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Buzzword biopsy – Mobile, Social, Cloud – Janders Dean 2012
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Buzzword biopsy – Mobile, Social, Cloud – Janders Dean 2012


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Which technology trends are key right now for enterprise software? This presentation from the Janders Dean Knowledge and Innovation Conference 2012 in Sydney, looks at the consumerisation of the …

Which technology trends are key right now for enterprise software? This presentation from the Janders Dean Knowledge and Innovation Conference 2012 in Sydney, looks at the consumerisation of the enterprise, the mobile imperative, responsive design, cloud hosting, social software and user experience design.

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  • 1. Buzzword biopsy Stuart Barr, HighQ
  • 2. Introduction Stuart Barr Director, HighQ ‣ Background in technology, social, legal ‣ HighQ is a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration and publishing software to the legal, banking, life sciences and government sectors.Photo by Stuart Barr
  • 3. A new wave of technology ‣ Cloud computing ‣ Social software ‣ Mobile everywherePhoto by Stuart Barr
  • 4. Which trends do we take seriously?
  • 5. Key technology trends ‣ Shadow IT ‣ Consumerisation ‣ BYOD ‣ Responsive design ‣ Private cloud ‣ Social collaborationPhoto by Kevin Dooley
  • 6. Shadow IT ‣ Unsanctioned software ‣ Outside of ITs control ‣ An alternative IT underworld ‣ In the cloud or under a desk ‣ Bypass red tape & purchasing ‣ Security and compliance issuesPhoto by Johan.V
  • 7. Shadow IT “ Somewhere between 15% and 30% of IT spending now occurs outside the standard consolidated budget of the IT PwC estimate ”
  • 8. “Freemium” tools cause headaches ‣ Sign-up and use is free ‣ Premium services chargeable ‣ CIOs don’t control or like them ‣ Often blocked at the firewall ‣ Proves demand for better
  • 9. Consumerisation ‣ A key driver of Shadow IT ‣ Hardware and software ‣ It’s happening, you can’t stop itPhoto by David Sim
  • 10. Consumerisation ‣ People use awesome apps at home ‣ Accessible, usable technology ‣ They want them at work as well ‣ IT lagging behind, needs to adjust ‣ Staff have a “DIY” attitude
  • 11. Consumerisation “ Todays highly mobile, social cloud has set everyones expectations for how easy, powerful, and simple IT can be. The genie will never be put back into the bottle. Dion
  • 12. BYOD ‣ Consumerisation of hardware ‣ Want home devices at work ‣ Prepared to pay extra for them ‣ Users often support themselves ‣ Improves employee satisfaction ‣ Can reduce company
  • 13. BYOD “ Of the 1,000 or so employees in Citrix’s BYOD program, 46 percent have bought Macs. That was a little bit of a Paul Martine, CIO, Citrix ”
  • 14. BYOD “ 48 percent of information workers buy smartphones for work without considering what their I.T. department Forrester Research ”
  • 15. Mobile ‣ Computers in our pockets ‣ We’re constantly connected ‣ We can communicate instantly ‣ The internet is at our finger tips ‣ Influences our habits & decisions ‣ Changes the way we live & workPhoto by Robert Scoble
  • 16. Mobile “ Mobile computing is forcing the biggest change to the way people live since the Gartner ”
  • 17. Responsive web design ‣ Web site that adapts to device ‣ Provides an optimal experience on desktop, tablet and mobile ‣ Can reduce need for native apps ‣ Builds on “mobile first”
  • 18. Responsive web
  • 19. Responsive web
  • 20. Cloud computing “ The use of computing resources that are delivered as a service over a network… and entrusts remote services with a users data, software and computation. Wikipediahighqsolutions.comPhoto by The Planet
  • 21. Cloud computing ‣ Reduce costs & time to market ‣ Increase flexibility and scalability ‣ Glue for consumer web services ‣ Enables mobility and connectivityPhoto by The Planet
  • 22. Established cloud players lead the way ‣ Google ‣ Salesforce ‣ Zoho ‣ Amazon ‣ Microsoft ‣ ApplePhoto by Fiona Romeo
  • 23. But is the cloud secure?Photo by M I S C H E L L E
  • 24. Popular misconception “ The cloud is less secure than an in-house solution hosted in my own data centre.Photo by Martin Sharman ”
  • 25. Public vs private cloud ‣ Don’t have to use consumer cloud ‣ Specialist private cloud providers ‣ Focused on the enterprise ‣ High-grade security & control ‣ Independently audited and testedPhoto by Steven Shorrock
  • 26. Specialist cloud providers ‣ Depend on trust of their clients ‣ Must be as secure as on-premise ‣ Robust, reliable, secure services ‣ State-of-the-art technology firmsPhoto by Lars Plougmann
  • 27. So can I have my cake and eat it? ‣ Do your due diligence ‣ Choose your providers carefully ‣ Ask the difficult questions ‣ Demand evidence they are securePhoto by Frank Gruber
  • 28. Social “ If what you are doing in IT or KM doesnt have social in it then stop and start again. It’s as simple as Pete Williams, Deloitte ”
  • 29. Accelerating adoption of social tools ‣ Increase workforce productivity ‣ Collaboration with colleagues & clients ‣ Project, matter & task management ‣ Share knowledge and best practice ‣ Break-down knowledge and data silos ‣ Reduce information & inbox overload ‣ Blur lines between intranet & extranetImage by Gregory Williams
  • 30. Combine consumer with enterprise ‣ Take best ideas from consumer tools ‣ Put them into the enterprise ‣ Add high-grade security and control ‣ The best of consumer and enterprisehighqsolutions.comImage by Kevin Dooley
  • 31. Focus on the user experiencehighqsolutions.comImage by Kevin Dooley
  • 32. What “social” really means ‣ Emphasising people and connections ‣ Create and share in the same system ‣ Convert work product into knowledge ‣ Gain a corporate peripheral visionPhoto by Hans Põldoja
  • 33. Enterprise-grade social tools‣ File sharing‣ Wikis & blogs‣ Microblogging‣ Tasks & calendars‣ People profiles‣ Activity streams‣ Feeds and filters
  • 34. Social + mobile + cloud = awesome “ The world at large is starting to wake up to the fact that were all connected together, continuously, to everyone else in the world. Dion
  • 35. But how are we going to deliver it?Picture by Natalia & Gabriel Sánchez-Suárez
  • 36. Is CoIT the solution? ‣ Cooperative IT ‣ Business-led vision ‣ Scalable IT infrastructure ‣ Rapid adoption of new tools ‣ The best of both worlds?Photo by Alex Pearson
  • 37. @highqsolutions