with material – and measure unique views, reach and engagement – important to decide how correlates with ticket sales at end of day, of course too
  • Ideally want the same intimacy and understanding have with 1-2-1 on social media as have with 1-2-many, so need to understand what works at scale that likely to catch the popular mood IOW:-)
  • Easiest mistake just to measure non-financial impact. Aim is to show how social & community marketing connects with financial impact It’s about showing how measures of activity connect with each other – the Crimson Hexagon correlation on volume of intent to watch tweets And figuring out how best to deliver by looking at both the needle movers like competitions and the segmentation of audiences.
  • The Great Gatsby social marketing

    1. 1. The Great Gatsby UK: review and insights• Aim: review of current Great Gatsbysocial activity in the UK• Insights: comparing data supplied byCrimson Hexagon, Radian6 andSocialbakers to see how to improveperformance• Campaign: use insights aroundperformance to improve Word of Mouthbuzz, and sustain Share of Voice• ROI: key is to explain why this wouldpositively impact on ROI where keyconversion objective is ticket salesMy aim is not simplyto report activity onGatsby but to look athow could improveperformance, toguide futurecampaigns - focus onhow to achieve ROI
    2. 2. The Great Gatsby UK: review and insights• Conversion insight The correlation between the volume of tweetsand ticket sales.• By volume Social media comments are tightly correlated toopening-weekend box office. By looking at the volume of tweetsexpressing ‘intent to view’ was a 98% correlation to sales. (CrimsonHexagon)• By sentiment 70+% ‘positives’—favourable comments about amovie or its trailer—bodes well for a films opening. Large %‘neutrals’ is predictive of poor sales. (Fizziology)
    3. 3. The Great Gatsby UK: cross channel metrics by SOV* While FB is the only UK-centric social channel, Radian6 filters for UK only users for Twitterand YT.Gatsby ‘s cross-channelbuzz compares well withthe big summerblockbusters .The trendshows similar pattern ofopening weekend buzz. andthen decline.Time period: Apr 28th– May28th
    4. 4. The Great Gatsby UK: cross channel metrics WOMOpening onThursday 15thNote % female tomale audiencebreakdown fromthe US
    5. 5. The Great Gatsby UK: top influencers
    6. 6. The Great Gatsby UK: sentiment tells us?UK sentiment datafor 14 May - 28 May(Radian6)
    7. 7. The Great Gatsby: US shows rise in ‘Neutral’
    8. 8. Great Gatsby UK: performance by post type on FBMore use of video?Coincides with win a trip to NewYork compPhotos rule
    9. 9. Great Gatsby UK: by % engagement on FBNote decline in postengagement rate despitecomp
    10. 10. Great Gatsby UK: engagement on TumblrFan art on Tumblr
    11. 11. Great Gatsby UK: engagement on YouTubeFlorence + The Machine "Over The Love" For The Great Gatsby Soundtrackfeatured on Jay-Z YT channel was most popular onGatsby FB page.YouTube delivers organic resultsby delivering your content only topeople who searched for it (assumingyou tagged and categorized itcorrectly).So, post a videoand the analytics that trickle in willshow you who your niche is, letting youknow where to send your limitedmarketing bling.
    12. 12. Lessons for next campaign from Gatsby?
    13. 13. Lessons for next campaign: #listeningImproved listening, bothmanual and automated,to find out what willappeal to fans, and todiscover who thosefans are in advance, socan create appealingcontent.
    14. 14. Lessons for next campaign: #respondingPlus tactically seek torespond to userquestions, to growsense of community -and identify creative‘ugc’ opportunitiesJust 5 replies
    15. 15. Lessons for next campaign: #topic-segmentationSegment out the film’sattraction to fans on atopic :(i) Music soundtrack(ii) Actors(iii) Clothing & jewellery(iv) Fitzgerald fans
    16. 16. Lessons for next campaign: #topic-segmentationFor the Men inBlack Facebookpage, little fanengagement,but anythingfeaturing WillSmith wouldstand out.
    17. 17. Lessons for next campaign: #topic-segmentationOn May 17 (twoweeks beforeopening) wecreated a memefeaturing Will inone of the mostquoted lines fromour Trailer/TVSpots
    18. 18. Lessons for next campaign: #segmentingConnected with use ofinfluencer marketing,basic analysis showsfilm actor fans; 3D film &Bollywood actor fans;independent cinema -reach out to segmentedaudience via sponsoredstories and topic relevantFB Pages;
    19. 19. Lessons for next campaign: #influencersApproach used with HarryPotter theme parkin US - find out who audiencesegment influencersare - give them exclusivesneak preview material- disseminate to their fans
    20. 20. Lessons for next campaign: #topic-segmentationMusic - makemore use ofmusic videos onYouTube fromsoundtrack toreach potentialfans; plus funmusic postcards
    21. 21. Lessons for next campaign: #measuring impact