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Strategic Productions is a next-generation production and consultancy firm that fuses creativity with message control and digital distribution and engagement.

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StP Overview

  1. 1. What IS StP? STP IS A NEXT GENERATION, digital production and strategy company that fuses creativity with message control and distribution for causes, campaigns, and companies.
  2. 2. HOW DOES StP DO THIS? Integration: Distribution strategies collide with content creation and development. Cross-industry talent: LA creatives, DC experience, NYC press and influencers. ROI: Bottom line accountability customized for a digital space.
  3. 3. "PSI has a reputation for creating innovative, edgy and effective communication campaigns but producing "When we needed to those campaigns requires quickness, flexibility get our message on climate change legislation and access to a diverse talent network. That's in the news cycle we hired StP and they came something that StP is able to deliver in a way through on every front -- StP delivered a that many traditional, larger firms cannot." funny, creative video that made news in less - Population Services International than 36 hours and a got our message in front of a targeted audience." - Service Employees International Union At StP, we get it. Good content and measurable online results are inseparable.
  4. 4. Trick Question: #1 speed and flexibility HOW DOES A massive firm with cost-per-hour editing suites and out- sourced production make a cost efficient web video in less than a day? THEY DON’T. If the morning paper gives you an idea, StP can deliver the video within 24 HOURS.
  5. 5. Trick Question: #2 creativity REMEMBER THAT HILARIOUS political ad that your friend sent you and you sent to your whole email list? NO, YOU DON’T. That never happens. The best digital content does not come from a marketing machine. It comes from a funny person, an inspiring idea or a really cool animator. That’s why these people are the StP talent network.
  6. 6. Trick Question: #3 results Where would Singin’ In The Rain be without MGM? Dead in the rain. Great content is slim to nothing without a great distribution plan to match. The best digital distribution plan is one that leverages a diversity of relationships, personal networks and employs targeted advertising.
  7. 7. case study: ohio senatorial campaign 2010 “The Shirt Off Their Backs” • In 2010 StP created a web viral campaign targeting Rob Portman. • It took 2 days to go from concept to execution to being featured on MSNBC. • The video got 60,000 views in 3 days. 60,000
  8. 8. Case Study: Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me All time highest viewed EMILY's List video. 125,00 views Millions of impressions in earned media. two days
  9. 9. Case Study: Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me MAD SUCCESS! Creative Concept + Leveraging StP’s + Targeted Ad Buy = Influencer Network
  10. 10. StP is led by Founder and CEO amy rubin AMY’S EXPERIENCE in filmmaking Amy’s work has been featured in spans from documentary and local and national media outlets, political to entertainment. Working including Countdown with Keith in politics, Amy has led video and Olbermann, The Rachel Maddow online communications efforts for Show, The New York Times, The Presidential, Senate and advocacy L.A. Times and the NPR’s All campaigns. Things Considered.
  11. 11. Robert Green has worked as an executive in the Production Partner It cost 3 million US and made 17 million at the television, movie and internet content business robert green US box office and has subsequently sold over 3 for over 15 years.  His first job was with million DVDs.  Green balances his TV and film Chesler/Perlmutter Productions, where Green production with his work at Another Green World worked on HBO made-fors and cable shows while the market Productions, a full service production company that produces for such material was still emerging.  Green then moved into an enormous volume of online content. To date AGW has film development and production, beginning at Red Wagon produced over 30 episodes of content for Fox Digital, Fox Productions, where he worked on all aspects of STUART Mobile and several other clients. AGW has worked with such LITTLE, GLADIATOR, and HOLLOW MAN. talents as Sara Rue, Josh Gadd, and The Whitest Kids You Know and has worked with youtube stars like Matt Koval. After working for so many others, Green branched out onto his own venture, partnering up with internet financier and software developer Paul Fiore to found and fund Media Ventures Pictures, housed and co-owned by Hans Zimmer and Jay Rifkin. While there, Green produced “Waiting”, starring Ryan Reynolds and Luis Guzman.
  12. 12. The stp team THE STP TEAM is constantly growing. Our network of writers, publicists, social media dorks, musicians, filmmakers, and artists are recruited and assigned based on their specific strengths. StP has talent for every message.
  13. 13. who you are YOU ARE A COMPANY, campaign or organization trying to adapt to a new generation of activists and consumers. The old way of doing things is not working anymore. People are tired of opening your emails, they’re trigger happy with the TiVo, fast-forwarding through your ads and they want everything for free! You know you need to figure out that Twitter or do something online but what do you do and how do you make sure you get a return for your investment?
  14. 14. how we can help Creative Juices: Every time, on time, and on budget CONTENT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE the queen: StP develops and produces the content that you need to succeed. From silly shorts to longer-form documentaries, StP has the talent, capacity and creativity to produce the content that gets you where you want to be.
  15. 15. how we can help Measure your junk: We don’t just say it, we prove it ANALYTICS AND TARGETING: StP provides a comprehensive digital audit and develops a custom plan for distribution. Based on this research, StP leverages in- house networks and targeting capacity to get your message in front of the right (and left) eyeballs and then we’ll even tell you what worked and what didn’t with real-time analytics.
  16. 16. how we can help Lovers, not fighters: Unparalleled network of talent from creatives to strategists StP BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER: StP has a smorgasbord of key talent -- the squares (DC messaging people), the creatives (Hollywood types) and influencers (geeks from Silicon valley to gossipers from NYC). This unparalleled, custom-made team will ensure that your content gets to the right people in a measurable and impactful way.
  17. 17. how we can help: a la carte VIDEO STRATEGY  Standard: Celebrity Engagement & Partnership Rapid Response Custom Engagement & Branded Video Player Testimonials Real Time Comprehensive Analytics Highlight Reels One-time Social Media Audit Organizing/House Party DVDs In-House Social Media and Blogger Network Events Distribution Candidate/Cause Intros Social bookmarking promotion CPA/CPC Paid Media and SEM Less Standard: Animation/Motion Graphic Strategic Media Distribution Partnerships Fun with comics and green screens Search Engine Optimization Scripted narratives, short-form sketch Microsite Development and Creative CUSTOM WORKSHOPS Executive Briefing: 45 minutes Nuts and Bolts: 1.5 hours Kit and Caboodle: 3 hours
  18. 18. Amy Rubin - CEO 703.407.4746 Robert Green - PRODUCTION robert@ 310.804.1812
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