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Let Straight Up SEO take you to the top of every search engine!

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Straight up seo

  1. 1. Straight Up SEO Promoting Your Industry The first step to getting your business on the Internet is to make a blog.Sadly, not all businesses that do this actually become profitable with website marketing. The common concept is that if you build an internet site, thetraffic and prospects will come on its own. Contrary to that popular belief, a lot more work is needed if you want your site to succeed. People will not automatically know about your web site; rather you have to make it known for clients to come. This is what Straight Up SEO specializes in exactly. Maximizing Search Engines One of the best ways that you can let others know about your site is byhaving it in a search engine. This way when they type in a relevant keyword, your site will appear in the results. You can get your site listed on different engines like Google. Obviously, just because you are listed does not necessarily mean you will already get traffic. For all you know, your site could turn up last on the list of results. What you want is to turn up at least in the best 10 results. Any less than that and you aren’t likely to get any traffic. To do this you would like to know what search engines want and customize your internet site for that. In short, you need what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Straight Up SEO. Using the Right Words
  2. 2. SEO is usually all about using the right words. Search engines like Google make use of what people search and categories to come up with results. Making sure that you use the right words becomes very important. First of all, you want to make positive that the title of your blog contains relevant text. For instance, if our company is called Straight Up SEO, each page should contain the keyword “straight up seo”. You can do that not just by using your main keyword but also by providing a good description of your site. Aside from using the correct words in your title, it’s also right to use them throughout your website. There are a lot of tools that you can use which will rescue you determine the best keywords for your business. Asmuch as possible, you will want to use the keywords which are searched forusually but do not show much results. Keywords with superior search results mean that you have far more competition in that particular area. Provide Quality Content Engines like Google do not just rank your listing based on keywords andtags. They also take into consideration the content that you produce in your web page. If you want your site to turn up in the major search results then you need to make certain that you supply quality content. A lot of people think that they can put in content that has been slightly modified throughrewriting and just use the right keywords - doing this will get you nowhere.You have to create certain that you produce actual information that readers will find useful. Submit to Local and Global Searches The terrific thing about the net is that you can gather visitors and potential customers both locally and internationally. To maximize the results that you get, list your site within both local and global search engines. Local engines are usually easier to get into compared to global ones. However, the resultsthat you can get from a global search is often much slightly more. By getting
  3. 3. listed on both you can employ a wider network for your business. Contact Straight up seo today for your free SEO company consultation!