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From Listening to Engaging: Empowering Your Customers to Become Your Most Effective Marketing Channel
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From Listening to Engaging: Empowering Your Customers to Become Your Most Effective Marketing Channel


Published on

Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 …

Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Featured Speakers:
Brian Solis, Principal, FutureWorks
Ryan Deutsch, VP of Emerging Media, StrongMail

Social media is a powerful platform for fostering profitable customer relationships; however, many companies struggle getting past the listening phase. There's no question that listening is important, but limiting your social media efforts to this activity puts you in a purely reactive mode instead of empowering you to proactively shape the perception of your brand. In order to fully leverage the power of social media to advance your brand, you need to transition from listening to engaging.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to engage customers in meaningful and advantageous conservations that empower them to become partners in your marketing and customer service initiatives. Find out how to properly engender support of online champions in a mutually beneficial way that enable you to drive real business value from social media. Plus, get your questions answered in an extensive Q&A session.

Key things you will learn:

* How to transition from listening to engaging on the social web
* Strategies for empowering customers to become brand advocates
* Engagement tactics that foster mutually beneficial customer relationships
* How to attract online champions who will advance your brand on new social networks
* Social media tools for engaging customers and tracking the impact of your efforts

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • What is going to motivate your customers?
  • Transcript

    • 1. #listengage
      Moving from Listening to Engaging
      May 19, 2010
    • 2. Agenda
      • Introduction
      • 3. Engage or Die
      • 4. Who Owns Social Media
      • 5. The Social Media Hierarchy
      • 6. Social Media Guidelines
      • 7. Social Media Best Practices
      • 8. Seven Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand
    • 9. Over 500 Customers
      Who is StrongMail?
      • Leading provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media.
      • 10. We enable our clients to boost the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, while saving a significant amount of money.
      • 11. Our products and services provide an end-to-end solution for some of the world’s biggest brands.
    • 12. If a Conversation Takes Place Online & You’re Not There to Hear It, Did It Really Happen?
    • 13. It’s not what you say, it’s what they say that counts…
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16. Motrin Moms
      A seemingly harmless advertisement caused a backlash amongst moms who took to Twitter, blogs, YouTube and eventually spilled over to mainstream media including WSJ, Forbes, AP, NYT
      Motrin wasn’t listening to responses on the social web and as such, the company couldn’t diffuse the groundswell against the campaign and ultimately the brand
      It was the first CPG and also brand example where the real-time web proved that it required full-time monitoring
      The apology was also chastised for appearing as voice “by committee,” lacking candor and sympathy
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19. Identify problems before they evolve into crises
    • 20. Monitoring vs. Listening
    • 21.
    • 22. Who Owns Social Media?
    • 23.
    • 24. Social Media Affects Every Step of a Decision Making Process
    • 25. Discovery
    • 26. The Conversation Funnel
    • 27. The Social Customer Hierarchy
    • 28. The Human Algorithm
      Google is adapting PageRank for people…
    • 29. Everything Starts with Listening and Research
    • 30.
    • 31. Intelligence
    • 32. The Brand Dashboard
    • 33.
    • 34.
    • 35.
    • 36.
    • 37. Monitoring
    • 38. A socialized approach
    • 39.
    • 40. Assign Roles and Responsibilities
      Social Media is more than participating in conversations
      A workflow is required to ensure a seamless process for listening, responding, learning and leading
      People (consumers) expect to be heard and without an official process in place, many would-be fans and followers are not addressed and therefore, never have the chance to become advocates
      Assign roles and establish workflow for monitoring, responding, engagement, and seeking answers internally to provide resolution and direction
      Also determine the process for routing conversations between marketing, service, product, communications, etc.
    • 41. Establish Guidelines and Processes
      To prevent information leaks and other liabilities, companies are drafting guidelines for social media interaction.
    • 42. Common Sense is Not Common at All
    • 43. Draft Social Media Guidelines
      Workflow requires boundaries and guidance to run smoothly
      Guidelines are required to protect the brand and the people representing the brand
      Guidelines also protect consumers, fostering productive, collaborative, and also entertaining communities where people self-govern the society based on empowerment
      Without guidelines, representatives are required to rely on instinct, experience, and common sense, all things that work against the nature of social media
      Like any role within the brand, representatives can benefit from training and direction
      They must learn to balance between what they should or shouldn’t say, when and how
    • 44. Guidelines: Best Practices
      Ensure a consistent, personable, and brand enhancing tone or voice
      Add value to each engagement — contribute to a stature and legacy
      Respect those whom you’re engaging and also respect the forum in which you participate
      Ensure that you honor copyrights and practice and promote fair use of applicable content
      Protect confidential and proprietary information
      Be transparent and be human (well, be believable and helpful)
      Represent what you should represent
      Know and operate within the boundaries defined
      Know when to fold ‘em and don’t engage trolls or fall into conversational traps
      Keep things conversational as it applies to portraying and reinforcing the personality and value of your brand and the brand you represent
    • 45. Guidelines: Best Practices
      • Stay on message, on point and on track with the goals of your role and its impact to the real world business in which you contribute
      • 46. Don’t trash competition — directly anyway
      Apologize where applicable
      Take accountability for your actions and offer no excuses
      Know who you’re taking to and what they’re seeking
      Disclose relationships, representation, affiliation and intentions
      Practice self-restraint, some things are not worth sharing
    • 47. Social Media is About Sociology and Psychology More So Than Technology
    • 48. There’s a difference between listening and hearing…
    • 49.
    • 50. Becoming the people we want to reach and win over (sway, influence, affect…)
    • 51.
    • 52. What Inspires people to Share…
    • 53.
    • 54. The art and science of influence
    • 55.
    • 56.
    • 57.
    • 58. Participation
    • 59. Identify your influencers
    • 60. Influence…The ability to inspire meaningful and measurable action
    • 61.
    • 62.
    • 63. Word of mouth marketing is not created, it is co-created
    • 64.
    • 65. Engage outside of your domains
    • 66. Identify ways to provide value…
    • 67.
    • 68. Transparent
      Be Yourself
    • 69. Believable
      The Credible Role for a Brand
      Matching Social Motivators
      Real Campaign Tools
      Proprietary and Confidential |
    • 79.
    • 80. Seven Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand in Social Media
      Who: Define the brand personality, it’s mission and purpose in the Social Web
      What: Listen to see how the brand is perceived today – create a benchmark around status quo and also prevailing sentiment
      When: Monitor the real-time Web to surface any conversations that, without response, represent the potential to burn out of control
      Where: Focus on proactive engagement within the priority networks of relevance to ensure prominence, which by default, diffuses animosity and promotes constructive conversation
      How: Understand the dynamics, culture, and behavior defining the social networks that are important to you. How you engage says everything and dictates next steps
      Why: Without knowing why something is erupting or why your presence is necessary in important networks practically begets the old adage of “you get what you deserve”
      To What Extent: Understanding the influence of those who are leading dialogue on both sides of the sentiment scale, will help you extinguish crises as they emerge and help ensure a greater volume of positive sentiment in between
    • 81. We're measured by our actions and not words.
    • 82. #ThisisYourTime
    • 83.
    • 84. Thank You!
      Brian SolisFutureWorks
      Twitter: @briansolis
      Ryan Deutsch
      VP of Emerging Media
      (650) 421-7124
      Twitter: @rdeutsch