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Business Process Management CEM Method (update at http://www.slideshare.net/stowers/cemmethod-walkthough)

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Overiew of the Advanced BPM Method - Customer Expectation Management …

Overiew of the Advanced BPM Method - Customer Expectation Management
NEW 2014-15 UPDATE http://www.slideshare.net/stowers/cemmethod-walkthough

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  • 1. The BP Groups ( www.bpgroup.org ) research a decade ago identified a shift from 'inside-out' to customer centric 'outside-in' techniques and methods. The early work around this was articulated in 'In Search of BPM Excellence' in 2004/5 at http://tinyurl.com/62vmz8 . Subsequently Customer Expectation Management was articulated as the most evolved form of BPM - see http://tinyurl.com/5ltb7e The method in its earliest form was called 8 Omega (see http://www.8omega.com/ ) however 8 Omega fails the acid test - where is the customer? The subsequent emergence of CEM and its emphasis on doing the right things provides the means for dramatic and sustainable improvements - way beyond those achieved with classic approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma. Customer Expectation Management Method was presented at a keynote in an IQPC conference in London during June 2007 and mentioned in an associated article http://tinyurl.com/6pyhca The CEM Method has now been refined, road tested and proved worthy in major companies across the globe.
  • 2.  
  • 3. CUSTOMER EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT METHOD (CEMMethod) CEMM is an 8 Step Method for aligning, optimizing and increasing the performance of any process or service.
  • 4. 1) What do customers really need? “ The Right Things”
  • 5. Successful Customer Outcomes
    • Deriving the SCO is a straight forward activity, using a structured approach and building the “customer picture”
    • Who is my customer?
    • What is my customer’s current expectation?
    • What is the process that the customer is engaged in (from their point of view)?
    • How does what we do effect customer success?
    • What is the SCO (what does the customer really want from us)?
  • 6. 2) What things are we doing now?
  • 7. 3) Do you Capture every client interaction?
  • 8. Moments of Truth MOT
  • 9. CUSTOMER EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT METHOD (CEMM) 4) Do you capture every internal interaction?
  • 10. Break Points BP
  • 11. 5) Which of your business rules are really relevant?
  • 12. Business Rules BR
  • 13. The number of Process Diagnostics that exist in the organization Process diagnostics include: Moments of Truth Break Points Business Rules It’s simple math… Process Points of Failure PERFORMANCE, AGILITY, AND QUALITY ARE DRIVEN BY… MOT BP BR
  • 14. 6) Do you understand the risk?
  • 15. 7) Create Action Plan
  • 16. 8) Execute
  • 17. Can You Imagine How Different Things Would Be?
  • 18. For more information please try these resources: www.bpgroup.org – The worlds longest established BPM Business club (1992) with Articles, Case studies and advanced BPM resources www.towersassociates.com – for certification, training and mentoring services using Advanced BPM & Customer Expectation Management www.cityprocessmanagement.com – global consultancy specialising in the use of Customer Expectation Management, BPM and Strategic change www.cemmethod.com – the latest versions of CEM and links to good resources www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1062077 - the BPGroup community on Linked-in