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Stream Direct TV - How To watch 4500+ channels of Movies, TV Shows and more - 24/7 Streaming Live on Your PC. Check it out now!

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Stream Direct TV Reviews

  1. 1. Stream Direct TV Review Tired of the family and kids taking over the big screen TV? What if there is a way wherein you don’t have to pay for any monthly cable or even satellite subscription and still gain instant access to any TV shows you ever wanted? Stream Direct TV is here to give you the future of online television!With this software, you will have the power to watch over 4500 HD qualitychannels directly to your own computer. If you are looking for the bestsoftware that you can use to stream Live TV online for free, well, you don’thave to look any further, because this is actually what I will provide you.What is Stream Direct TV?This is a TV on PC software that will allow you to watch over 4500 DigitalHD channels via optimized streaming technology. Using this software,you will have full and constant access to all channels from any location onthe globe, meaning to say you can watch International TV channels on PCwithout having to pay for any monthly cable or satellite subscription.What are the difference of this software from the many TV on PC softwareon the marketplace?With this software you can get access to the most huge collection of TVchannels. You don’t have to pay for any monthly cable bill or satellitemonthly subscription. No extra hardware needed, watch TV on demand,unlimited uncensored access 24/7, bonafide HD wide screen support andwith new channels daily.Other software required you to buy satellite dish or cable box but withthis software all you need to have is a computer and an Internet. Other’srequired you to hire technician to install the software but with StreamDirect TV all you need is 1 minute, quick and simple setup. Some software
  2. 2. give you limited access, some of them had even region locked TV channelsbut with Stream Direct you can have continuous worldwide coverage.This is the right time to save money. Why do you have to pay $100 foryour cable bill when you can have lifetime access to over 4500 HD qualitychannels when ever and where ever you wanted to. You can watch over3000 HD International Channels without having to pay any monthly cablebill.Stream Direct TV – Who Wants To Sit At Their Computer ToWatch TV?A common misconception people have about using a software programsuch as Stream Direct TV is that they have to sit in front of a computer towatch their favorite television program. To dispel such rumors. Most ofthe new plasma, flat screen, and HDTV’s have what is known as a Ethernetconnection already built into them. In this case hooking up Stream DirectTV to the TV in family entertainment center is easy. However, you willneed Windows Vista Media Center installed, a network system router, amedia center extender for your TV and of course Ethernet cables.I Thought Stream Direct TV Required No Additional Hardware!Hold on a minute! I know what you are thinking. Ten days ago in myStream Direct TV Review I stated that after the initial purchase of theStream Direct TV software program that there are no additional costs orhardware needed. That statement still stands true if you want to enjoy yourentertainment on your computer or laptop screen, and for many of you thatis an acceptable option.However, many of you folks are probably like me and have no desire tosit in front of a computer screen to enjoy the benefits of Stream DirectTV. If you do the math then the potential $258 of upfront costs to watchstreaming television while stretched out on your couch still seems like abargain.Remember, your upfront costs may be a little more or a little less
  3. 3. depending on if your TV already has a media center extender built into it oron what type of hardware you do decide to buy. But think about this for amoment. If your your monthly cable bill is around the average of $71 permonth then over the next 12 months you will be shelling out $852. Overthe next 5 years that amount swells to $4260!Would you rather pay $4260 to your aggravating local cable company towatch TV for the next 5 years or make a one-time investment of $200-$300now to enjoy Stream Direct TV forever! The choice is yours, but seems likekinda of a “no-brainer” to me.Stream Direct TV Versus CableLet’s take another look at the benefits owning the Stream Direct TVsoftware program as opposed to giving away your hard-earned money toyour local cable company. ● with Stream Direct TV you have over 4500 HD quality channels at your fingertips. How many channels does $71 per month buy you? ● Stream Direct TV comes with a 24/7 professional live support hot- line. Can you get hold of your cable company at 4 am? ● Stream Direct TV comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee! Did your cable company ever offer to give you your money back if you weren’t satisfied with their service? ● Stream Direct TV also offers a FREE digital recorder with the of their software. What did your cable company ever give you except ever rising costs and aggravating service?Stream Direct TV – The Total Entertainment PackageDon’t forget that we are not just talking about television programming andmovies. With Stream Direct TV you not only get the best TV programsand latest movies, but also live sporting events from around the world, thehottest music and world news and business reports with programming
  4. 4. from over 247 countries. And if you travel a lot you can still have accessto all of the Stream Direct TV features as long as you have a laptop and anInternet connection!Stream Direct TV – Less Hassle, Less Money, More FunI can remember that when I was a kid going to movies was something tolook forward to. There was something special about those big, old moviehouses with their large silver screens. Nowadays, going to the moviesseems to be more of a hassle than fun. The modern corporate theaters tryto cram 157 theaters into one building! The big, old silver screens aren’tso big anymore, and although the modern seats can be comfortable thisminiature theaters still seem a bit cramped for my taste.And then there are the people who never shut-up or never stop munchingon popcorn. Oh yeah, don’t forget about $7soft drinks, $10 buckets ofpopcorn and the $3.60/gallon gasoline to get you there. No thanks I’drather stay home anytime. As you can see Live Stream Direct eliminates allof these hassles. I’ll take my nice comfortable couch and affordable snacksover the high-priced movie house alternative any day.Stream Direct TV - It Soon Could Be YoursAccess to the future of TV entertainment could soon be yours. It is as easyas clicking the link below which takes you to the official Stream Direct TVwebsite. After your purchase the software installs in minutes and you areon your way to a enjoying a superior alternative to cable TV.Stream Direct TV – What’s Your Monthly Cable Bill?If you are anything like me then you too are sick and tired of your everrising monthly cable bill, but Stream Direct TV may be the cable billalternative that you are looking for. I don’t know how your cable TV serviceprovider operates, but it seems like my local cable company just nickles anddimes me to death! In order to show other people that there is a better wayto enjoy their in-home entertainment.Each month the bill just keeps creeping a little higher until one day you
  5. 5. paying considerably more money than you have originally planned for. A2009 Centris report said the average monthly cable was $71, and now twoyears later you can bet the amount of your last cable bill that it is now muchhigher than that. And what if you have a service issue? They expect youto stay home all day waiting for someone to show up to fix your problem.Who can afford to take a day off from work to get their cable fixed? Also,I can’t ever being credit on my cable bill for the lost service that I had toendure. Live Stream Direct has a 24/7 Live support staff waiting to helpyou!Stream Direct TV – Your Cable Bill AlternativeMany people have now turned to their home PC in order to view TVprogramming with services such as Stream Direct TV. It is a greatalternative to paying a high monthly cable bill, and you can watch yourfavorite TV program live without the hassles of downloading. Althoughstreaming TV is legal you can bet that your local cable provider does notwant you to find out about it. This is the wave of the future when it comesto enjoying TV programming, movies, music and sporting events in the cozycomfort of your own home, and Stream Direct TV easily makes this happen!Stream Direct TV vs. Free Online TV Streaming and DownloadSitesStream Direct TV has been around for a while now, but many peopleare still not aware of it. You can now join the many other people whoare watching TV programming live on their home computer. While freedownloads are certainly an option for those of you who are fed up withpaying through the nose for cable TV, they certainly have their downside.One of the negative things about free satellite TV websites is poor picturequality and spending most of your time waiting for the TV stream tobuffer so that you can watch it – not with Stream Direct TV. Also, manysyndicated TV shows are always available for download, and some ofthe ones that are could be illegally reproduced and uploaded making it apotential crime to have these downloaded onto your hard drive. Stream
  6. 6. Direct TV eliminates these worries!Another thing to consider is that the demand for these free services is sogreat that the servers of these websites just can’t keep up. The constantinterruptions and error messages will have you quickly running back tothe very cable company you once cursed, and you always have to worryabout the possibility of spy-ware and viruses at some of these sites. StreamDirect TV is a certified safe software program that you download onto yourcomputer. This program goes out and finds the “live stream” programmingthat you want to watch without the problems associated with downloadingthe show directly to your computer.Stream Direct TV – The Future Has ArrivedAccording to Stream Online Magazine, “ The future of online television hasarrived.” Stream Direct TV is satellite TV software for you computer thatonly requires a 1-minute, quick, simple set-up and no additional hardwaretaking more space on your already over-crowded computer table.Stream Direct TV offers you a superior option to downloading more stuffonto your computer’s stuffed hard drive. The picture quality of the satelliteTV for PC technology is as good as anything your way overpriced cablecompany provides, and with Live Stream Direct you get over 4500 HDchannels.Another thing to consider if you are using Stream Direct TV is that you canuse your laptop to watch your favorite TV program or sporting event whereever you are traveling as long as you have a cable Internet connection.Stream Direct TV – What Are The Features?There are many benefits to using Stream Direct TV for your televisionviewing pleasure. Here are a few of them: ● Instant Access to over 4500 Stream Direct TV HD channels ● No hardware required ● 24/7 unlimited and uncensored access
  7. 7. ● Low one-time fee, half the cost of a single month of cable ● No monthly fees! ● No contracts! ● No bandwidth restrictions ● Bona fide Hd widescreen support ● Watch HD channels from across the world from over 247 different countries! ● Free digital TV recorder ● Stream Direct TV 60 day Money-Back Guarantee! ● 24/7 professional Stream Direct TV customer support hot-lineWhy Should You Choose Stream Direct TV?As soon as you sign-up for the Stream Direct TV service and install thesoftware onto your computer you will have instant access to movies from allgenres and languages from around the world. Just imagine experiencingworld-class in the comfort of your own home without the hassles of movietheaters or wasting your $3.60/gallon (and rising) gasoline.With Stream Direct TV your global entertainment reach is not limited tomovies either. You can also enjoy your favorite television shows, the latestmusic and sporting events from across the globe. And the best part withStream Direct TV is that you will have no more monthly cable bill and agazillion more entertainment choices.Stream Direct TV - PROSIf you are a sports fan you are going to love it. There are like 20 differentsporting events to watch at any given point. With a cable from Best Buy Ican watch streaming TV from my PC on my 60” in HD. I no longer have todeal with loss of signal on my satellite when the clouds roll in. I can watchTV from anywhere I can get a connection or wherever WI-FI is available.My next move will be to get a satellite connection card for my PC and I’ll bewatching TV from anywhere, the lake, my boat. Anywhere I want to take mylaptop.Another really cool feature is you can watch streaming TV from any PC and
  8. 8. there is a DVR that lets you record shows that you like to watch when youwant. This may have been a limited time offer so you’ll need to check outtheir site. Just Click Here to see if it is still available.They will also provide instructions for hooking up to my TV. I had tocontact them with a couple of bonehead questions and was satisfied withthe help. Both in terms of being quick and their answers were what I wasneeding.It’s pretty cool also that if you speak a foreign language you can watch tv injust about any language you want.There are a number of movie channels (lots of kids stuff) but if you want tosay goodbye to your Netflix bill you will likely want to sign up for streamingmovies live. That is a whole different review but the one I got StreamOnline Movies AND it also saves me a lot of money over the course of theyear.For me probably the best part is that I kissed my satellite TV monthly billgood bye. I was paying $119 / mo so this is saving me a boatload of money.With that extra money I can go to the best steak house in town and have anice steak dinner with my wife once a month. Not that we would go everymonth, since now we’re on a diet!Stream Direct TV - CONSOK so the downside to Stream Direct TV is you are probably gonna bewatching more freaking TV because there is so much available.If you don’t have one you need to get a cable to connect to your TV ifyou want to watch it on the big screen. If you’re cool watching it on yourPC, then you don’t need a cable. And even id you need a cable the wholeenchilada is less than one months cable or satellite bill. How cool is that?My final opinion is I think Stream Direct TV is it’s “THA’ BOMB”!!! You cancheck it out for only $49.95 to see if you want to tell your cable company or
  9. 9. satellite to take a hike.ConclusionStream Direct TV is absolutely not a scam. This is a TV on PC software thatwill provide you with what you are really looking for. Yo can start watchingthousands of worldwide TV channels without the usual cost that you shedwhen you are paying your own local cable or even satellite provider.You can start watching Live sports event, business news, local channels,cartoons ad more. So, if you have a computer and an Internet connectionand doesn’t want to miss any of your favorite TV shows, then I stronglysuggest for you to try this software.This direct TV software is not the usual hyped on the market. This isactually consider as one of the best TV on PC software that will allow you tostream Live TV online for free! With just a one time small fee, you can getdouble the channels your satellite service provide can provide for.And, what I love about this software is that they have free offer – BonusDigital Video Recorder, when you download their LIVE TV package, you’llreceive a free DVR player! You can now, record and save your favoritemovie and TV shows directly onto your hard drive. So, what are you waitingfor? Click Here to Visit Stream Direct TV Official Site