Rational HATS and HIS v8 Overview

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What's new in Host Access Transformation Services from IBM Rational version 8: including new Dojo widgets, new templates, JAX-RS REST based web services. Also new support for the iPad.

What's new in Host Access Transformation Services from IBM Rational version 8: including new Dojo widgets, new templates, JAX-RS REST based web services. Also new support for the iPad.

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  • Author Notes: This is the IBM Rational standard template for internal and external Rational presentations. It was created in Microsoft PowerPoint Standard Edition 2003. This template is also converted and provided in Lotus Symphony v3.0. Additional IBM Rational presentation assets and resources can be found on Rational’s Managing the Brand W3 Intranet site: https://w3-03.ibm.com/software/marketing/marksite.nsf/AllMarketingPages/Brand-Rational-rt_rtb?opendocument?opendocument If internal presentations are confidential, please add: “IBM Confidential” to the slide masters Select: View / Master / Slide Master and add “IBM Confidential” to both the title master and slide master Use sentence case capitalization for presentation titles, slide titles, category labels and bullets: Format / Change Case / Sentence Case. Initial capitalization is limited to our products and offerings. Applying this template to your existing presentation Task Pane needs to be viewable: Select View / Task Pane Select Slide Design - Design Templates from the Task Pane pull-down menu Select “Browse” at the bottom, and find “Rational_Standard_Template.pot” on your hardrive and click Apply Please note that not all slides will reformat appropriately once template is applied. Some reformatting will be necessary Printing your presentation on a black and white printer Prior to printing your presentation, view the slides in grayscale mode: Select View / Color/Grayscale / Grayscale Select problem graphics or text and right-click and select Grayscale Setting Select the grayscale setting that displays the problem graphic/text the best Note: Changing the greyscale setting does not affect the color view Return to Normal View by selecting View / Color/Grayscale / Color
  • HIS is a bundle of products designed to meet all of the customer’s host integration needs. Unlike HACP, which dictates that a licensed user can use either PCOMM or HOD, HIS allows a license user to use all of the products. HIS is IBM’s second most popular Host Integration package.
  • So- in summary, HATS provides a large variety of deployment options to meet the business needs of your customers. HATS rich client applications can be deployed to Eclipse RCP and Lotus Expeditor, and they enable integration with other desktop applications, client side processing, and a rich user interface. HATS Web applications extend terminal application access to a wide variety of browsers, providing a zero footprint client. HATS portal applications allow integration of terminal applications at the glass, and now the strategic JSR 168 portal API is supported. HATS mobile support allows anywhere/anytime access to mission critical terminal applications, and finally, HATS Web service support enables customers to create standard Web services from green screen terminal application tasks, so that the application logic can be used in new ways. Common across all deployment options is a quick return on investment- host applications can be quickly accessed through a new, intuitive user interface. In addition, HATS is a low cost, low risk solution. There is no need to rewrite applications, and HATS is based on open, proven platforms and technologies such as J2EE, Eclipse, and Web services. And finally, HATS can be used to increase productivity of your end users, and decrease the training costs by making those green screen applications easier to use and providing streamlined navigation.
  • Author Note: Mandatory Rational closing slide (includes appropriate legal disclaimer). Graphic is available in English only.


  • 1. Rational Host Access Transformation Services v8.0 (HATS) Rational Host Integration Solution v8.0
  • 2. IBM Rational HATS v8.0
    • Transform terminal applications quickly and easily!
      • Rich, extensible UI transformation with support for Dojo
      • Flexible, consumable web services options with support for REST
      • Support for the latest tooling and runtimes, including JSR286 portlet support
      • Extend the reach of your terminal applications to iPad
    • Announce: August 9, 2011
    • eGA: August 12, 2011
  • 3. IBM Rational Host Integration Solution V8.0
    • A complete solution for green screen application access and modernization
      • Updated with the latest and greatest products, including HATS V8.0
      • HIS Concurrent now includes Personal Communications
    • Announce: August 9, 2011
    • eGA: August 12, 2011
  • 4. Rational Host Access Transformation Services Achieve fast ROI with low risk
    • Quickly and easily transform green screen applications to Web services, Web, Mobile, Portal and rich client interfaces
    • Low cost and low risk: No need to rewrite or refactor existing applications and built on open, proven platforms and technologies
    • Increase productivity and reduce training costs and data entry errors with workflow and navigation improvements
    • Integrate host business processes and data with other web, portal, mobile, and rich client applications
    Revitalize Applications Enhanced!
  • 5. What’s new in HATS V8.0
    • Web 2.0
      • Dojo
        • HATS Dojo widgets
        • Transform for Dojo editing
        • Dojo for IOs
      • New templates
      • RESTful web services
    • JSR286 Portlet support
    • iPad support
    • Support for the latest runtimes
    • Support for the latest development tools
    • And more….
  • 6. Web 2.0: HATS Dojo widgets
    • New HATS Dojo widgets:
      • Combo box
      • Date Text box
      • Enhanced Grid
      • Sorting
      • Drag and drop columns
      • Filtering select
      • Text box
      • Validation text box
    • Benefits:
      • New, built-in UI transformation options
      • No programming skills required
      • Enhanced usability
    New widgets Date text box Enhanced Grid Filtering select Validation text box
  • 7. Web 2.0: Transform for Dojo editing
    • New option for HATS Dojo widgets
    • Customize widgets with standard Dojo web tools included in the base Rational IDE
    • Learning examples included in the Web Application Programmer’s Guide
    • Benefits:
      • Flexible- the full power of the Dojo toolkit at your fingertips
      • Extensible- not bound by what HATS provides
      • Customize using standard Dojo and web skills- no need for Java skills
      • Improved application usability and appearance
  • 8. Web 2.0: Dojo for Integration Objects (IO) Pages
    • Render IO inputs and outputs using Dojo Dijits
    • Benefit: Create IO pages quickly with updated UI controls
  • 9. Web 2.0: Templates
    • Research, industry, and medical
    • Benefit: Modern look and feel- tabs, menus, highlighting, fading, rounded corners
  • 10. Web 2.0: Dojo plus new templates
  • 11. Binary Computer Services Ltd IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0 software brings improved UI transformation with new, Dojo widgets The need: Binary Computer Ltd. has used HATS for many years to offer their customers additional value from their proven, feature-rich applications by providing relief from the typical difficulties associated with terminal applications: End user dissatisfaction High training costs Difficult navigation However, with the advent of Web 2.0, end users have become accustomed to richer user interfaces The solution: IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0 software, which now includes support for Dojo Dijits and RESTful services.
    • The benefits:
    • Provides a richer user interface for Rational HATS-based applications using modern Dojo Dijits
    • Improves application usability by taking advantage of built-in Dojo capabilities such as easy data validation
    • Supports greater extensibility with the “Transform for Dojo Editing” feature that enables customization of the UI using the Dojo Toolkit and IBM extensions, which are integrated with IBM Rational IDE offerings
    “ Rational HATS V8 offers valuable new features that allow richer screen presentation with the use of Dojo Dijits, as well as more flexibility in integration, by being to able to create RESTful web services .” — Lionel Butler, technical HATS and Rational for i consultant Binary Computer Services Ltd.
    • Solution components:
    • IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services V8.0
  • 12. Web 2.0: RESTful web services
    • New option to create Java API for RESTful web services (JAX-RS) from HATS Integration Objects
    • For Web2.0 applications, RESTful Web services are popular
      • Similar to known HTTP patterns- GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
    • Benefits
      • Simple, consumable API
      • Lightweight
        • Smaller payload and less overhead than SOAP web services
        • HTTP foundation enables caching for better performance
  • 13. The need: Strongback Consulting’s clients have valuable business logic locked into terminal applications that needs to be integrated into new mobile applications and mashups. The solution: Strongback Consulting can now use IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0 software’s easy-to-use, standard RESTful web services support to integrate 3270, 5250 and TNVT application logic into new Web 2.0 applications. . The benefits: • API flexibility and simplicity • Ideal for mobile applications- requires less network bandwidth and XML processing • Increased scalability- due to smaller message payload and caching “ Rational HATS V8 has a very rich user interface. The Dojo widgets keep the product looking like modern Web 2.0 applications without major rework. JAX-RS give us simpler web services elements and easier consumption than using other frameworks . ” — Kenny Smith, Principal Strongback Consulting
    • Solution components:
    • IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0
    Strongback Consulting IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0 offers JAX-RS web service support for flexibility in choosing the right technology for the job
  • 14. JSR286 Portlet Support
    • New option to create JSR286 portlets
    • Benefits of portlet support:
      • Aggregate applications and content and deliver them as role-based applications
      • Tailor your host applications to different user roles
    • Benefits of JSR286 portlets:
      • Increased productivity and usability with inter-portlet communication through portlet events and public render parameters
      • Responsive resource serving using AJAX
      • Portlet filters
    • Built-in HATS features:
      • Inter-portlet communication
      • Single Sign On
      • Automatic refresh and disconnect
      • Connection overrides
  • 15. iPad Support
    • iPad has been added to the growing line up of mobile devices that HATS supports
      • Windows Mobile devices
      • iPod Touch
      • iPhone
      • iPad
    • The larger display size of iPad works especially well for customer facing roles
    • Mobile devices open up possibilities:
      • An employee on the department store floor needs to check stock in the warehouse and make an order
      • A distributor of products to car dealers needs to track product availability and order products while at the dealer
      • Hospital personnel need to take inventory across a large campus
      • Service personnel need to order products and mark work complete
  • 16. Latest toolkits and runtimes
    • HATS toolkit
      • Rational Application Developer for WebSphere® Software V8.0
      • Rational Application Developer 8.0 Standard Edition V8.0- New support!
      • Rational Developer for IBM i SOA Construction V8.0
      • Rational Developer for System z® 8.0.2
      • Rational Business Developer 8.0.1
      • Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software 8.0
      • IBM Integration Designer 7.5
    • Runtime environments
      • WebSphere® Application Server Version 8.0
      • WebSphere Portal Version 7.0
      • Eclipse Versions 3.5 and 3.6, Lotus Notes® Version 8.5.2, and Lotus® Expeditor Version 6.2.2
  • 17. And more…
    • Screen capture support for VT connections
    • Bidirectional language enhancements including Arabic translation and UI mirroring
    • Simplified specification for rich client type-ahead support (rich client type-ahead added in HATS
    • Export screen combinations and subfiles to spread sheets (added in HATS
  • 18. Host Integration Solution (HIS)
    • A complete solution for green screen application access and modernization
    • Single price per authorized or per concurrent user
    • Consists of:
      • Core components:
        • HATS
        • Host On-Demand (HOD)
        • Personal Communications (PComm)
      • Supporting components:
        • Communications Servers (AIX, Windows, Linux, zLinux) for connectivity
        • WebSphere Application Server ND or WebSphere Application Server – Express for running HATS and HOD application
        • An appropriate development tool to be used only for creating HATS applications- Rational Developer for System z with Java or Rational Developer for Power Systems v8.0: Power Tools for i
    HIS HATS HOD PCOMM WAS Comm Server RDz/ RDp HIS bridges the bridges the gap between traditional access and application modernization
  • 19. HIS V8- What’s new?
    • Updated components
    • Personal Communication is now included in the HIS Concurrent packages
    • Rational Developer for i, SOA Construction has been replaced with Rational Developer for Power Systems v8.0: Power Tools for i
        • Rational Developer for Power Systems v8.0: Power Tools for i includes:
          • Rational Developer for Power
          • Rational Application Developer Standard Edition- which includes portlet tooling
  • 20. Contents of Specific Packages
    • Host Integration Solution for Multiplatforms (authorized user and concurrent user) consists of:
      • IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0
      • Personal Communications V6.0.1
      • IBM Rational Host On-Demand V11.0.2
      • IBM Communications Server for Windows V6.4.0.3
      • IBM Communications Server for AIX V6.4.0.3
      • IBM Communications Server for Linux V6.4.0.3
      • IBM Communications Server for Linux on System z V6.4.0.3
      • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.0
      • IBM Rational Developer for System z with Java V8.0.1
    • Host Integration Solution for 5250 Applications (authorized user and concurrent user) consists of:
      • IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V8.0
      • Personal Communications V6.0.1
      • IBM Rational Host On-Demand V11.0.2
      • IBM Communications Server for Windows V6.4.0.3
      • IBM Communications Server for AIX V6.4.0.3
      • IBM Communications Server for Linux V6.4.0.3
      • WebSphere Application Server - Express V8.0
      • IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software: Power Tools for i V8.0
  • 21. Host Access Transformation Services Summary Mobile
    • Integration at the desktop with other Eclipse-based applications
    • Client side processing
    • Rich set of user interface widgets
    • Supports Lotus Expeditor deployment
    • Integration at the glass
    • Cooperative portlet support
    • JSR 168 and 286 compliant
    • Zero footprint
    • Pure HTML
    • Access through your favorite browser, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    • Access host applications from mobile devices
    • Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
    • Quick ROI : Host applications can be quickly deployed with a new user interface
    • Low cost : No need to rewrite application
    • Low risk : Leverage open, proven platforms and technologies
    • Increase productivity and reduce training costs
    • Improving work flow from multiple applications
    • Provides integration of host business processes and data with other Web, portal, and rich client applications
    • Build self-service transactions
    • Expose host business processes as Web Services
    • Provide controlled access to vital host applications and host data.
    Web Services Rich Client Portal Browser
  • 22. Resources for Learning
    • Enterprise Modernization (EM) Home Page
    • http://www-306.ibm.com/software/info/developer/solutions/em/index.jsp
    • EM Sandbox
    • http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/emsandbox/systemz.html?S_TACT=105AGX23&S_CMP=EM (System z)
    • http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/emsandbox/systemi.html?S_TACT=105AGX23&S_CMP=EM (Power)
    • HATS Resources:
    • Our Blog entries on HATS http:/blog.strongbackconsulting.com/search/label/HATS
    • Product Page : http://www-306.ibm.com/software/awdtools/hats/index.html
    • Trial Code: http://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/download/preconfig.jsp?id=2004-08-19+09%3A27%3A47.465987R&S_TACT=104CBW71&S_CMP=&S_CMP=rnav
    • Demos: http://rational.demos.ibm.com/atdemo/atdemo_hats.html
    • HATS HotSpot : http://www-949.ibm.com/software/rational/cafe/community/hats
  • 23. http://www.strongback.us [email_address]