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  • Your pleasantly-narrated program gives us a great overview of the types of psychologists! Your photos also help to characterize each type. I like that for each one, you added the types of therapy and the worksite. The sound and slides got slightly out of synch, but overall this is a nice, generous presentation. -DForeman
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  • 1. Psychologist
    By: Sterling
  • 2. What Is Psychology?
  • 3. What Do They Do?
  • 4. Clinical psychology
    • Work in Hospitals
    • 5. Private practices, and clinics
  • Counseling Psychologist
    Assists patients in coping with everyday living
    Advise patients based on various test results and interview
  • 6. Developmental Psychologists
    Specialize in behavior and development during specific stages of life
    Study the effects of developmental disabilities
  • 7. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
    Attempt to improve productivity and quality of life in the workplace.
    Involved in marketing and management research
    Conduct screening, training, and counseling
  • 8. Neuropsychologists
    Specialize in the study of brain behavior relationships
    Extensive training in brain and spinal cord functions
    How the brain function affects cognitive activities
  • 9. Animal Behavior Psychology
    The branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals
  • 10. What are the work site/environment like?
    Clinical, school, and counseling psychologists have in private practice
    Animal behaviors working zoos or vets.
  • 11. What do you like about your job?
    Helping other people and the rewarding feeling of it
  • 12. Education/Training
    A doctoral degree
    5-7 years of graduate study for doctoral degree
    2 years of full-time graduate study for mater’s
    8-12 years in school at the most
  • 13. Expenses (UI)
    Tuition and fees - $7,765
    Room and board - $8,750
    (Double room with full boards (20 meals per week))
    Books and supplies - $1,090
    Personal expenses - $2,625
    Transportation - $890
    Total- $21,120
  • 14. Rewards/ Opportunities
    In May 2008- average yearly wages = 70,190 +
    50,000-1000,00 annually