Becoming a Social Business Overview


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  • Becoming a social business
  • Net promoter is a internal survey to understand if your customers would refer you to there friends, in social we can listen for these referrals
  • Social media is a public conversation and the agents need to be able to effectively communication in short phrases. Although template responses can be used, every interaction will be different and the agent needs assess the situation and respond appropriately in 1 5minutes or less.
    We start training with reputation management allowing agents to respond to posted remarks or ratings of a company’s brand, products or services. Responses in review sites can be a standard issue and are more like sending an email than a live twitter conversation.
  • Becoming a Social Business Overview

    1. 1. Becoming a Social Business Social Strategy1 | Stratus Contact Solutions SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | PRESENTATION Friday, April 4, 2014 | 10:30-11:15am | Regency 1
    2. 2. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Presented by Mike Lewis CEO, Chairman, ILD Corp. | @Michael_F_Lewis Mike Lewis, Chairman and CEO of ILD Corp., is a serial entrepreneur whose focus has been on e-commerce and social media over the last several years. For more than 25 years, Lewis has formed, financed, profitably managed and led over a dozen companies to success by identifying meaningful trends and emerging opportunities. In 2011, Mike authored “Social Media Leadership: How to get off the bench and into the game.” A CEO’s a future minded perspective of how Social Media will transform corporations and how executives can be best prepared to transition their business to become industry leaders in digital and social media. Building on the strength and depth of ILD, combined with Mike’s broad experience in management and marketing, led to co-founding Social Strategy1, and Stratus Contact Solutions. Jim Iyoob SVP Corporate Development, ILD Corp. | @jiyoob Jim Iyoob, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for ILD Corp., has led outsourced contact center services for more than 12 years. Jim has helped the worlds largest brands define their web chat strategies and now leads senior level operations through corporate recruiting, operations, sales and marketing for ILD, Social Strategy1 and Stratus Contact Solutions. Jim’s expertise is rooted in the last 15 years of solid contact center outsourcing, which spans domestic and offshore inbound, outbound and chat operations. His specialties are also in Proactive Chat Sales and Service, Chat Operations, Setting up Global Operations, Training and Developing Leaders, Relationship Management, E-Commerce Strategy and Reporting, Click-to-Call Strategies.
    3. 3. What customers say online What the call center hears =
    4. 4. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Future of communication The way people communicate has shifted to the web • More than 2 billion people are using social media across more than 100 social media channels • More than 85% of online purchases are driven by online ratings and reviews • There are more than 175 million Internet enabled smartphones in the US alone • More than 30% of Americans have dropped their landline service in favor of a smart phone
    5. 5. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Becoming a social business Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Customer Data
    6. 6. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Social listening data • Identifies customers at a point of need • Net Promoter without the survey • Measure actual referrals, public sentiment and your brand reputation
    7. 7. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Social in the contact center • Save money • Prevent Crisis • Improve brand perception • Create a new channel for outbound
    8. 8. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Social agents are different Social agents require different skills • Excellent written communications • Aptness for marketing • Understanding of the media (Facebook vs. Twitter) • Start training with reputation management
    9. 9. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Key takeaways • Voice of the customer is often much different online than from the call center • Just because you have Facebook page doesn’t make you a social business • Social is a proactive channel. You can’t wait to react • Social media agents and call center agents have different skills.
    10. 10. SOCIAL STRATEGY1 | STRATUS CONTACT SOLUTIONS Becoming a Social Business Friday, April 4, 2014 10:30-11:15am | Regency 1 |