Mobile Marketing & China's Market, by Straydog


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Why you should include mobile marketing and mobile web in your marketing strategy, and an in depth look at China’s mobile market.

Presented by Straydog Marketing + Design

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  • Mobile Marketing & China's Market, by Straydog

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing Why you should include mobile in your marketing strategy, and an in depth look at China’s mobile market. Presented by Straydog Marketing + Design
    2. 2. The effectiveness of traditional media is spiralling...
    3. 3. Todays’ consumers want answers now.
    4. 4. How do we change this?
    5. 5. Enable two-way conversations with consumers.
    6. 6. SMS + Mobile Web Provides the medium for information + dialogue.
    7. 7. Mobile Marketing + SMS allow for “Conversational Advertising”
    8. 8. International Opportunity - INTERNET Other Spain 75m U.S 29m 240m France 45m Target Regions Japan China 668m 99m 420m Internet users in millions, Whole Internet users in millions
    9. 9. International Opportunity - MOBILE Potential mobile audience for 5 countries is 3x the size of the current US mobile web-enabled user base. Spain 8.8m Korea France 15m 8.7m Japan 69m US China 85.5m 300m Mobile Internet users in millions
    10. 10. Global mobile data has tripled in the last year.
    11. 11. Half a billion people accessed mobile internet worldwide in 2009.
    12. 12. In China alone, mobile Internet access is expected to rise from today’s 300 million people to 800 million people in the next 3-5 years.
    13. 13. CHINA TECHNOGRAPHICS Chinese citizens are hungry for content, especially given the sub-optimal quality of TV programming 60% Internet users under the age of 29 make up 60% of total users accessing the internet. 3.6 China’s young adult demographic spent 3.6 hours/day online in 2009. All of US averages 2.3 hours/day. 1B China spends 1 billion hours online per day. This is 2x that of the US and will grow to 2b by 2015. 75% Of those online, 75% are streaming video content.
    14. 14. CHINA MOBILE DEVICES “Android will leapfrog Apple's operating system, iOS, by 2012 to become the world's second-most-popular mobile operating system behind Nokia-supported Symbian” – Gartner Other 8% Symbian, iOS, Android 92% Smartphone Marketshare Worldwide -Admob, Feb 2010
    15. 15. MOBILE A NECESSITY With lower access to computers and unsatisfactory broadband connections, Chinese prefer to use their mobile phones to stay connected.
    16. 16. MOBILE A NECESSITY This is not only a necessity, it’s a choice and it’s making its way across the globe.
    17. 17. The future is here, and it’s mobile.