Streetscapes in Tel Aviv


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Research on retail street-level stores in Tel Aviv by Street Ecology.

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Streetscapes in Tel Aviv

  1. 1. Retail streetscapes in Tel Aviv
  2. 2. Introduction• I am interested in studying micro-enterprises in Tel Aviv involved in the retail and service sector• I have lived in Amsterdam, Toronto, and visited numerous cities, but I was struck by the ingenuity of “Tel Avivis.”
  3. 3. Research question?• What are examples of innovative marketing from retail micro-enterprises in Tel Aviv?• Methods: • Photography • Observations (similar to the approach of Jane Jacobs)
  4. 4. Concept: streets are the quilt a city• “streets play an important role in the livability, vitality, and character of our neighborhoods and commercial areas. They form the grid that weaves the quilt of the City into a whole cloth” (Attarian: 2003)
  5. 5. Summary of my observations• Very creative signage• Unique business models• Local Israeli suppliers (e.g. Israeli fashion designers selling in a trendy clothing store)• Cool!
  6. 6. Mograbi: cafe & second-hand clothing
  7. 7. Mograbi: cafe & second-hand clothing Second hand clothing … and a café!
  8. 8. Dproject: cafe & courture clothing
  9. 9. Dproject: cafe & courture clothing Street couture … and a café!
  10. 10. Rann Bar fashion boutique
  11. 11. Model: Rann Bar fashion boutique (with the sewing/ manufacturing above the store)
  12. 12. Green it –100% recycled products
  13. 13. Role of lighting My friend and I walked past this store, which is tucked away in the Arab neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, near the beach. If it wasn’t for the lighting, we wouldn’t have even noticed the store. This is especially important because in Winter, the sun sets at 5pm.
  14. 14. Visual displays An elephant placed in this store front window is made out of hundreds of pieces of wood. The store sells designer furniture.
  15. 15. Visual displays Look carefully, this store has a mannequin leg coming out of a washing machine!
  16. 16. Visual displays This store built a patio! Fake grass, but with real bushes, chairs, and a table – the store really stands out on the concrete streets!
  17. 17. Visual displays A monster in the window looks great at night for this skater/ sneaker shop.
  18. 18. Visual displays These are handcrafted guitars made out of olive wood. Each guitar retails for around $750 US / or 3,000 NIS. The store sells lamps, some books and accessories for a home/ or apartment. But the guitars force people to stop walking and peak inside.
  19. 19. Visual displays maspera... is actually a hair salon, but from the outside it looks more like café. The records on the wall confuse the pedestrian and force a second glance, and then it becomes clear that it is in fact a hair salon.
  20. 20. Visual displays This lighting store created windows on both floors, with lamps in the main window and chandeliers on the second floor.
  21. 21. Visual displays RENBY sells home décor. Instead of having a small window, the store made a street to ceiling window and then built an IKEA type shelving unit to house several products. For the pedestrian, it is very dynamic and colourful, and almost impossible to ignore.
  22. 22. Visual displays This men’s clothing shop uses a chandelier inside, but also these fantastic miniature art pieces on the left hand side of the window to “texturize” the window.
  23. 23. Visual displays The side-panel of the window featuring the different art pieces.
  24. 24. Visual displays This is not a clothing shop. It is a fabric and textile store. The owner made a window display but one of the mannequins is wearing a dress using leaves!
  25. 25. Signage Why not put the signage on the floor? Been There Done There is an art gallery and clothing store, specializing in comic books, photography books, and screen-print t-shirts; there are revolving art shows every few weeks.
  26. 26. Signage Lightforms has a stylish logo, but also a unique window display with an artistic lighting fixture. The owner also painted the front red with the little space that was available.
  27. 27. Signage This clothing and art store is located in the old district of Jaffa. There are unique artist-designed bags, t-shirts, as well as prints and coffee mugs. The prices are reasonable with t- shirts selling for $20 US / or ~80 NIS.
  28. 28. Signage Fabrica is a designer clothing store with an artsy look because of the huge wooden ladder in the window.
  29. 29. Signage Tel Avivs are great marketers. I walked past this furniture store, and quite liked the unique tagline: people, inspiration, and furniture.
  30. 30. Signage Stereotype is a store for audiophiles, meanin g people who are really into music and headphones, etc. – basically music is their lifestyle. Owl = wisdom.
  31. 31. Signage I really liked the sign of MoMa, and you can see me taking a photo! The steel also doubles as a mirror, but then the cutout letters form the name of the store.
  32. 32. Signage The TOMER sign was very elegant, especially with the wooden panels that also match the three strips in the logo.
  33. 33. Signage Dolla is a boutique furniture store. The edifice is meant to look like what I think is wallpaper. The door frame is refinished to look like a door inside of a house, instead of store. Lastly, the logo and sign are embedded onto the wall – easy to remember and spot!
  34. 34. Let the products do the marketing This store owner PACKED the store with threads. There is no space left for anything else! However, if you look at the middle of the window, note that at least the store has a Facebook page.
  35. 35. Let the products do the marketing If you need metal plates, lamps, or random parts, it must be here.
  36. 36. Let the products do the marketing This shop is near the beach, and depending on how the sun reflects off of all that steel it is certainly difficult to miss if you are in the market for sinks and counters.
  38. 38. Last words…• Be creative! Be bold!• A very BIG thank you to the wonderful business ideas from Tel Aviv and the business owners, who let me photograph their stores!
  39. 39. CREDITS Photographed and researched by: Andrew Bacchus made possible by a grant from The Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Foundation at The University of Waterlooin Waterloo, Canada.