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  • The Target Audience for the Anthropolgie Digital Strategy Campaign is going to be women ranging in age from 18-35.  Anthropoligie is a store for the modern chic woman, so it is intended for a younger age group.  This target audience has the means to make purchases since they are of age to be working or in college, and additionally they are more likely to be interested in purchasing products for themselves rather than receiving things from parents.
  • The big idea behind this campaign is to use digital marketing to increase awareness of this brand and website. The company has a great brand image, and they do a splendid job of giving of a warm and welcoming vibe. I would like to use this to attract more people to the store’s brand.
  • The idea I want to utilize is that “everyone can have his or her own style”.  By this I mean that with the distinct products sold at Anthropologie, everyone can find their style.  This idea can help to not only lure people in, but also create loyalty in that they will have to continue shopping there in order to continue their style.  This can be related back to the key performance indicator because we can detect the rate of return that customers come back to the website repeatedly.
  • The main digital marketing tool I intend to use isFacebook.I feel that the best approach is to have a public page with exclusive offers and deals for those the have “liked” the page already. There will be frequent status updates of any promotions going on with the store, as well as a feature that allows you to design outfits from the current collections. This encourages consumer participation, which is going to play a major role in this campaign.
  • Instagram is the next phase of the social media plan. First of all, I feel that people look to Instagram for fashion, and what better place to get a photo trending than on Instagram.  The company can post outfit ideas, and even do giveaways and competitions. There is a page on Instagram where the most viewed and liked photos go called the popular page, and this is an even better way to get more views.
  • The last form of social media I would like to utilize is pinterest. Many people utilize pinterest daily, and I think it is a great place to grab attention. Especially since so many people are keen on pinning to fashion boards. One way this site can be utilized is by offering “pin it to win it” competitions, where those who follow Anthropologie will have the chance to repin products and outfits for a chance to win a prize. This will encourage the viewing of the products offered as well as involvement from customers.
  • The Key Performance Indicators that I will be focusing on are the increase in traffic to the store’s website, and an increase in online purchases.  I am hoping to see a 5% increases in online purchases over the next year. The goal of the campaign overall would be to increase awareness, and thus have more customers.
  • As far as budget goes, I can predict that an actual digital agency would be much more pricey. However, taking into account all the research to be done, and the amount of work to do, I would budget the project somewhere between $2000-$2500 for the entire digital campaign. This will allow for around 6-8 hours of billed work, along with other costs for research and startup.  This is an initial budget based upon prior knowledge and research, but snags in the plan could always create a change.
  • To summarize the plan, I am trying to enhance the brand power and eventual sales of Anthropologie by presenting them in a way where people are envious. If the style the store portrays is something that everyone wants, then they will more than likely make sales.  To be wanted is a very large part of having a successful business. The campaign will lead into a situation where Anthropologie is highly recognizable, and has many loyal customers
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    1. 1. Anthropologie A Digital Strategy Kelsey Strachan
    2. 2. Target AudienceTeens
    3. 3. The Big Idea Increase Brand AwarenessIncrease Website Traffic Emphasize Brand Image
    4. 4. Create Your Own Look Dream Up An Outfit Design A Distinct Style
    5. 5. FacebookExclusive Offers And Deals Outfit Sharing Promotion Alerts
    6. 6. Instagram Fashion Posts To The Popular Page Follow Fashion Pages Promotional Post Contests
    7. 7. Pin It To Win It Promotions Fashion Posts
    8. 8. Performance IndicatorsIncreased OnlinePurchases by 5%Increased Traffic by 10% To:www.anthropologie.com
    9. 9. Budget Research And Startup Fees Hourly Work Fees Other $2000-2500
    10. 10. Enhance Social Media Campaign Gain Loyal Customers Enhance Brand Power