Story Hack Presentation - Vile Inc.


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Presentation from team Vile Inc. at Storycode's Story Hackathon.

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Story Hack Presentation - Vile Inc.

  1. 1. LoveStinks ...or so J. Geils would have us believe. VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 2
  2. 2. But Online Dating Sucks VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 3
  3. 3. SHARING A NEW EXPERIENCE RULESCouples meet and even getmarried after:• playing ARGs together.• or Warcraft.• or having the same terrible boss.• or riding a roller coaster.So we’ve conceptualized a cross-platformDating Adventure System. It’s fast. It’s easy. *Collective puzzle-solving at the MIT Mystery HuntAnd most importantly, it’s fun. VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 4
  4. 4. DR. KNIGHTLY’SSOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL COURTING SERVICESGet to Know Someone Under Terrible CircumstancesWhere a guy or gal can register, muster up a little courage, and invite anotherguy or gal to enjoy one of four kinds of adventures:• Murder Mystery• Thriller• Sci-Fi• Rom Com VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 5
  5. 5. VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 6
  6. 6. TEST DRIVEMURDER MYSTERY SCENE: “Fortune Favors The Bold”French socialite Guy Rich had squirreled away a fortune. Now he’s dead and his for-tune is missing. His wife suspects foul play. Who was bold enough to do it?COLORFUL SUSPECTS INCLUDE:  • The newly widowed Mary Rich• Questionably competent accountant, Johan Goomba• Driver, confidant, and fixer, Tommy Galoshes• Personal assistant, Sunny Day• Her dog walker, Milo Otis• The dog, Mustard Seed Magic• Head detective, Pansy Scramm• Junior detective, Ernest Merriweather VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 7
  7. 7. INTERACTIONCooperative Team Play From Remote LocationsLike detectives following up on separate leads, the players haveunique gaming experiences that come together at certain pointsin time.They might be briefed on the case together, but to solve themystery, they’ll have to share independent findings with one an-other in real time.It’s better to show, than tell, though. Lets see the gameplay in action. VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 8
  8. 8. POV Player 1: VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 9
  9. 9. POV Player 2: VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 1 0
  10. 10. SCENE EXPERIMENT: What Just Happened? • Players provided access to two separate streams of data collaborating in real-time: find the dress, break the suspect • Online Kaltura video stream with dynamic, real-time path-switching enabled via text mes- sage or tweet using Twilio: binary choice shown here, but implementation can allow for near-limitless triggers • Nicktotally just admitted he’s a closet “Ancient Aliens” fan VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 1 1
  11. 11. MONETIZATION STREAMS RATIONALE EXAMPLESPay-to-Play - Sample genre installments available free to play to introduce players to - Provide monthly service subscrib- ers access to collaborative adven- the concept tures with multiple levels of difficulty - Offer both monthly subscription and so that collaboration grows with the one-time purchase models for pre- relationship mium storytelling modules - Enlist popular genre writers and producers to give fans a chance to connect on a personal levelBrand Partnerships - Partnerships focusing on health, - Product placement of Free People beauty, and fashion products line to increase share of mind - Collaborations with local venues amongst audience primed to shop and online dating sites to extend for dating experience and purchase scope into syndicated environments mementos from collaborative -Capability to behaviorally target au- experience dience sub-sections based on prefer- - Restaurant partnerships to cre- ence & choice ate Adventure Dinners that provide clues at regular intervals during the meal VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 1 2
  12. 12. HOW WE’RE UTILIZING TECHKaltura• Uploading iOS video to Kaltura through Rev Mobile App from their Open Market Solutions• Automatic asynchronous transcoding of different formats, dimensions and bit rates.• Utilizing the Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) to queue streaming video clipsTwilio• Backbone of the simple message response system for CRM• Utilizes a Twilio custom app to route SMS to S.E.C.S to a PHP service that processes the pathsIFTTT• IFTTT is a revolutionary beta product for creating tasks where “IF THIS happens, THEN do THAT• Plugin any imaginable social network channels by creating a simple interface to open API’s• Used to wire SMS and Twitter DM’s together instantlyOpen Source / Free SoftwareBased on a LAMP stack hosted at Logicworks, primarily in PHP and Javascript. VILE INC. STORY HACK-A-THON 04.29.12 PA G E 1 3
  13. 13. Unless otherwise mentioned, this story hack is licensed under the Creative Commons Attributions-No Derivs 3.0 Unported license“THE ‘MADE IN NY’ NAME, LOGO AND INSIGNIA ARE TRADEMARKS OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK AND ARE USED WITH THE CITY’S PERMISSION.”