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  • Why an LMS
  • Introduce Stuart, Kevin and students.
  • We collected baseline data, asking students what a great learner is. From something that is done to them, to learners in charge of their learning. Our Schools infrastructure- functional website- experience in using MOODLE.Our experience with an LMS 1 and half terms in.
  • Based on the four pillars
  • Prepared for life in the 21st century.
  • A tour of the School site. School Space / Class Space / USPACE.School spaceClass SpaceUSpace
  • School Space, Class Space, USPACE
  • Simple goal settingReflection on positives and minusSupport from senior studentsShowcase of what can be achievedTransfer of skills from other aplications e.g. If i can attach files in email how can i use this in ultranet
  • Internet accessICT SUITE as part give fiveDevices at School
  • Cyber safetyOnline Learning Enhance Learning


  • 1. Laying the Groundwork: producing a realistic and relevant strategy for online learning.
  • 2. Today’s Session
    • About us
    • 3. Our decision
    • 4. Development of shared vision
    • 5. Professional Development
    • 6. Enhancing learning
    • 7. Have a go
    • 8. What next...
  • Stanley Avenue School
    Te Aroha
    Catering for between 240 and 270 students (years 1 to 8).
  • 9.
  • 10. The Journey
    The creation of a shared vision:
    Staff Input
    Discussed and shared ideas about what we feel
    is important for students before they leave us.
    Student Input
    Whole class discussions, some individual and
    small group feedback based on year level.
    Past Pupils
    Discussion about what we did well and could
    have improved for them.
    Parent Input
    ‘Homework’ sheet.
    House captains and parent volunteers put all
    the data together – this was then grouped
    under common headings.
  • 11. Create
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. WHAIA KIA U
    The Stanley Avenue Learner perseveres to achieve their best...
  • 15. At Stanley Avenue School, teachers use e-learning to support teaching approaches by …
    • Making connections between the known and the unknown. (Connections between: knowledge, skills,
    • 16. people, cultures, global communities).
    • 17. Making use of alternative times and environments to make sense of, confirm and challenge our understandings.
    • 18. Integrating technology meaningfully to cater for individual needs.
  • Why an LMS?
    To support our School’s mission- ‘Educating lifelong learners’.
    Why Ultranet?
    User friendly
    Innovative use of ‘spaces’
    Excellent support
  • 19. Our Aims for
    Increase use of ICT at School and Home
    Back down barriers between Home and School
    Personalised learning in action
    ‘Life long learners’
    Students ‘in charge’ of their learning
    Utilise technology to enhance learning
    Enhance communication
  • 20. http://stanleyavenue.ultranet.school.nz/home/
  • 21. Linking Ultranet to the development of our learner.
  • 22. Sharing our goals on USPACE
    Blogging is a way of
    Tracking my progress
    Complete activities in
    our own time
    Receiving feedback from my teachers and peers helps with my learning.
    Home Learning can be continued on the web
  • 23. Giving and receiving
    Feedback on
    Complete activities in
    our own time. Individual wait time.
    Participating in
    Online quizzes and forums
  • 24. Blogging allows teachers and students to share opinions and develop their personal voice
    Uploading ‘First day at School’ highlights for new entrant students
    ATTITUDE- Ultranet is fun
    and engaging!
  • 25. Wiki’s- Online way to come to a shared understanding
    Take part in online forums
    Development of Class Pages
  • 26. Ask questions about home learning
    Friends, Family and Teachers
    Stanley Avenue TV (in development)
    Visual literacy
  • 27. Messaging
    Student- Teacher, Parent- Teacher etc
    Insight into class life and learning
  • 28. Safe access to the internet anytime and anywhere in the School
    Access links from class pages
  • 29. Taking Everyone on the journey
    Teachers- Pedagogy
    Students- Access
    Parents- Communication
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Link to Key Competencies and Effective Pedagogies
  • 34. Taking Everyone on the journey
    Teachers- Pedagogy
    Students- Access
    Parents- Communication
  • 35.
  • 36. Taking Everyone on the journey
    Teachers- Pedagogy
    Students- Access
    Parents- Communication
  • 37. Whats worked?
    Shared Vision- Charter- Asset Replacement
    Student ownership
    Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, (Developing the Anyhow)
    Enhances personalised learning
    Reflection / Metacognition
    Students helping teachers
    Place to showcase learning
    Communication between home and school
    Expectations with support
    Taking everyone with us
  • 38. "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."   --  Confucius
    Your turn!
  • 39. Website http://stanleyavenue.school.nz
    Logon: Test? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    Password: test?
    Classpage: test
  • 40. Upload a photo to Wikispace
  • 41. Insert web links and files to resources
  • 42. Take part in discussion forum
  • 43. Ask a student about what they have gained from using Ultranet.
  • 44. What Next?
  • 45. Questions??