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08 release notes struds 2007
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08 release notes struds 2007



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  • 1. Major Enhancements 3D and render view related• Selection & editing of elements in 3D view• Display of all types of loads in 3D view• Improvement in 3D render view• Facility of rotation about Z axis in 3D view• Dynamic pan command in 3D view• Section and elemental load creation and attach options in 3D view• Slab fill effect in render view• Changing colors of structural elements as well of background in render view• Creation of vertically inclined element by clicking nodes• Display of edge elements in 3D view
  • 2. Preprocessor related• Notional method for wind load generation• Floor load command for creation of slabs in single command for CAD imported files• Orientation of columns to any angle• Facility to Modify shear wall on all floors regarding grade of concrete and thickness• Under modify menu option to change the grid name is introduced• In modify menu only the option to copy the newly added grid names on higher floors using copy grid name option is given.• STAAD file import is made easier and much stable• Optimization resulting in element delete faster for high rise buildings• Display of line and point loads in 2D view• STAAD file export related problems solved for shear wall buildings
  • 3. Design related• Improvements in Shear wall Design• Improvements in detailed drawings• Modification of beam design when fails for minimum stirrups spacing• Detail design report for shear walls provided for user selected floors• Improvements in Column design
  • 4. 3D render view display improvements • Option provided for changing colors of structural elements as per requirement in render view • Option for changing the background is also provided for 3D view
  • 5. Introduction of rotation about z axis and dynamic pan command in 3D view
  • 6. Selection toolbar for selection and unselecting elements to see details. • Select element option is given for single selection. Using this you can select an element of which you want to check the properties or modify those. Double click to get the dialog box. • By window selection you can select few elements which you want to highlight. • Active all is given to activate all elements. This can be used after selecting few elements to discontinue this command. • Active selected is used to display the selected elements only. • Active previous option is used to activate the previous selected elements. • Inactive option is used to inactivate selected elements. Those elements will not be displayed on screen.
  • 7. Display of loads in 3D view • Display of loads in 3D view is given • Selection of floor in 3D view option is also given using which you can see the loading on a floor. • Select the option of load which you want to display • You can set the scale factor to enlarge the loading diagram
  • 8. Introduction of floor load command • Option of floor load is given to create slabs in single step on a floor in the file which is imported through DXF format. • Here you have to insert the start and end dimensions and loading as shown. • On pressing F7 you will get rectangular and general slabs created on that floor.
  • 9. Introduction Notional Method for wind load generation • Total wind load acting on single floor is calculated and assumed to act at CG of that floor. Depending on this the load is distributed on all nodes of that floor through diaphragm action.
  • 10. Introduction of scale factor in earthquake loads • Concept of scale factor is introduced by default for earthquake load calculation by response spectrum method. The loads are calculated accordingly. • If you don’t want to consider this effect you can make the flag off.
  • 11. Display of slab loads in 2D view • Option to display Line load and point loads on slabs in 2D view is provided • Option to display other loading on slab is also given • Slab properties display is improved compared to previous version
  • 12. Modify grid names and copy them on higher floors • Option to modify the grid name as per requirement is given under Modify -> Building -> Grid Name. • Option to copy these modified grid names on all floors is also given under Modify - > Building -> Copy Grid Names option Which will give you the copy multiple floors dialog box on the screen
  • 13. Column Orientation to required angle
  • 14. Modify Shear wall option • Using this option You can modify the thickness of shear wall for every floor also you can change the grade of concrete used for shear wall for required floors • Based on those values the shear walls will be designed
  • 15. Beam user defined detailing parameters • In beam design parameters user defined detailing option is given • All beam DXF drawings show detailing according to those parameters.
  • 16. Designing of beams when failed for spacing • Dialog for beam design when it fails in stirrups spacing is changed • Here you can increase the diameter of bars or legs of stirrups to overcome the problem
  • 17. Shear wall detail report for selected floors • Facility to view the shear wall detail report for selected floors by selecting default levels for that particular floor is given • On unselecting the level the report will not come for that particular floor.