Marketing for Social Media Promotions: PART ONE, Planning Tips and Best Practices Guide


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This Marketing for Social Media Promotions Guide is broken out into three sections to cater to the various stages of a promotional campaign.

If you’re in the planning stages of your promotion, PART ONE, Planning Tips and Best Practices Guide, is for you.

If your promotion is already underway or starting soon, check out PART TWO, Promoting and Managing Your Campaign, for tips on how to promote and manage your campaign. (Coming Soon)

If your promotion is ending soon or has recently ended, see PART THREE, Life After Your Campaign Guide, where we go over steps for an effective follow-up. (Coming Soon)

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Marketing for Social Media Promotions: PART ONE, Planning Tips and Best Practices Guide

  1. 1. ing Tips a ann nd Pl PART ONE Be st i de Prac tic e s GuMARKETING forSOCIAL MEDIAPROMOTIONS
  2. 2. This Marketing for Social Media PromotionsGuide is broken out into three sections to cater tothe various stages of a promotional campaign.If you’re in the planning stages of your promotion,PART ONE is for you. If your promotion is alreadyunderway or starting soon, check out PART TWOfor tips on how to promote and manage yourcampaign. If your promotion is ending soon or hasrecently ended, see PART THREE where we go oversteps for an effective follow-up. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  3. 3. 1. Your Brand & Social Media Community ning Tips a an nd 2. Setting Goals Pl 3. Choosing Your Promotion Type PART ONE 4. Online Promotion Planning Checklist 5. Defining Metrics and Your ROI Be e 6. Best Practices st d Prac ui tic e s G a. Promotion LengthWhat you’ll learn in Part One b. Contest Type c. Choosing Your Channel d. Voting, Judging and Other Considerations   e. Communication and Timing f. Benchmarks MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  4. 4. Plan, Prepare and Prepare for the Unplanned With social media contests you can reap the benefits of viral or word-of-mouth marketing, but it’s still essential to have a well-thought-out marketing plan to support your campaign. It may sound obvious but you must drive traffic to your destination. We often remind our clients not to fall victim to the “Field of Dreams Fallacy”—the idea that “if I build it, they will come.” Utilize the channels available to you, be that social media, paid media or promotional partners. Don’t overlook any opportunities to get the word out. Do you have a regular email newsletter or a point of sale display? Participation at the outset will generate the ROI that comes from social sharing activity. And remember that your existing customers are most likely to engage. By targeting them first, you can build momentum that will spread through their social networks. Excerpted from “How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest” by Ben Pickering, Strutta CEO, in Social Media Examiner: MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  5. 5. 1. Your Brand & Social Media CommunityYou know your brand and audience best. We’re here to help power up your creative campaigns and connect you withyour community through engaging content, ideas and conversations. Our aim is to provide you with the absolute bestplatform for your social promotions.If you are relatively new to the space or are looking for fresh ideas,check out some of our favorite resources.Common Craft has a full library of fantastic videos that help make complex ideas easy to understand.These three will help get you acquainted with social media: sites for social media Leading personalitiesmarketing tips & news: in the space: • • • • • • • • MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  6. 6. 2. Setting GoalsSome Things to Consider:    There are many ways to operate an online promotion.You want to encourage the best kind of participation HIGHpossible, and offer a great experience for all involvedwhile achieving your goals. To that end, there are anumber of items to be aware of when preparing apromotional campaign. T EN VIDEO BA EM CONTESTCampaign Goals RR G GA I ERWhat are you hoping to achieve with your contest? EN TOAre you looking to crowd source excellent content PHOTO CONTEST ER ENthat relates to your brand? Do you hope to expose UM TRyour campaign and brand message to as many people NS Y COas possible? Are you hoping to attract new website TEXT SUBMISSION (RECIPE, ESSAY, ETC)traffic and convert them into subscribers andcustomers? BASIC FORM “SWEEPSTAKES”Thinking about these goals will help your decisionmaking when you are planning your campaign. Thisinfographic gives you a glimpse into what we havelearned about online promotions:                                  LOW MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  7. 7. 2. Setting GoalsGoal 1: Generate leads and dataGenerating qualified leads is often seen as the most important goal for any marketing campaign. Attracting newcustomers is essential, so grab your target audience’s attention with a great promotion and use the opportunity tocollect information from entrants and voters. Expanding newsletter subscriptions or contact lists with people who careabout your brand can drive new business. However, gaining an email address or Twitter handle may be irrelevantwithout supporting information so be sure to ask the questions to learn more about your (potential) customers.Goal 2: Engage sociallyMore brands are looking to tap into social media’s powerto build lasting relationships with their customers.Conducting engaging campaigns with thoughtful planning,execution and follow-up is a proven way to reachcustomers and keep them loyal. Make brand ambassadorsout of your customers by encouraging them to share yourmessage through their social networks. Leveragingmultiple channels (e.g., brand site, Facebook, Twitter) isa great way to amplify the effect of your campaign.Goal 3: Gain content or consumer insightDigital technologies make it easy for anyone to become a content producer, and user generated content (UGC) definesthe web as we know it today. A promotion that invites users to contribute their content not only creates a deeperinvestment in your brand, but also serves as a means to crowd source content that can be leveraged across multiplechannels and in future marketing campaigns. A contest with public voting can also be utilized to solicit feedback fromcustomers and gain insights on their preferences. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  8. 8. 3. Choosing Your Promotion TypeWhether you agree with these threegoals or have different ones, considerhow your chosen campaign type candeliver on your objectives.First, note the difference between acontest and a sweepstakes. A contestrewards skill; winners are determinedbased on skill, popularity or judging. Asweepstakes awards winners at random;winners are determined based purely onchance.A promotion that invites users tocontribute their content not only createsa deeper investment in your brand, butalso serves as a means to crowd sourcecontent that can be leveraged acrossmultiple channels and in futuremarketing campaigns. A contest withpublic voting can also be utilized tosolicit feedback from customers and gaininsights on their preferences. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  9. 9. 4. Online Promotion Planning ChecklistAlthough interactive contests require a good deal of planning and effort,the potential ROI and ability to reach multiple goals is tremendous. UsingStrutta’s platform and packages, you can capitalize on social media activity,gain new leads, and access valuable data and content. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  10. 10. 4. Online Promotion Planning Checklist continued... MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  11. 11. 4. Online Promotion Planning Checklist continued... MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  12. 12. 5. Defining Metrics and Your ROIReturn on investment doesn’t have to mean solely financial return. Bottom-line results clearly matter, but theycan’t be the sole objective for any social media campaign. Dag Holmboe, for Social Media Examiner, provides agood perspective on social media ROI.Depending on how you set up your promotion, these are someof the key metrics to consider: ‣ How many people visited your promotion? How much time did they spend engaging? ‣ Of those who visited, how many actively participated? How many entered? How many voted (if applicable)? Objectives drive ‣ How much sharing took place? outcomes. By setting ‣ What type of content generated the most interaction your objectives clearly (i.e., comments, Likes, retweets)? ‣ How many new Likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter? up front you can ‣ What was the level of Twitter activity establish what goals (especially if you have a contest-specific hashtag)? matter to you and ‣ What was the redemption rate of any coupons or offers? ‣ How many users opted in to your email list? track against them. ‣ If you included any outbound links to drive traffic, what was the click-through rate? ‣ And ultimately what new business (revenue/profit) can be attributed to the promotion?MORE RESOURCES:In Marketing Profs, Veronica Maria Jarski highlights the importance of measuring attention, attitudes and action.In a guest post on Danny Brown’s blog, Eugene Farber offers solid tips and insight on social media ROI. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  13. 13. 6. Best Practices a) Promotion Length Promotion lengths may vary. We’ve seen incredibly successful 24-hour flash sweepstakes giveaway. Creating a sense of urgency can really catapult your campaign’s viral success. On the other hand, we’ve also powered impressive year-long contest campaigns that reset the buzz regularly with monthly prizing. Establishing consistency and setting expectations on your social channels for promotions are a great way to ensure your fans check in regularly. A typical contest promotion will usually last 4-8 weeks as follows: Refresh excitement and ‣ Submission Round: 2-4 weeks engagement around your brand ‣ Voting Round: 2-4 weeks with each incentive and (may overlap with Submission Round) promotional campaign! ‣ Judging Round: 1-2 weeks If you have overlapping submission and voting rounds, we recommend letting the voting round go for at least one extra week. As there’s usually a good push of submissions at the deadline, this gives your last-minute entrants some time to rally up support! A typical sweepstakes giveaway will run up to one month. It’s generally a good idea to tie your promotion to a product launch, a company milestone, or other seasonal event where you’ll already amass a good amount of attention. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  14. 14. 6. Best Practices b) Contest Promotions: Media Type No matter the type of content collected in your contest, the task at hand should resonate individually but appeal globally. In other words, there should be a natural sense of resonation and inclination to share the content submitted to your contest. Media types Strutta’s platform supports: photo, video, text and audio ‣ Photo contests will generally yield more entries and participation than any other medium. Common use cases: travel shots, family & pet moments, memorable experiences ‣ Video contests have a higher barrier entry but they tend to make for more engaging contests. Common use cases: live action shots, short film competitions, product demos ‣ Text based contests can spark innovative ideas and build a great database of content. Common use cases: best recipe contests, caption contests, and essay competitions. ‣ Audio contests are great if you’re looking to find a hot band or catchy anthem. Strutta’s platform is Choose to accept all Let your participants unique in offering mixed media types in your decide how to best convey media contests. contest. their message! Note: Your contest participants will retain ownership over their content and work. You, as the Contest Organizer, gain rights to use the submitted work in your marketing materials or projects. We are firm believers in giving due credit for all creative works! MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  15. 15. 6. Best Practices c) Choosing Your Channel Social marketing by nature requires touch points across channels and platforms. With Strutta, you’ll extend the reach of your promotional campaign as you can choose to launch on the channel(s) that will best fit your needs. Plus, spread your message further with our integrated Facebook, Twitter and email share tools. Below are key differentiators between the channel options. Standalone microsite, iframe, Facebook or mobile? Standalone Microsite If brand integrity and design is a high priority on your list, you’ll appreciate the ability to build a site that is ad-free and you’ll love the freedom to customize a site that may extend beyond Facebook’s layout limitations. IFrame If increasing traffic to your site is your main goal, choose to embed your promotion directly into an existing page within your web site. This option is particularly popular with our clients in media and broadcasting as ad placements and general site navigation remain in place as users interact with the promotion. Facebook If you want to strengthen your community on Facebook, run your promotion directly on your Facebook Page! Mobile If you’re looking to boost your presence among your customers on-the-go, supplement your full site with a mobile-friendly version! This advanced option is included in our DIY PRO packages and is unique to Strutta’s platform. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  16. 16. 6. Best Practices d) Voting, Judging and Other Considerations   We always recommend using a combination of voting and judging in order to determine winners. A voting round adds exciting elements of competition and urgency. It also encourages sharing among participants and their social networks which is the biggest contributor to a “viral” contest campaign. • On average, each entrant will bring in at least 10 voters to the contest site via social sharing • The number of visits to your site will jump exponentially when you allow multiple submissions per entrant and enable hourly or daily voting We recommend at least allowing your community to flag Including a judging round can boost your contest’s clout inappropriate content on the site. (especially if you bring in influential personalities as judges), and introducing a judging criteria helps to ensure the quality of In order to ensure brand integrity, your contest winner vs. a popularity contest alone. choose full moderation to collect Content Moderation and hold all content and comments. Strutta’s system offers 3 moderation options: • No moderation Only publish content that meets • Users can flag inappropriate content your brand’s standards. • Full moderation MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  17. 17. 6. Best Practices d) Voting, Judging and Other Considerations   Sponsors Adding sponsors to your promotion may add excitement, increase reach and even help with your campaigns prizing and costs. A coveted sponsor spot is a great value-add especially for those in events, publications and promotions. Random Draws and Extra Incentives In addition to awarding prizes to top entrants, you may want to reward other social behavior and incentivize other participants! For example: • Integrate a coupon code into the entry flow & surprise those who take the time to enter your promotion! • Through our Stats Dashboard see who brings in the most click-throughs to the contest site and give reward them for their active participation! • Send a follow-up message to all entrants and voters with a special deal. Surprise and delight everyone who contributed to your promotion’s success! MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  18. 18. 6. Best Practices e) Communication and Timing We recommend that you schedule ahead of time where, when and what you’ll communicate about your promotion. For contests that will require a greater investment in effort or time (e.g. community involvement, video production or event registration), you’ll likely want to start promoting the campaign before the submission round opens. This will help give your community time to really consider and plan out their submissions. The timing and frequency of communication varies per channel. Work promotional posts into your regular schedule on Twitter, Facebook and on your other active networks. Mix up the content of your posts to highlight the many aspects of the contest including the premise, prize, and any note- worthy submissions or activity. Don’t forget to post follow- up messages as well. Reserve any press releases, media pitches and e-blasts for your promotion’s milestones. For example: the promotion’s launch, opening of the voting phase, results. MORE RESOURCES: For tips on when send updates, see these informative posts from The Social Media Guide (Twitter) and Social Times (Twitter and Facebook), PR Daily (Blog) See extensive marketing and communications tips in PART TWO of this guide. MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  19. 19. 6. Best Practices f) Benchmarks We refrain from giving out general benchmarks as each campaign that is launched is so very unique. Because there are so many variables in each campaign, we don’t want to mislead you or give you false expectations. Consider all of the variables in a contest promotion: timing, prizes, promotion, sponsors, ads, campaign objectives, industry, community, budget, etc. If you would like a customized benchmark report for your particular campaign, please contact us at MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS Part One
  20. 20. BAM!NEXT UPMARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONSPart Two Promoting and Managing Your Campaign Guide (Coming Soon)MARKETING for SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONSPart Three Life After Your Campaign Guide (Coming Soon)Promotion examples and case studies: Thank you for choosing Strutta! Tina Hoang | Communications Manager | | @t1nah on Twitter Facebook Photo Video Sweepstakes Contest Apps Contests Contests Start your promotion by visiting or Call us toll-free at 1-877-477-5717