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BPGroup & PEX week worshop


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Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. 2.45-5.45 Thursday-Friday 19/20 Jan – CPP 1&2 Monday-Friday 23 thru 27 Jan – CPP 1-5 inc.
  • 2. “It’s truethequestionsAre thesame…But thisyear theanswersAre verydifferent
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. The Philosophy. The People. ThePractice. The organizations.The Delivery.
  • 6. The Philosophy
  • 7. We have inherited an industrial legacyWhat shape are our organisations in?
  • 8. The Pyramid
  • 9. Our organisations all look the same... CEO Customer Marketing Sales Operations Finance Service
  • 10. Processes wend and meander their way around theserigid structures... CEO Customer Marketing Sales Operations Finance Service
  • 11. And hey ho – we nearly forgot the customer!Now where do they go? CEO Customer Marketing Sales Operations Finance Service
  • 12. CEO CustomerMarketing Sales Operations Finance Service
  • 13. In other words... Everything looks like a Scottish pin factory!And the way we describe everything can be just as inside-out…
  • 14. What’sMissing?
  • 15. The People
  • 16. We are at the very point in time when a 400-year old age is dying and another is struggling to be born, a shifting of culture, science, society, and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced.Dee Hock, Founder & CEO--Visa“A Global Ahead, the possibility of the regeneration oftipping point” relationships, liberty, community, and ethics such as the world has never known, and a harmony with nature, with one another, and with the divine intelligence such as the world has never dreamed.
  • 17. Source: FanzineThe upcoming transformation of our societypresents one of the greatest businessopportunities of the next 100 years.This will require patience as well asperseverance; to anticipate what’s next andplan for that situation as well as takingadvantage of what’s immediately beforeyou..Our efforts in this field are part of ourstrategy for this future. What’s yours?
  • 18. The Customer ExperienceIs the Process
  • 19. “…..rather than ask what are we good atand what else can we do with that skill, youask who are our customers? What do theyneed? And then you say we are going togive that to them regardless of whether wehave the skills to do so..”
  • 20. If I hadasked themwhat theywantedthey wouldhave saidfaster horses
  • 21. “Outside-in is a powerful idea”
  • 22. Ranjay Gulati Harvard BusinessThe Academics are going SchoolOutside-In too … George Day Wharton Business School Barbara Bund MIT Sloan School
  • 23. The Organizations
  • 24. The Practice
  • 26. The Delivery
  • 27. Turbo charge you business withSuccessful Customer OutcomesThe rules of the game have changed.In fact it is bigger than that.The game has changed forever.
  • 28. Make every customer interactiona profitable one with Moments ofTruthAll work is ultimately caused by thecustomer interaction. Fix the Cause notthe effect.
  • 29. Guide and Help with appropriateBusiness RulesALL the decisions we make in thebusiness should be aligned with the SCO
  • 30. Reduce complexity and win theTriple Crown +Outside-In Reduces Costs. EnhancesService. Grows Revenues & AchievesCompliance.ALL at the same time!
  • 31. Watch the Gap (and eradicate it)Destroying the divide between thebusiness and IT once and for all
  • 32. Innovation. Use process changeto deliver Success Outcomes.Innovation isn’t a dark art. It isachievable by anyone who understandsthe Successful Outcome.
  • 33. Outside-In The Secret…what is it?
  • 34. The needs of theCustomer have changedforever Choice Prosumer Customer (Customer Sophistication) Promiscuity Enlightened Customer Inspiration: Udayan Banerjee Multiple Customer CTO, Channels Rebellion! NIIT Technology (India) Customer Expectations
  • 35. ChoiceProsumer Promiscuity Enlightened CustomerMultiple GroundswellChannels Expectations Choice: We now have a bewildering array in almost every product and service. Source: Fanzine
  • 36. The Promiscuous Customer: I will go with anyone I choose on my terms Choice Prosumer Promiscuity Enlightened Customer Multiple Groundswell Channels ExpectationsSource: BigStock
  • 37. Choice Rebellion – Groundswell:Prosumer Promiscuity Customers – we don’t take **it anymore Enlightened CustomerMultiple GroundswellChannels Expectations Source: iStockphoto
  • 38. Choice Groundswell:Prosumer Promiscuity Customers – we don’t Enlightened take **it anymore CustomerMultiple GroundswellChannels Expectations
  • 39. Choice Expectations:Prosumer Promiscuity Customers – less of the sizzle, Enlightened more of the meat CustomerMultiple GroundswellChannels Expectations
  • 40. Expectations:Say High – Do High, or else Choice Prosumer Promiscui Enlightened Customer Multiple Groundswe Channels Expectations
  • 41. Choice Multi-channels:Prosumer Promiscuity I want it my way when I say Enlightened CustomerMultiple GroundswellChannels Expectations Source: Fanzine
  • 42. Prosumer: The Customer Experience is the Process Choice Prosumer Promiscuity Enlightened Customer Multiple Groundswell Channels ExpectationsSource: Fanzine
  • 43. Everything has changed..Except how we do processand organise ourselves!
  • 45. Performance, Agility & Qualityare driven by... The Causes of Work MOT Moments of Truth Break Points BP BR Business Rules BR
  • 46. "We have 50,000 moments of truth every day.“Jan CarlzonPresident, SAS
  • 47. MOT MOT MOTMOT MOT MOT MOT MOTAny interaction with the CUSTOMER is a MOMENT OF TRUTH
  • 48. MOT MOT MOTMOT MOT MOT MOT MOT And every MOMENT OF TRUTHRipples and reverberates through the organisation
  • 49. MOT MOT MOTMOT MOT MOT MOT MOT and MOMENTS OF TRUTH Create complexity, cost, wastefulness and failure
  • 51. Moments of Truth – they’re everywhere Moments of Truth permeate our lives in every product and service
  • 52. It’s all about Customer Experienceand the Moment of Truth.Remove or Improve! Steve Jobs
  • 53. For Every process that deserves to exist there is anoptimum number ofMoments of Truth to achieve aSuccessful Outcome
  • 54. Breakpoints What are Breakpoints (BP)? 1) Breakpoints are a Process Diagnostic 2) Any internal interaction is a Breakpoint 3) Any place that a hand-off occurs in the process is a Breakpoint 4) Breakpoints can be person to person, person to system, system to person or system to system 5) Breakpoints are both process Points of Failure and Causes of Work
  • 55. Business Rules
  • 56. There are a whole bunch of dumb rules.. If you are planning to visit the UK and happen to come from one of the many countries that drive on the wrong side of the road, the following advice, direct from the Department of Transport, is for you: “Visitors are informed that in the United Kingdom traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road. In the interests of safety, you are advised to practise this in your country of origin for a week or two before driving in the UK.”
  • 57. Business Rules What are Business Rules (BR)? 1) Business Rules are points within a process where decisions are made 2) Some Business Rules are obvious while others must be “found” 3) Business Rules can be operational, strategic or regulatory and they can be system-based or manual 4) Business Rules control the “behavior” of the process and shape the “experience” of those who touch it 5) Business Rules are highly prone to obsolescence 6) We must find and make explicit the Business Rules in the process Examples – Transportation , Insurance
  • 58. Performance, Agility & Qualityare driven by... The Causes of Work Moments of Truth Break Points Business Rules BR
  • 59. PAM with Process diagnostics
  • 60. Points of Failure documentation Capture the Moments of Truth Capture the Breakpoints BR Document the Business Rules
  • 61. Points of Failure -Scores on the Doors BR
  • 63. 2.45-5.45 Thursday-Friday 16/17 Jan – CPP 1&2 Monday-Friday 23 thru 27 Jan – CPP 1-5 inc.