The Ark Of Taste


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The Ark Of Taste

  1. 1. The Ark of TasteTamworth Pig<br />By: Anthony Malone<br />
  2. 2. Who is the Tamworth Pig<br /> Why are they on the ark of Taste?<br />May 23, 2009-In an effort to protect heritage breeds of the Tamworth, Slow Food Canada inducted the pig into the Ark of Taste.<br />What issues surround its production/ breeding/ restoration to the species culture<br />Like all animals that are becoming sparse, the supply is unable to keep up with demand<br /> What Country and Region is the Tamworth From? <br />The Tamworth Pig is Canadian really known in the Southern Ontario region<br />
  3. 3. What steps have been taken to ensure its long term place in the food chain of that region?<br /> An effort to better farm these animals for a better hope of survival has been undertaken so we do not lose this heritage pig. <br /> Over years as this effort is continued we will be able to stabalize its habitat and regenerate its numbers so it can once again flourish and be celebrated as the pride of southern Ontario pork<br />Who are the key figures in its revival and survival? If there&apos;s a demand for a product like this, if people value it, if they are willing to buy it, then there is a viable future for some of the farmers who are raising it and working hard to protect biodiversity<br />Ms. Jernigan, a farmer and chef from Vancouver Island. <br />The people who are key to its survival is the consumers and the farmers. The people have to continue to eat this product on a regular basis to create a market and the farmers must be able to handle this market. It is the cycle from earth to table that we must follow to keep all heritage ingredients from disappearing forever.<br />
  4. 4. Who was my resource?<br />Globe and Mail<br />The globe and mail was the main press that covered the event. They had an exclusive on the account that Carlo himself was here to induct the Tamworth into the Ark<br />Ancaster Old Mill<br />The ancaster Old mill was the restaurant that held this great event holding the event at a capacity of 275 people<br />Jeff Crump<br />Jeff crump was the Chef who organized this whole induction, he is also founder of Slow Food Ontario Chapter<br />Me<br />I had first hand experience of this induction so in a small way I feel like I am a small part of some culinary history<br />