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Presentation from Krishna and Avinash at Leicester's DMU on the MacGuffin concept.

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  1. 1. Creative Digital Media Design Team: Krishna Kashyap Yakkala P13206371 Venkata Sai Avinash Chowdary P1324033X
  2. 2. CONTENTS 1. Title of the Project 2. The Client and The Idea 3. Aim 4. Objectives 5. Outcomes 6. Design Scope and Approach 7. User Journey 8. Methodology 9. Time Plan 10.References
  4. 4. THE CLIENT & THE IDEA The Client related to our project is Mr. Stuart G Hall, CMO at toucan. He planned to launch a short video application for moviegoers. So he named the application as Macguffin. As he wanted to test this application he launched it as a Minimum Viable Product. MVP or Minimum Viable Product: The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Macguffin: Macguffin is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation as to why it is considered so important. It might be something which pops out of your mind when you watch a movie or scene in a movie or shot in a scene or a dialogue in a shot
  5. 5. MVP CREATED BY THE DEVELOPER Logo Screen Loading Screen Menu Screen
  6. 6. Testing the MVP created by the developer. MVP CREATED BY THE DEVELOPER It is just a basic structure of the idea. They used instagram application to record videos and linked them to the application. They named the MVP as Puffin. They wanted people to record and upload macguffins. Search Screen Macguffin Screen They included search to search the macguffins. “What’s Hot” is also a feature they wanted it to be on the application.
  7. 7. AIM The aim of the project is to test the MVP created by the developer and to demonstrate whether the app worth progressing from a user perspective and use this to develop a prototype.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES Secondary Research Primary Research Testing the MVP Designing the Prototype Creating Video
  9. 9. Market Analysis OBJECTIVES Secondary Research Websites Movie Reviews Professional Critic Reviews Roger Ebert   Rotten Tomatoes   Meta Critic   Yahoo! movies   User Critic Reviews Macguffin Trivia User Rating  Video Reviews User comments        
  10. 10. OBJECTIVES Secondary Research IMDB New releases Trivia Awards Plot summary User Reviews Release dates User Ratings Trailers
  11. 11. OBJECTIVES Secondary Research Market Analyses Mobile Applications Rotten Tomatoes: Features: Latest updates about movies. Latest releases and their information. Critic Reviews User Reviews User ratings. Cast and Crew details. Interviews. Trailers. Show times and Tickets.
  12. 12. OBJECTIVES Secondary Research Market Analyses Mobile Applications IMDB: Features: Latest updates about movies under shoot. Latest releases and their information. Market results Trailers and picture galleries Show times and Tickets Updates on Blue-ray & DVD’s
  13. 13. OBJECTIVES Secondary Research Market Analyses Conclusions Websites and Applications Macguffin APP: IMDB, Rotten tomatoes WEB: IMDB, Meta critic Latest releases and information about the movies APP: IMDB, Rotten tomatoes WEB: IMDB, Meta Critic Trailers and pictures APP: IMDB, Rotten tomatoes WEB: Meta critic What's New APP: IMDB, Rotten tomatoes WEB: IMDB, Rotten tomatoes Show times and Tickets Macguffin Macguffin
  14. 14. OBJECTIVES Primary Research Questionnaire Results and Analysis As a part of primary research, we prepared a questionnaire and shared it over social networking website. We ended up with 107 responses. Aim of Questionnaire: To know what age group should be concentrated . To know how people are interested in movie reviews. To know what features are to be included in the app for better usage. To get better understanding about Applications what people use in their smart phones. To know whether users use this kind of application.
  15. 15. Questionnaire Results and Analysis OBJECTIVES Primary Research Do you write a review after watching the movie? Age Group If yes? Where? Rotten Tomatoes Meta Critic Yahoo! Movies yes Personal Blogs no 16-25 26-35 36-45 What kind of reviews do you prefer? Do you ever check the review of the movie before watching it User Reviews and Ratings Professional Film Critic Review yes no 5.8 4.2
  16. 16. Questionnaire Results and Analysis OBJECTIVES Primary Research 6 5 What websites do you use for reviews? What kind of applications do you usually download? 4 50 40 40 3 30 2 20 imdb 30 Series 2 20 Series 3 1 10 10 0 0 0 imdb rotten tomatoes meta critic guardian Yahoo! Movies Roger Ebert Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Entertainment Productivity Utilities Social
  17. 17. Questionnaire Results and Analysis OBJECTIVES Primary Research If an app existed that allowed you to add your own video reviews of a movie would you use it? no 45% yes 55% If yes would you use it immediately after leaving the cinema? yes no
  18. 18. OBJECTIVES Primary Research Questionnaire Results and Analysis 16 14 movie reviews 12 showtimes and tickets 10 upcoming movies and trailers rate movies 8 manage your watch list gallery 6 critic reviews box office results 4 celebrity birthdays trivia 2 notifications to your mail 0 Features of application
  19. 19. INTERVIEWING FOCUS GROUPS OBJECTIVES Primary Research Sales We selected 10 people and explained the concept of MACGUFFIN. We asked them to watch the movie - Godfather (1972). Later we interviewed and noted their Macguffin. So we found out that 8 out of 10 have different Macguffin and two have similar Macguffin. So we discussed the result with the ten members and they were happy 1st Qtr that they go to know about other Macguffin. 2nd Qtr Then we showed the application and asked them to review. 3rd Qtr Result 4th Qtr “Its exciting to know others macguffins. If this application existed, I would definitely use it” Same Macguffins Different Macguffins “It should not be limited to macguffins only, It should be like a social networking for movies and macguffins too”
  20. 20. OBJECTIVES Primary Research PREZI PRESENTATION As part of the project, we created a prezi presentation To know how can people understand the concept of macguffin. To know the feedback about the application.
  21. 21. OBJECTIVES Primary Research Structure of Macguffin Well connected with people like facebook. Should have information about upcoming movies like IMDB. Should have video macguffins like personal videos in instagram. So that users can have new and enjoyable application with what they can be never bored. Features of application: Macguffins What's New? Show times and Tickets Trailers and Wallpapers Conclusion
  22. 22. Methodology Primary Research Secondary Research •Survey design •Interviewing selected focus groups Interviewing client Selection of focus groups Questionnaires to focus group Generating reports from questionnaires Study about other movie review websites and applications Testing •Testing the functionality of the app Testing the design created by the developer Testing the design compatibility for different screen resolutions. Evaluating the feedback from focus groups Understanding design requirements Development of concept for app design Organizing β user group Organising β user group and validating the feedback Designing the user interface •Creating concept of the design Applying different colour patterns for the interface Designing user friendly layout Making Video Presentation •Making video presentation using Adobe After effects and Adobe Premier Pro
  23. 23. Design Scope Key points for designing an app for IOS Aesthetic Integrity Consistency Direct Manipulation Metaphors User Control
  24. 24. Mood Board
  25. 25. Rich Usability Vs Flat Usability Design Design Approach Flat Usability Design: To create a sense of clarity. To create simplicity for the user. To remove the need for distracting ornamentation.
  26. 26. Logo Concept Design Background Colour: Orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things. To spice things up when you feel time is dragging. To become more involved in something. To increase creativity. Relief from things becoming too serious. ff990
  27. 27. TIME PLAN
  28. 28. Structure of App
  29. 29. Outcomes A video which shows the re-designed prototype user interface and its functions. And YES, this application has a lot of potential to draw users to use it and get addicted to it.
  30. 30. ThankYou