Christmas Story


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Christmas Story

  1. 1. Re-told byEwan the Sheep
  2. 2. Ewan loved Christmas, it was so full of glossy paper,ribbons and presents. He loved the smell of Christmas trees and coldnights, the colours from the bright lights and late-night shopping.
  3. 3. His favourite time was Christmas morning,when all the animals on the farm would opentheir presents, a mound of bulging parcels,with shouts of surprise and laughter. Then,when the presents were all opened and thewrapping paper sat high in the corner like a paper Mount Everest, then Ewan would sit happily back in his big arm chair and tell them about the first Christmas.
  4. 4. In a town called Nazareth lived a young woman called Mary. She lived with her mother andfather and was, one day, to be married to a man called Joseph. Then, one day, an angel appeared and told Mary she had been chosen byGod to bring a special baby boy into the world, who would be called Jesus. “Do not be frightened,” said the angel, “God will look after you.”
  5. 5. It was a long, dark night as Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem. It was such a long journey and poor Mary felt quite ill because she was soon to have her baby.Mary and Joseph walkedup to an inn, a beautiful hotel, glittering withwarmth and soft lights, offering good food and comfy beds. But the place was full and the innkeeper just shook his head.
  6. 6. Saved by the kind innkeeper, Mary and Joseph crept around the back of the inn where they wereallowed to sleep in the old, damp, crumbling stable. That was where, surrounded by the animals, Mary gave birth to her beautiful child, the most important baby in the world.
  7. 7. Then, Ewan’s eyes would light up and he would talk about the shepherds, running madly down the hill, faster and faster, not stopping until they had rushed into the stable and almosttripped over Jesus, lying in the manger, in the animals’ food stall!
  8. 8. The shepherds looked inamazement, they laughed and cried, they shouted to eachother and then they knelt andprayed in front of the baby.
  9. 9. They knew that this baby was Jesus Christ, the Son of God.In another country, far, far away from Bethlehem, three wise men had watched the stars and also knew that baby Jesus was to be born that night.
  10. 10. They followed the star.They took gold because he was King of the earth. They took frankincense because he was King of heaven. They took myrrh becausethey knew that one day the King would die.
  11. 11. Herod didnt like thesound of this. He wasthe king and no one elsewas going to take hisplace.But he smiled and said,"Tell me when you havefound him and I willcome and worship himtoo!“ Secretly he said to himself “When I know where he is, I will kill him!"
  12. 12. The three wise men offered Jesus their gifts and knelt by the baby and prayed.They looked at each other in the dim light and smiled.“He is here,” they whispered. “The King of heaven and earth is born!”.
  13. 13. An angel came to warnthe new family of KingHerods plan. It wasntsafe to stay inBethlehem any longer.Mary and Joseph tooktheir baby Jesus, creptout into the night andtravelled to a placewhere King Herod couldnot hurt them.
  14. 14. The baby Jesus was safe.As he grew up the world would hear the special message theson of God had brought for all people.  Now each year we celebrate  Jesus birth at Christmas.
  15. 15. Re-told byEwan the Sheep