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Sales process pro_sell_sheet_richardson

  1. 1. Sales Process Pro Win More Deals, More Often Energize and Sustain Your Richardson Investment Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition You’ve made the investment in Richardson methodology and training. Now you can energize and sustain that investment even further. SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition makes it easy for every rep, every day, to follow best practices for High Performance Selling™ and Collaborative Account Development™ Reps are guided with coaching, content, messaging . and expert connections, all delivered in the context of this opportunity, at this point in the sale. They’ll spend less time cobbling together resources and more time with customers, while SAVO leads them through the activities, coaching, and outcomes that propel the deal forward. $5B IDC, 2012 50% What US companies spent on sales training in 2012. What they’re saying: “ When companies drive consistency in sales execution through reinforcement with technology and coaching – at the right time and in the right context – 90% of reps achieve or exceed quota. ” 87% Training that will be forgotten one month later, if not reinforced on the job. Companies that say they struggle to deploy a consistent sales process. Accelerate Best Practices Habits are hard to break. SAVO Sales Process Pro for Richardson Edition helps change behaviors by embedding compliance into your everyday workflow. It reminds reps to complete tasks–and provides the tools to do it efficiently. Tasks like relationship mapping by opportunity and account. Customizing presentations and proposals. Accessing info from the field on a smartphone or tablet. A platform for team collaboration and social intelligence. Reps are held accountable for verifiable outcomes and receive performance feedback along the way. It’s all in one place, customized to reinforce your processes and objectives as they were developed and trained by Richardson.
  2. 2. Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition Highlights: • Pre-configured with Richardson methodology for High Performance Selling™ and Collaborative Account Development™ . • Flexibility to customize to your priorities, objectives, and environment. • Intelligent recommendations on the right content and experts to help your sellers win. • Built-in account planning and relationship mapping tools. • Proactive sales coaching and guidance at every stage. • Key productivity and performance insights with deal quality index. • CRM Integration with and other CRM solutions Sales Enablement for Smarter Selling Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition is a unique joint product between SAVO and Richardson and is also linked to the rest of SAVO’s integrated suite of sales productivity solutions, that help marketing and sales teams work together to win more deals faster. Over the lifecycle of a deal SAVO and Richardson provide messaging, training, content, sales process guidance, task automation and mobility for sellers to maximize their performance and inspire their customers. To learn more about how SAVO and Richardson can help your team sell smarter contact your local SAVO sales representative today or visit