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A training PPT for Middle School Teachers on how to use Encyclopedia Britannica

A training PPT for Middle School Teachers on how to use Encyclopedia Britannica

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  • 1. Tools for 21st Century Learning Training Presentation by Selena Ramsey For Middle School TeachersMath, English Language Arts, World Cultures,U.S. & Texas History, and Science
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Britannica Online School Edition Your quality source for quality content on the InternetWhat does Britannica have to offer?Articles written by expertsSafe environment for Internet researchAtlases, images, videos, and timelinesTeacher Resource CenterAnd a whole lot more! View Tutorial videos at BH Library Wiki
  • 3. Middle School PortalAncient Egypt
  • 4. Encyclopedia Articles CURRICULUM STANDARDS Access TEKS EXPAND YOUR RESEARCH Click to access additional contentTable of ContentsLonger articles are WORKSPACEdivided into sections Collect and store your own research materials VOCABULARY HELP Double-click on a word for definitions and pronunciations.
  • 5. Encyclopedia Articles - continuedRELATED IMAGESScroll through images and selectthe ones to view in expandedview CITATIONS Correctly formatted citations are conveniently located at the bottom of each article page. CHANGE LEVELS Use the links at the bottom of any page to switch to another level or run a search in a different level.
  • 6. Now it’s your turn . . . Access Britannica Online at http://school.eb.com/ Username: barbershill Password: KtwelveUsing the Middle School Level Search, do the following:1. Use the Middle School Level Search and find an article about a topic in your subject area.2. Find an image and a video. (Did you know you can download the video into a Power Point slide show?)3. Find the a great new website by clicking on “The Web’s Best Sites.”4. Click on a word and use the dictionary tool.
  • 7. And there’s more . . .Workspace Option for storing andorganizing materials for students and teachers.Teacher Resources --Learning Materials --Lesson ideas correlated with TEKS
  • 8. Store your own research materials using” Workspace” View the “Workspace Tutorial” on BH Library Wiki
  • 9. Learning Materials CURRICULUM STANDARDS Correlated to TEKS – Click the orange button to see how the activity applies to TX standards.EXPLORE OTHERSUBJECTS MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS MULTIPLE LEVELS OF LEARNINGStriking images and descriptive audio will engage Students can choose the level of difficultystudents. The links at the top provide additional and progress to the next level over time.activities, quizzes, Lesson Plans, and more.
  • 10. Locate activities that correlate with TEKS
  • 11. Now it’s your turn . . . Practice 21. Search in “Learning Materials” section and find an activity that you can use this semester.2. In Teacher Resources, go to “Curriculum Standards” and find a lesson idea for your subject area.
  • 12. ReferencesEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc. (2011). Encyclopædia Britannica online school edition. Chicago, IL: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.Microsoft, Corporation. (2011). Microsoft Office Images. Retrieved from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/Ramsey, S. (2011). Students on laptops photographs. Personal collection.