The difference between stress and depression


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Knowing the difference between stress and depression may be vital to your mental health.

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The difference between stress and depression

  1. 1. The Difference Between Stress And Depression Important: Free Giveaway Rights Worth $17!You have free giveaway rights to pass this ebook to anyone who may benefit from it. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRESS AND DEPRESSION Edyta Zabielska 1
  2. 2. The Difference Between Stress And Depression INTRODUCTIONAlthough stress and depression have similarities, and one may often bemistaken for the other, the difference between stress and depression lies inthe following: • Nature and symptoms of each • Purpose of each • Causes of each • Remedies of eachHere are the differences between stress and depressionin terms of nature and symptoms.Stress is physical, mental or emotional tension that results from everydaylife. The body responds as if you are in danger, and produces hormonesthat make you feel more alert and more energized. This is called the “flightor fight” response. The hormones go back to normal levels when the“threat” is gone. Stress is normal and may even be healthy if it is onlyoccasional. If it lasts for a long time though, it may lead to serious healthproblems such as peptic ulcers and heart disease. It may also lead todepression.Depression, on the other hand is defined as a state of low mood andaversion to activity. That is the first difference between stress anddepression. While stress, at least initially, results in heightened activity,depression results in reduced activity. Another difference between stressand depression is that stress may only last for a short period, like a fewminutes. Depression symptoms must last for most of the day, either dailyor almost daily for two weeks, for the condition to be diagnosed asdepression. Also, depression symptoms may include thoughts of death andsuicide, which is not usually a symptom of stress. 2
  3. 3. The Difference Between Stress And Depression www.beststressreliefactivities.comPurposeAs for purpose, the difference between stress and depression is that stressmay actually be useful and healthy, giving the body that extra boost whenhurrying to finish a race, save furniture in a fire or beat a deadline. On theother hand, depression has no use at all. It even interferes in a person’sability to function at work or in relationships.CausesWhen it comes to what causes it, the difference between stress anddepression is that stress is often caused by external stimuli such aspersonal problems, general health problems, and unusually busy schedule,the death of a parent and major life changes such as divorce, gettingmarried or having children. Depression, on the other hand, is caused bychanges in the brain’s neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin andnorepinephrine or noradrenalin. These changes may be caused by genetics,medications, hormonal changes, aging, brain injuries, seasonal changesand social circumstances.RemediesThe last difference between stress and depression pertains to remedies foreach condition. Most of the time, stress may be sufficiently remedied bylifestyle changes. Depression normally requires professional help andmedication.Knowing the difference between stress and depression may be vital to yourmental health. It is important that you seek stress relief if you live astressful lifestyle. On the other hand, if you suspect that you or your lovedone is suffering from depression, do not hesitate to consult with aprofessional. That is the only way for you or your loved one to get thediagnosis and treatment that you need. 3
  4. 4. The Difference Between Stress And Depression Discover How To Free Yourself From Stress And Its Potentially Deadly Effects!!Download my FREE REPORT 4