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Movie posters shannon Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Shannon Dunne MOVIE POSTERS
  • 2. The ‘Hot Fuzz’ movie poster features the two main characters. In the film industry, these particular films are known ‘buddy cop’ films. The are usually two partners that get into mischief because of one of the partners being quite a jokey person. In the poster, the two characters are in an action pose which suggests that this will be an action film. Both characters appear to be pulling serious faces. This is something about the poster that I would change. I would prefer for one of them (the one that causes trouble) to be pulling a jokey face or be in a compromising position to show to the audience who the funnier character is. The poster comes across as quite serious because of the fire and appears to be more action-based than the film is in reality. The poster contains the credits of who is involved in the film and the names of the man characters suggesting that they are well-known actors that have previously worked together before in other films. This is also backed up by the caption ‘a new comedy from the boys that created Shaun of the dead’; a technique my group may also use. The colour schemes of red, orange and black suggest that the two characters will come into danger at various points of the film. I’m not actually sure how much this poster conveys the real flavour of the film, but it would certainly attract an audience. HOT FUZZ
  • 3. In this film poster, it also features the two main characters who are police officers in an action pose. This reinforces that fact that it will involve action and due to Chris Tucker’s facial expression, will also be a comedy with him being the less efficient ‘cop’. This is a technique that I would like my group to use because I think it makes audiences want to watch the film more. This film poster is similar to ‘Hot Fuzz’ one because it has a very similar colour scheme and it says the actors’ names next to them. In the background of the poster, the audience can see the Eiffel Tower. This clearly suggests that Paris is where the majority of the film will take place. I would also like my film poster to have a background that gives a sense of context although this doesn’t have to be location – it can be a texture / colour that conveys a mood. RUSH HOUR 3
  • 4. Like the previous posters I have looked at, this poster also contains the two main characters of the film. They are in action poses and are standing next to each other. The use of props is important because they are holding guns which reinforces that it is an action film. The police badge also reinforces the ‘buddy cop’ theme to it because it tells the audience that the film is about two police officers. It follows the colour scheme of orange and yellow and features fire which adds a dangerous feel to it. I think that the fire makes the posters more appealing but I wouldn’t put it on my poster because it wouldn’t relate to the storyline. However, we will certainly have to think about how to pose our characters next to each other to reveal their similarities of situation and differences on character. BAD BOYS II
  • 5. The poster for this film is different to the other 3 posters I have looked at that relate to my chosen film genre. It features multiple people on it, not just two friends that are usually police officers. It contains multiple characters presumably because it doesn’t just focus on two people although from the composition of the character, it would come across to the audience that the main character is the first woman. The poster lacks in any interesting effects which I personally don’t like because although there shouldn’t be too much going on, I feel that this poster is too plain. It relies very heavily on the appeal of the actors. The background here does not add anything and makes me more sure that I want our background to have a more meaningful feel. The poster contains the credits usually seen on a film poster and contains a caption saying ‘In a game of cat and mouse, they’re hot on her tail’. There is a double meaning here and we will need to think up a clever tag line. WILD TARGET