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Riverbed corporate brochure Riverbed corporate brochure Presentation Transcript

  • We would have never even thought to download large files over a 3G card before Steelhead Mobile. Remote employees are no longer difficult to collaborate with. Now they can operate with the rest of their team. Chris Pinckney, CIO, Psomas Psomas is a leading consulting engineering firm specializing in the land development, water and transportation markets. Ranked as one of ENR’s Top 100 Engineering Firms in the U.S. Founded in 1946 by George Psomas, Psomas has grown into a full-service consulting firm of nearly 800 employees.
  • As enterprises continue Make 3,000 Miles Feel Like 30 Feet The world’s getting smaller every day. Headquarters is no longer the only place for their march toward mobility transacting business. Your customers, partners, and suppliers are around the corner, across town, or all over the globe. And each part of your organization needs to freely participate in business no matter where it’s happening, no matter how fast and an increasingly distributed it occurs. organization, the importance of accelerating access to network That’s what Riverbed® is all about: delivering a faster, more connected world by creating working environments that are so fast and seamless that geographical and technological constraints become irrelevant. Riverbed WAN optimization solutions revolutionize the speed and efficiency with which data and applications are stored, managed, protected, and delivered without adding cost or complexity. Riverbed assets and applications proves increasingly critical. virtually eliminates network and application latency as well as bandwidth constraint issues, making instant accessibility of data and applications a reality for organizations of any size or shape. Optimizing Users and Applications in a Mobile World, Forrester, October 2007 Conquering Geography Riverbed works everywhere with anyone on any platform (like Linux, Mac, SAN, etc.) to eliminate geographical limitations. By fundamentally changing the way people and organizations work over long distances, Riverbed allows people in Atlanta to collaborate with people in Amsterdam as if they were in the same office. Entire globally-dispersed companies start doing business faster and more reliably. Suddenly, they can take on more customers and serve them at a lower cost. Servers and other equipment can be centralized and deployed to meet strategic needs, not merely geographic ones. IT infrastructure becomes more flexible and cost-effective, data more protected and secure. And suddenly your whole organization — even mobile Riverbed Steelhead Appliance 1U Model workers — becomes faster, more nimble, and more productive. Going Where No Technology Has Gone Before In short, by optimizing performance of data and applications from the data center Riverbed offers solutions that systematically address all factors that slow to remote offices to mobile workers and back again, Riverbed prepares you to take performance and delivery over WANs, including bandwidth constraints, application your place in the global economy — whether you work in Berlin, Beijing or Boston. chattiness, and storage limitations. And only Riverbed extends these high levels Or all three. of optimization to mobile workers, arming road warriors with the speed to be as productive and to collaborate as effectively as headquarters-based employees.
  • More than two-thirds of the workforce now operate outside of headquarters. Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2005-2009 Forecast and Analysis, IDC, October 2005
  • There are three major technologies that have changed the way we do business in this firm. One is email, two is the Web, and three is Riverbed. It’s that important to us... It has allowed us to do work we could never do before in ways we could never do it. Bruce Bartolf, CTO, Gensler Gensler Architecture Worldwide is the largest architecture firm in the world, with 35 offices in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Moving at Speeds that Shrink the World ●● Freedom to simplify, consolidate, and protect Reduce the cost, complexity, and vulnerability of your IT infrastructure without Riverbed WAN optimization solutions surpass alternatives by enabling acceleration degrading performance. Consolidating servers, applications, and backup enables at all three key communication points of the enterprise: data center/headquarters, you to not only dramatically cut IT maintenance and management costs, but be remote offices, and mobile workers. more compliant with industry regulations mandating data security. Easily deployed within any organization, Steelhead® appliances from Riverbed are ●● Reduce bandwidth utilization up to 95% scalable from ten to hundreds of thousands of users, transparently accelerating By eliminating redundant network traffic, you can delay or avoid WAN bandwidth traffic end to end. The Steelhead Mobile software product is deployed on laptops upgrades and even de-provision current bandwidth to significantly reduce costs. to complete the circle of optimization, giving mobile workers the same level of performance as their office-based peers. And built in to each Steelhead appliance ●● Quickly and securely back up and replicate data across the WAN and Steelhead Mobile solution, the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS™) software Cut backup windows by up to 95%, enabling more frequent backups across the combines patented data de-duplication, TCP optimization, application-level latency WAN, greater data protection, and elimination of the inefficiencies and security optimizations, and remote office file and management functionality. risks associated with remote office tape backups. With Riverbed’s plug-and-play ease of implementation, any enterprise can be ●● Mobile workers collaborate in real-time optimized to never-before-realized speeds — enabling geographically dispersed Executives, sales people, engineers, consultants, or anyone, nearly anywhere, teams, partners, and locales to change the way they do business by sharing can benefit from LAN-like connectivity to business applications for continuous documents, applications, and data with LAN-like performance and security. productivity. And by accelerating data and applications over their private VPN, companies can improve collaboration with strategic partners and suppliers as well. It’s Not Location, Location – It’s Acceleration, Acceleration Companies of every size — ranging from the Fortune 50 and Global 1000, to growing companies with a single office — rely upon Riverbed to bring the promise of speed, Based on the average investment flexibility, and IT cost savings to their enterprise. These organizations enjoy unprecedented results because Riverbed solutions address all the factors that impact of $21,360 per 100 users, the the performance and efficiency of data and applications. The result? Accelerated data delivery, protection, and storage at a reduced infrastructure cost. ●● Applications run up to 100 times faster payback period from deploying the Accelerate Microsoft Exchange, Windows or UNIX file sharing, FTP, HTTP, Web applications, secure SSL-encrypted traffic, MS SQL and other key enterprise Riverbed solution averaged 7.3 months applications used on WANs to dramatically improve collaboration, file sharing, and productivity. for the companies surveyed, yielding an average ROI of 484%. Adding Business Value with Wide-Area Data Services, IDC, 2007
  • Financial savings come both from the avoidance of costly bandwidth upgrades and the reduction in IT management costs. By reducing the amount of data traversing the WAN, the savings in bandwidth costs alone paid for our investment in Riverbed. Steve Schmitt, IT Manager Performance Goes Up, Costs Go Down — Way Down Le Coq Sportif With Riverbed, performance doesn’t cost, it saves. Less traffic means lower bandwidth Le Coq Sportif, the French sporting manufacturer established in requirements — expensive upgrades become unnecessary. Server-less remote offices 1882 by Emile Camuset, supplied all the great athletes, clubs, federations and competitions in Europe throughout the 60’s, 70’s are finally a reality. Go ahead, consolidate IT assets — everything from file servers and 80’s. The “tricolour” brand begins a new chapter reinforcing its to backup systems to IT support — and reap the savings. You’ll eliminate redundant historical philosophy of authenticity, elegance and uniqueness. operating costs, save on disaster recovery, and cut bandwidth costs — all while enabling employees to work more productively than ever before.
  • Faster Time to The Possible Riverbed unlocks the potential of the global economy by changing the way business works. Imagine the leaps in innovation your geographically dispersed employees can achieve with faster, more effective collaboration. Revolutionize your supply chain on a global scale — regardless of where your employees are located. Make your organization the nimble operation it needs to be in today’s ultra fast-paced world. With Riverbed, globally-distributed architects more rapidly design innovative new buildings. Engineers on opposite ends of the U.S. collaborate on storm water management systems to protect and preserve water resources. A manufacturer of wireless telecommunications products rolls out new offerings ahead of schedule and the competition. And a retail apparel brand expands its reach around the globe. Whatever the business objective, Riverbed makes the impossible, possible. It’s just that simple. We’re on the road all the time, working from client sites, at projects, or anywhere in between. Steelhead Mobile software delivers performance for our mobile workers that is entirely comparable to the application performance we enjoy here at the office. Mike Simpson, U.S. IT Manager, Golder Associates Golder Associates is one of the most respected engineering and environmental services groups in the world. Founded in 1960, Golder now employs over 5,000 people who operate from more than 150 offices located throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.
  • We’ve evaluated several of the WDS solution providers and found that Riverbed offers the most comprehensive solution available today. David Galton-Fenzi, Group Sales Director, Zycko Zycko distributes for over 35 leading IT solutions vendors, enabling its 3,000+ reseller, systems integrator and service provider customers to deliver best-in-class open-system convergent solutions to customers around the world. Operating from 13 offices on 4 continents, with over 250 staff, Zycko achieves annual sales of over $180 million.
  • Cisco Customers Love Riverbed Riverbed helps us Over 5,000 customers — the majority running Cisco networks — rely on tens of thousands of Steelhead appliances to support remote offices and data centers address the needs of the on every continent on the globe. Likewise, Steelhead Mobile software extends this performance to mobile workers — wherever they are. Our customers, including more entire organization: data center, remote offices and than 100 of the Fortune 500, encompass some of the largest banks in the world, major oil companies, government agencies, major manufacturers, and thousands of small businesses. From financial services to manufacturing, legal to engineering firms, energy to governments — organizations across a broad swath of industries enjoy the power and simplicity of the Riverbed solution to generate dramatic results. mobile workers. No other vendor delivers the way Riverbed does. Riverbed’s Steelhead David Galton-Fenzi, Group Sales Director, Zycko appliances accelerated our World-class Partners disaster recovery backups Through more than 1,000 technology alliances, strategic partners, and channel by 55x, enabling us to partners, Riverbed delivers comprehensive, award-winning technology and solutions that rapidly scale and expand to meet the needs of every organization, from modest deployments to the largest enterprise. Our extensive partner network includes synchronize both a 240GB industry-leading companies with complementary technology and expertise, as well as hundreds of resellers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. and 120GB database over a 1Mbps link in just 1.5 hours. Michael Geldart, Senior Manager, Computer Operations, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Cubist Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs in the acute care environment.
  • The cost savings for the We’re Not Just Changing the World. We’re Shrinking It. company have been signifi- Imagine running applications over the WAN up to 100 times faster to deliver the immediacy of local performance to remote offices and mobile workers. Speed up cant. In one year, the Riverbed any global organization. Or make any organization, no matter how small, play on a global scale. Steelhead appliances have That’s Riverbed. been quickly paid for them- Learn More Riverbed is the market and technology leader in WAN optimization solutions, enabling selves through eliminating distributed organizations to simplify, accelerate, protect, and consolidate their IT infrastructure and applications. Riverbed provides the highest performance levels costly international bandwidth across the broadest range of applications over WANs, accelerating applications by up to 100 times, and reducing WAN traffic by up to 95%. upgrades and will continue to Discover how Riverbed can change your business. Visit www.riverbed.com today. pay for themselves over and Riverbed Technology At-a-Glance over again. That was easily ●● Founded: 2002 demonstrated to the head of ●● Revenues: $236 million (2007) our manufacturing department ●● Steelhead Appliances Deployed: 50,000 and counting ●● Customers: Over 5,000 (including 45% of the Forbes Global 100) and CFO, who provided ●● InfoWorld “Technology of the Year - WAN Accelerators” for fours years running (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008) funding for the project. Michael Geldar, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • Riverbed positioned in leaders quadrant of the Gartner WAN Optimization Magic Quadrant, 2007, for the second year in a row. WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) Magic Quadrant 2007, Gartner, December 2007
  • Riverbed Technology Riverbed Technology Pte. Ltd. 199 Fremont Street 391A Orchard Road #22-06/10 San Francisco, CA 94105 Ngee Ann City Tower A Tel: 415 247 8800 Singapore 238873 Fax: 415 247 8801 Tel: +65 6508-7400 www.riverbed.com Fax: +65 6508-7401 Riverbed Technology Ltd. Riverbed Technology K.K. 1, The Courtyard, Eastern Rd. Shiba-Koen Plaza Building 9F Bracknell 3-6-9, Shiba, Minato-ku Berkshire RG12 2XB Tokyo, Japan 105-0014 United Kingdom Tel: +81 3 5419 1990 Tel: +44 1344 354910 Fax: +81 3 5419 5798 Fax: +44 1344 429035 © 2009 Riverbed Technology. Riverbed Technology, Riverbed, Steelhead, Interceptor, RiOS, Atlas, Think fast and the Riverbed logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riverbed Technology. All other trademarks used or mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.