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Call Center Week 2014 - Become a Social Business
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Call Center Week 2014 - Become a Social Business


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Slides from Workshop G - Dennis Stoutenburgh …

Slides from Workshop G - Dennis Stoutenburgh

Become a Social Business” Workshop
The workshop was given to leaders in customer service needing to shift from using social as a function to incorporating it as a business-wide strategy.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Dennis Stoutenburgh Social Media Customer Engagement What is social customer service? What are the best practices? How can social supplement inbound and outbound tactics? Who are the companies / case studies to follow? Key Takeaways • Social Listening for call center • Social media for Inbound / Outbound • Social media win-back programs
  • 2. Socialnomics 2014 video
  • 3. Socially Enabled Consumer – Embrace Them! 1. Unprecedented access to Voice of Consumer a) Preferences – Product, Service, Sentiment b) Competitive Insights 2. Limitless Engagement Opportunities 3. Transformative Data Intelligence a) Enhance Customer Experience b) Execution – new menu items, management c) Growth Strategy – markets, expansion
  • 4. Why Brands Don’t • Message not controlled – scary! • Early Social Metrics – Fans, Followers, etc – No Attributable ROI • Mistakes can go Viral WHITEBOXSOCIAL.COM | @WHITEBOXSOCIAL
  • 5. Why Should They? • Harvard Business study shows one star Yelp increase can increase revenues by 5 to 9 percent. • Harris Interactive study reports 71% of consumers rely on peer ratings and reviews to influence purchase decisions. • More than 50% of Americans trust User Generated Content (UGC) over corporate websites (16%) or news articles about a company or product (14%) (Bazaar Voice). • Nielson Global Survey reports online customer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising (70%) only behind personal referrals from friends or family. Answer: Your Business Future May Depend on It!
  • 6. What Are The Social Metrics That Matter? Likes? Followers? Sales?
  • 7. There’s a Problem with Attribution
  • 8. Engagement is Economics Forrester Report: % probability of having made a brand-related purchase within 12-months
  • 9. Why Do Customers Engage? 1. Rewards – Discounts, Sales 2. Communications – Opportunities, Customer Care 3. Entertainment 4. Community – UGC – Aligned Goals Customers Want to Engage – Provide Value
  • 10. Customer Expectations Changing
  • 11. Social Customer Care is Marketing Customers expect to be engaged throughout the entire product lifecycle, not just during sales process. Social Care Best Practices - Proactively Reactive 1. Timely 2. Relevant 3. Personal
  • 12. Timely
  • 13. Relevant
  • 14. Messaging regardless of Purpose (Marketing, Research or Care) Must be Personalized! Social Media provides window to personalize the message Brands need to take Advantage • Issue • Channel Preference • Location • Influence Non-personalized messaging: Channel Irritation WHITEBOXSOCIAL.COM | @WHITEBOXSOCIAL
  • 15. Building an Engaged Community 1. Social Listening drives Strategy 2. Platform Analytics 3. Brand Content Creation driven by Listening Campaign 4. Community Management 1. UGC drives Engagement 2. Social Care – drives loyalty, connects with audience 3. Ratings and Reviews Matter – A Lot!! 4. Transparency = Trust 5. Empowered Communities drive revenue, product development, loyalty, affinity and creativity WHITEBOXSOCIAL.COM | @WHITEBOXSOCIAL
  • 16. Connect
  • 17. Connect Applications • Brand Awareness and Engagement – Education – Universities & skilled trade – Restaurants – Entertainment – Retail – Communications – Wireless • Customer Care
  • 18. It’s All Measureable
  • 19. Key Takeaways 1. It starts with Social Listening and should be a integral part to an ongoing Social Strategy – Define Success – Measurable, Meaningful Metrics 2. Social media users want you to engage with them - Deliver Value 3. Messaging Must Be - Timely, Relevant and Personal 4. Create meaningful content and you’ll foster brand advocates 5. Communities should be Fostered not Controlled! 6. Measure and analyze the data to Refine/Evolve Strategy!!
  • 20. THANK YOU Contact Info: Dennis Stoutenburgh | @DennisSS1 972.267.0100 (Office) SOCIALSTRATEGY1.COM | @SSTRATEGY1
  • 21. Jim Iyoob Social Media Center of Excellence An overview and step by step process to launch social media as a functional service in your multi-channel contact center. Key Takeaways • Social media Reps vs. Call Center Reps • Training, Process, & Policy • Launching your first social program