Stress diary guide 12. coping style


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Stress diary guide 12. coping style

  1. 1. Stress Diary Journal Guides Guide 12: Coping Style Guide 12: Coping StyleStress Diary Journal How do You cope?Your Guide > Do you tense up? > Do you reach forHow do you cope with S tress? something to eat?Patterns of coping behaviour: plans. [Compensation or Stress may trigger cryingTo better understand your projection] spells or other emotionalreaction to life’s stressors releases. [Feeling of > Do you get impatient?consider your coping Do you get impatient? powerlessness or angerbehaviours. control] You may find yourself pacing > Do you get angry?Do you tense up? the floor, twitching nervously, Do you give up? have trouble concentrating orNeck and shoulder tension or falling asleep at night. Sometimes stress may be tooclenched jaws or fists are often [Perceptions of how others much to take. You might deny > Are you reduced toearly warning signs of stress. should react] the issue, avoid the problem, tears?Stress may cause an upset call in sick or simply give up.stomach, shortness of breath, Do you get angry?back pain, headaches and other Do you let negative thoughts > Do you give up?physical symptoms as well. Stress leaves many people with take over?[Exerting control or loss of it] a short fuse. When you’re under pressure, you may find yourself When you’re under stress, > Do you let negativeDo you reach for something arguing with colleagues/friends perhaps you automatically thoughts take over?to eat? or loved ones – sometimes with expect the worst or magnify the little provocation or about negative aspects of a situationStress and overeating are often things that have nothing to do [Thought patterns about self, with what’s actually triggering > Do you smoke?closely related. Stress may beliefs and values]trigger you to eat even when your stress. [Loss of control]you’re not hungry or to lose Do you smoke?track of your meal and exercise Are you reduced to tears? > Do you turn to alcohol or other drugs?Even if you quit smoking long ago, a cigarette may seem like aneasy way to relax when you’re under pressure. [Allows you to‘Feel’ in control]Do you turn to alcohol or other drugs? “How wouldStress leads some people to drink too much or engage in other you want torisky behaviours, including drug use. [Feeling of managing and cope”taking control of events deemed more dangerous than yourstressors and thus giving a false sense of control in your life. Copyright ©
  2. 2. The Stress Diaries we have availableThe Stress Diary JournalThis 4 week programme to complete stress mastery, is an invaluable tool to effectively manage your stress -to gain insight and explore self understanding. The Stress Diary Journal allows you to record your daily stressincidents & to monitor these incidents and analyse them – on a daily basis, for a period of 4 weeks. Divided into4 weekly sections for you to master your stress progressively and more competently, it helps you review yourinitial appraisals, stress responses, your reactions & to identify your stress triggers, to then restructure yourthoughts, your attitude and subsequent behaviours. You will be able to easier identify negative behaviourpatterns, to increase your stress awareness, to learn new coping skills and to let you adapt new & alternativestrategies. You will learn renewed self management skills, inner control, effective goal setting, timemanagement skills, to overcome obstacles and increased perseverance to complete set tasks and to instilnewfound routines, competencies and behaviours. It helps you to know yourself and manage your life morecompletely. This is an invaluable tool to gain unique insight, explore self-understanding, learn stressmanagement skills and effectively manage your stress – in 4 weeks! With a purchase of any of these Diaries, you get full Stress Management Support @ www.stressdiaries.comStress Diary: Daily Recorder JournalA companion guide to the Stress Diary Journal in a handy size to carry about , and for you to easily recordyour daily stress entries. Each Stress entry is individually presented for ease of recording ‘on the go’ and tothen transfer these entries to your Stress Diary Journal, or this Stress Diary: Reflection Journal, at theend of your day. Making remembering these Stress incidents/events much easier and keeping you in touchwith managing your stress more effectively. Get a FREE Relaxation Music MP3 ! With your purchase of any of theseStress Diary: Reflection JournalThis Stress Reflection Diary Journal is a companion guide to the Stress Diary/Journal and used as anadditional tool to further enhance your insight and understanding of your stress. You are to choose1 significant Stress Entry per day, from your Stress Diary Journal for the length of your 4 week programme,that you may want to elaborate and focus on. Using the guideline questions and answer spaces that areprovided, and you can add your personal notes or thoughts about your day or progress. Weekly summaries ofyour progress are included, to advance and monitor your progress and by answering these questions andadding your own observations, you will increase your skills at understand, managing your reactions andresponses to your daily stress triggers and stressors. The Reflection Journal is an easy way to record andfocus on how to reflect on your experiences and how you can learn from it.Get these Stress Diary Journals at Copyright ©