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Building Social Applications
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Building Social Applications



3 hour workshop given at Lift in February 2007.

3 hour workshop given at Lift in February 2007.



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    Building Social Applications Building Social Applications Presentation Transcript

    • Building Social Applications Stowe Boyd [email_address] +1 703 966 9854 625 2nd St, San Francisco CA 94107
    • Re: Me
      • /Messenger of /Message
      • Social tools and their impact on business, media, and society
    • Some Questions
      • What makes social applications social (or anti-social)?
      • How can we make applications more social?
      • What are the common factors in successful social applications?
      • What is worth building?
    • Participants Goals
      • Why are you here?
    • Apologies and Explanations
      • It was blogging what done this to me
      • Fragments, conjectures, cheap shots, biases
      • No pretty box with a bow
    • We’re gonna party like it’s 1999
      • “ A new category of software is emerging, software intended to augment social systems . Not to change the company inadvertently, like email did, when the electronic analog of interoffice mail became something else, grew into something else by changing the way people communicated, and led a change in the structure of the company. No, this generation of software is intentional, designed from the start to guide human behavior into new paths and patterns, to counter prevailing ways of interaction. I call these social tools : software intended to shape culture. " - Stowe Boyd [ Message , August 1999]
    • The New Third Place
      • Ray Oldenburg
      • Third Space
      • Web Culture and The Future Of Humanity
    • Social = Me First
      • The individual is the new group
      • Me first
        • my passions
        • my people
        • my markets
      • The edge dissolves the center
      • Bottom-up belonging
    • Semi- and Asocial Applications
      • iTunes
      • Bestbuy.com
      • Pandora (until recently)
      • After the fact:
        • eBay
        • Netflix
        • Amazon
        • Basecamp
    • The Buddylist Is The Center Of The Universe
      • I am made greater by the sum of my connections, and so are my connections
      • It’s mostly connections
    • A Structural View: Social Architecture
      • Me, Mine, and Market
      • Functional Domains v Socializing
    • Me, Mine, and Market Me Mine
    • Me, Mine, and Market Mine Me Market
    • Functional Domains v Socializing Domain Architecture Social Architecture f 1 f 2 f 3 f 1 f 2 f 3 f 1 f 2 f 3 Me Mine Market
    • Functional Domains v Socializing Me Mine Market . . . . . . . . .
    • Functional Domains v Socializing I need a perfect black dress for that dinner party. Who knows where to shop for the most fashionable stuff? [Buying the perfect black dress, with commission to the recommender.] . . . . . . . . .
    • Functional Domains v Socializing I need to track time for this project. [Inviting project manager to review timesheet.] [Invoicing for the project based on the timesheet, and allowing the project manager to pay.] . . . . . . . . .
    • Profiles
      • Identity = aggregated flows, not static
      • Links to the world
    • Nets
      • Creation and discovery of social affiliation
      • Conversation
      • Swarm intelligence
      • Reputation: Swarmth
    • Media and Traffic: Different Registers
      • Conversation flows through networks = Traffic
      • Media hold the pieces, but not the sense of the conversation
      • To understand the sense of what is being said, you have to be in the flow, not outside
    • Tags
      • David Weinberger on Tags:
        • Tags matter for social reasons. They allow the grassroots to create the way in which stuff is classified, instead of having to file things in pre-built categories. But the words we use to tag things depend on our intentions and our social context. Find people who tag items the same way as you do and you've now found a social group based not around shared interests but around shared ways of thinking and shared ways of speaking: Communities of tags.
    • Discovery
      • The primary abiding motivator: Discovery
      • Discovery of
        • Things (a red herring: the functional domain)
        • Places (the Third Space)
        • People (who fill the places)
        • Self (at the still point of the turning world)
    • Groupings and Groups
      • Accept the asymmetry of nets
      • Groupings: ad hoc assemblages of people with similar interests
      • Groups: symmetric nets
      • Recall the community of tags idea?
    • The Inexorable Power Laws
      • What’s wrong with power?
      • Vox Populi, Vox Humana
      • Gaming systems
    • Reputation and Swarmth
      • How to measure, how to reward?
      • Harnessing nets: swarm intelligence
      • All nets are not the same: is swarmth fungible?
    • Group Exercise #1
      • Form groups
      • What are the most important functions of the social applications you use most?
      • What is the ‘market’ that they create, and what is made more ‘liquid’?
    • Deep Design
      • Last.fm
      • Upcoming.org
      • Facebook
      • ThisNext
    • Last.fm
    • Last.fm
    • Last.fm
    • Last.fm
    • Last.fm
    • Last.fm
      • Even a winner can make mistakes
      • Why aren’t tags the source of groupings? Instead, they have old-style groups.
      • Can’t search for groups?
    • Upcoming.org
    • Upcoming.org
    • Upcoming.org
    • Facebook
    • Facebook
    • Facebook
      • Groups, not groupings, again
    • Facebook
    • ThisNext
    • ThisNext
    • ThisNext
    • ThisNext
    • Cautionary Tales
      • Basecamp and the Federation of Work
      • Outside.in and The Social Tipping Point
      • Blinksale and the Missing Market
    • Basecamp and the Federation of Work
      • Why can’t I see all my Basecamp projects in one view, independent of account?
      • More than single login
      • Pervasive static models, hardly any flow
    • Outside.in and The Social Tipping Point
      • Where’s me?
      • Where’s the people?
      • Racing to market before getting the social dimension right.
      • Inevitably: relaunch.
    • Blinksale: the Case of the Missing Market
    • Group Exercise 2: Explorations
      • Again, form groups
      • A Social iTunes
      • Why Are Calendars So Hard?
      • Social Browsing
    • Building Social Applications Stowe Boyd [email_address] +1 703 966 9854 625 2nd St, San Francisco CA 94107