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SAVO CRM Opportunity Pro - Sell Sheet

  1. 1. CRM Opportunity Pro Accelerate New Sales Opportunities Explore, Discover and Access the Power to Drive CRM CRM Opportunity Pro – Get More From Your CRM System Sell Sheet Today’s buyers are smarter than ever. When you get a first call or a meeting with a prospect, you have to be polished, poised, professional and ready to go wherever the conversation takes you. However, most sales reps don’t have timely access to the information they need to convert new leads into real sales opportunities. 80% What they’re saying: Amy Stewart SVP Marketing and Sales Strategy at One Call Care Management “Our sales reps can now go to customers with a complete, compelling and consistent story about One Call and everything we bring to the table.” 90% 7% of all marketing nurtured leads are never converted. 9 out of every 10 marketing budget dollars fails to produce a sales opportunity. Only 7% of first meetings lead to a second sales meeting. Convert More Leads You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort to generate leads and qualify them into opportunities. You can’t afford to let any of those qualified opportunities slip through the cracks. Deploying CRM Opportunity Pro is like having your best rep on every deal, providing intelligent recommendations on the right resources and experts to accelerate every sales opportunity. CRM Opportunity Pro provides the right guidance and assets at the right time and in the right context to help your reps leverage opportunity or lead specific content from your CRM to move deals forward faster—while optimizing data for better CRM adoption and hygiene.
  2. 2. CRM Opportunity Pro Highlights: • Embedded access through your CRM system like or Microsoft Dynamics. • Intelligent recommendations on messaging, content, coaching and experts based on information in your lead, account, contact or opportunity records. • Sales optimized content management makes it easy to tag and organize the right assets. • Flexible configuration, exposes key content and links right from your CRM record. • Link to more information on products or competitors through playbooks or portal pages. • Link to other SAVO applications to create customized content like PowerPoint presentations and proposals. Sales Enablement for Smarter Selling CRM Opportunity Pro is part of SAVO’s integrated suite of sales productivity solutions, that help marketing and sales teams work together to win more deals faster. Over the lifecycle of a deal SAVO provides messaging, content, sales process reinforcement, task automation and mobility for sellers to maximize their performance and inspire their customers. To learn more about how SAVO can help your team sell smarter contact your local sales representative today or visit