ECIS Librarians and MFL Teachers


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Presented at ECIS conference in Nice, 2012. A look at some practical ways for Librarians to work with MFL teachers.

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  • Today’s we are looking at this question from my LIBRARIAN point of view and later from the MFL TEACHER stand point. At the end of this short presentation, we can share more ideas.
  • Stuart Crouch – former MFL (German and French) and English/EAL teacher. Currently Head of Senior School Libraries at International School of Düsseldorf, Germany. I grew up in northern England and started teaching in 1992. I have taught ‘O’ Level and IGCSE, ‘A’ Level and IB DP over the years. Since 1996 I have doubled up as a school Librarian – and qualified in the field - and this is now my main responsibility. I have worked at national and international schools in Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia and Curacao.I have been the OCC faculty member for Librarians since 1992, and am a former IBAEM committee member and Chair.Movember is upon us, hence the facial hair – I don’t always look this cheesy…
  • Models of ‘international school’ – ‘True’ international schools, with one or more languages of instruction; national schools with a foreign ‘wing’ often linked to IB or domestic examinations; schools where the MFL are mother tongue languages; schools where MFL are taught as ‘foreign’ languages. MFLs that float in a completely ‘alien’ community (German in Indonesia)Challenges – for the Librarian, the choice of where to direct finance and resources. Working in languages that you don’t speak or understand.Opportunities – building bridges with colleagues, and with other language speaking studentsExamples from ISD – the following slides, from the past year or so.Floor discussion and sharing – I’d love to hear what you are doing/have done/would like to doEmail me at: and I’ll mail you the finished product – in the final section we can collate ideas. I’d love to know what you have experienced at your current or past schools.
  • Important to have one place for all students to find the bulk of resources. The Library website draws together resources (print, electronic and audio-visual), facilities management, the library catalogue, password-protected resources, events and contact information, and tips and ideas.At ISD, we now have a Library website with links to the official school intranet and the school’s e-Resources. I present in classes and assemblies, as well as to parents and colleagues and promote the website.The website contains information on:Events and ContactThe Library CatalogueE-ResourcesThe Library (MYP)Print resourcesElectronic resourcesServicesThe LRC (DP)Print resourcesElectronic resourcesServicesResources for LearningMLA Documentation StyleMYP resourcesPersonal ProjectDP resourcesExtended EssayToKSelected resourcesAcademic WritingContact
  • At ISD, 70% of our print materials are in English, the rest shared between German, French, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. Swedish and Dutch are being added.Our e-Resources are overwhelmingly in English.Many DVDs have several languages either as sound or subtitles. We have some DVDs in German and Japanese.Librosbreves y facil
  • I see this as a big future opportunity. Following waves of popular books and purchasing them in multiple languages.
  • We asked teachers to tell us about their favourite books and made a large display of the teacher and book details. Later we added titles to the display and allowed students to borrow the books.
  • A first for ISD. The short story writing competition was a joint venture by the Library and EAL department, with collaboration from the MFL departments. In truth, did not get off the ground well – sparse but good support! – but we are doing it again this year.Not only a way for the Library to work with MFL, but in our case, also a way for individual MFL sections (German, French-Spanish-Korean, and Japanese) to work together.A way not only to promote resourcing but also to promote reading and writing across the school – all ages, all languages, all levels.
  • I think this is the hardest nut to crack, especially when the Librarian is not fluent in the target language. I can help with German and French, and to a lesser extent with Spanish, but need much more support in Japanese and Korean.We have a Spanish language online database:EnciclopediaEstudiantilHallazagos, linked to World Book.We have subscribed to – a portal with statistical information.We house reference books – and sets of dictionariesThe Japanese and Korean departments – with help from students (CAS or C+S) to select and order books in those languages.We continue to develop the German, French and Spanish collections.Advised the French department on how to catalogue and make available their own departmental collections.Adding Dutch and Swedish books to the Library –
  • I asked for help in the translation of a 700 word introduction to the Senior School Libraries. Help came from parents, a student, two colleagues and an ES colleague.A way to get members of these communities more involved. Information also given to parents.We are adding Swedish and Dutch to our official collections. The ES Library has other small collections.
  • Some projects at ISD:SWETS trial with online non-fiction e-Resources from around the world.Browns BFS trial with ebook platformsKindle books and other e-books – fiction.Online learning tools.The flip classroom.Diigo – online social bookmarking (for educators)Links to local bookshops for German resources.Survey of all Library users – staff and students.
  • This presentation has been from my point of view as a librarian.Over to you. What are your ideas/experiences/wishes?
  • Please do stay in touch. I can be contacted either via the school email, or via the contact form on the ISD Libraries website. There is more information for Librarians on the OCC.Thank you for your contributions!Stuart Crouch
  • ECIS Librarians and MFL Teachers

    1. 1. Beyond Books – Collaboration between MFL Teachers andLibrarians in International Schools Stuart Crouch Head of Senior School Libraries International School of Düsseldorf
    2. 2. Stuart Crouch••• Faculty Member at the IB Online Curriculum Centre•
    3. 3. Today’s Discussion• Examples from ISD• Floor discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences• Email me at: and I’ll mail you the finished product
    4. 4. Website LinksCentral Library Website.Links to internal and external e-Resources.OPAC – with multiple languageinterfaces.DP – in-house resources to support thecurriculum.Mind maps and other graphic tools.Reading lists in variety of languagesRequest form for new materials.
    5. 5. ResourcesBooks – in 6-8 languagesNewspapers in variouslanguagesPeriodicalsDVDs and audiobooksOnline newspapers andperiodicalsE-ResourcesGraphic novels
    6. 6. • AurasmaEnter the virtual worldCreate a videoAdd it to an AurasmapictureDownload the app andshare your channelMany uses in schoolsand libraries
    7. 7. EventsThe Hunger Games in allthe school’s officiallanguages.Visit from Japaneseauthor, video placed onLibrary website.Banned books – displaywith original andtranslated copies.World Book Day – freebooks given away. Initiativeof German department.
    8. 8. Welttag des BuchesGerman teacher organisedthe distribution of freebooks to staff andstudents.Organised by Börsenvereindes DeutschenBuchhandels
    9. 9. Favourite Books (on display in various languages)• Ms. Bortz Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr.• Ms. Korec-Radloff El candidato melancólico by José Antonio Millán• Mr. Layman IT /The Tommyknockers by Stephen King• Mrs. Raider Wahlverwandschaften by J.W. Goethe, Der Zauberberg by Thomas Mann The sun also rises by Ernest Hemingway• Ms. Ceberio La casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca• Ms. Manning Babettes Feast by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen)
    10. 10. ISD Senior School Short Story Writing CompetitionSee the Library Website for details: a great story and win a prize. Ask Mr. Crouch,Dr. Mertin or Ms. Janning for details
    11. 11. DisplaysKorean – parents were informed andcame to Library to view the work oftheir own children.English department trip to Delft –resources from Library.German department/Library – twoauthorsBanned Book Week – teachers bringtheir classes to view theresources, backgroundinformation, etc.
    12. 12. Curriculum
    13. 13. Other Mother Tongues
    14. 14. What the future brings
    15. 15. Time to Share• using animation in class - Victor Gonzalez (with permission)
    16. 16. The RationaleThe mission of Librarians is to improve societythrough facilitating knowledge creation in theircommunities. Knowledge is created byconversation… (Lankes, R. David. The Atlas of NewLibrarianship. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2011)
    17. 17. This presentation is available:• URL:•• OCC Librarians••