Storyful presentation to student journalists at CUNY April 2012


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Presentation to student journalists at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (April 2012). Includes a description of Storyful, some areas on interest for studying journalism right now, some case studies of journalism students using social media to get jobs, and some top tips and tools.

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  • Power of twitter lists- You have to get these right
  • One of the most compelling videos of 2011 shared on YouTube was this one of Sarah Churman hearing her voice for the first time. It has over 12 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. Some local news outlets in Texas had discovered the video a couple of hours before we began our verification process. They incorrectly named Sarah as Sloan Churman (the name on the YouTube Channel). In applying our verification, we discovered:
  • Hyperlocal – Voices of NY (Damian’s research)
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  • Storyful presentation to student journalists at CUNY April 2012

    1. 1. Social journalism storyful style CUNY // April 19 2012 Dr Claire Wardle
    2. 2. Today What is storyful?  How we work  The most interesting questions in social journalism  Opportunities for new journalists
    3. 3. storyful. news from noise
    4. 4. Storyful is the first news agency of social agestoryful.
    5. 5. The Founding Principle Every News Event Creates a Communitystoryful.
    6. 6. storyful.
    7. 7. Storyful helps journalists discoverstoryful.
    8. 8. Storyful helps journalists discoverstoryful.
    9. 9. Storyful helps Journalists Verifystoryful.
    10. 10. storyful.
    11. 11. She provides email and He agrees for footage to phone number for her be used manager and we run formal verification checks One search result was a press release written by the owner of Email proves that the the facebook page and footage was not taken by included contact details the owner of the facebook page, but her manager No contact details on the No contact details on work facebook page but it did website but google search of list place of work name and place of work provided leads Video found on a personal Advanced search on page and location verified facebook using google street viewstoryful.
    12. 12. 43 minutes from discovery of the video to it being ready to be used by clientsstoryful.
    13. 13. Storyful helps journalists Verify  Maps  Contacts  Translation Corroboration  Permissions 24 hour servicestoryful.
    14. 14. storyful.
    15. 15. Verification Steps  The YouTube account listed Meulaboh as his hometown  Several videos from Meulaboh were uploaded to the account in the six months before April 11  The first tweet of this YouTube video was issued by an affiliated Twitter account, also based in Meulaboh, Aceh  The Twitter user was actively tweeting from there in the weeks preceding the earthquake  The uploaders blog reported from the area  We could establish a valid email address and two Indonesian telephone numbers for the uploader  Additional sources in the area reported that people were evacuating  A shop awning fluttering in a corner of the video reads Meulaboh Lagoonstoryful.
    16. 16. storyful.
    17. 17.  A previous video on the same YouTube account made reference to an Olivia  This Texan memorial page remembers Ross Churman who is survived by son Sloan and Sarah Churman, and grand daughter Olivia  lists Sloan and Sarah Churman as associated people at an address in Burleson, Texas  Sarah Churmans blog, in which she wrote a post on the experience, beginning: "Well, got my implant activated today! I’ve been nervous for days. Couldn’t sleep last night."storyful.
    18. 18. Real-Time Examples (April 2012) BOMB ALERT We had some customers asking about a bomb alert on a flight (Istanbul- JFK) that landed in Dublin yesterday. It quickly became apparent that it was a false alarm, but we were able to talk to a guy on board, via Twitter, and he revealed that the alarm was triggered when someone left their phone in the toilet. Felim McMahon In-depth Reporterstoryful.
    19. 19. US POLITICS In my case, I was using Twitter last night to monitor Occupy Philadelphia protests outside a Romney Tea Party event.... Using advanced Twitter search and "Philadelphia" as the location. This threw up some great tweets about the stand-off that followed which in turn led to great UGC today. At the time, reporters were inside and not reporting about the protests outside so general Twitter searches/advanced searches were invaluable. Aine Kerr Political Editorstoryful.
    20. 20. MALI I was able to connect with a Senegalese businessman who was visiting Bamako and took photos of troops taking over the national radio station from his hotel that happened to be across the street. I did this by connecting with various sources on our existing list to find this new source and his original photos that had been scraped. I had a Skype conversation with him to figure out what was going on and put things in context. Mike Sefanov Senior Editorstoryful.
    21. 21. KUWAIT – DARA I found awesome video of the giant Kuwait tire fire (in World News now) by cold searching fire in twitter today, and then got clearance for the vid and verified location, all through Twitter too. Dara Healy Curatorstoryful.
    22. 22. Most interesting areas to study in journalism right now  Activist journalism  Collaborative journalism  Hyperlocal  The article vs the atom?  Mobile storyful.
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Joseph Stashko
    25. 25. Hannah Waldram storyful.
    26. 26. Adam Westbrook (
    27. 27. Making social media work for you: tools to trystoryful.
    28. 28.
    29. 29. Thank You @cward1estoryful.