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SLC presentation 2014 (Valley Christian Four Year Plan)
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SLC presentation 2014 (Valley Christian Four Year Plan)


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A look at Valley Christian's Four Year Plan Process

A look at Valley Christian's Four Year Plan Process

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Stephen Torode Academic and College Counselor Valley Christian High School San Jose, California WACAC SLC 2014
  • 2. Guidance Staff Structure Three 9th – 10th grade Counselors Three 10th – 12th grade Counselors One Student Support Services Counselor WACAC SLC 2014
  • 3. Parents comment: “If I had only known sooner.” WACAC SLC 2014
  • 4. Makes college counseling easier and alleviates stress. WACAC SLC 2014
  • 5. Students need to know sooner how success in junior high builds toward high school and college especially math and science. WACAC SLC 2014
  • 6. Information Gathering Meeting with Junior High Math, Science, History, and English Departments and finding out what is working and what is not working. What is being miscommunicated and how can we correct it? Develop a plan to better prepare students for the transition from Jr. to Sr. High. Developing documentation (Honors-level placement recommendation, math, science, and foreign language maps, 4-6 year plan) WACAC SLC 2014
  • 7. Incoming Freshman Family Night (Mid March) Helping parents and students transition from 8th to 9th grade Unique modified-block schedule Class placement recommendations made WACAC SLC 2014
  • 8. Present Comprehensive Options They are not meant to produce stress but to alleviate fears through early education and awareness. WACAC SLC 2014
  • 9. Career Awareness WACAC SLC 2014
  • 10. What are Your Gifts and/or Talents? WACAC SLC 2014
  • 11. Getting There from Here WACAC SLC 2014
  • 12. Organizational Skills Daily Planner File System Grovesite Accountability - Student sign in to Optional Tutorial or after school WACAC SLC 2014
  • 13. Communication is Key WACAC SLC 2014
  • 14. First General Principle for Choosing Courses for Gr. 9 Success Challenge WACAC SLC 2012
  • 15. First General Principle for Choosing Courses for Gr. 9 Success Challenge WACAC SLC 2012
  • 16. First General Principle for Choosing Courses for Gr. 9 Success Challenge WACAC SLC 2012
  • 17. Second General Principle for Choosing Courses for Gr. 9 WACAC SLC 2012
  • 18. What do you think you’ll be doing after graduation? WACAC SLC 2012
  • 19. Going straight to work or the military full time? Attending a community college or a trade school for a year or two, then going to work? Taking General Education courses or Major Requirements at a community college, then transferring to a 4-year institution? Enrolling straight into a 4-year college or university? Honestly, I have no clue! WACAC SLC 2012
  • 20. Here is one way to view your future after graduation. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 21. Find a Job You Love... Turn your passion into a profession. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 22. What do Colleges Look For? WACAC SLC 2012
  • 23. Colleges Look for 3 Things First 1. Minimum number of required classes 2. GPA 3. SAT and/or ACT Scores WACAC SLC 2012
  • 24. 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade 1. Christianity in Our Culture/Old Testament Survey or Studies Christianity in Our Culture/New Testament Survey or Studies Semester Bible Electives Semester Bible Electives 2. (English / Literature) 3. (History / Social Science) 4. (Mathematics) 5. (Science Optional in 9th) 6. (Foreign Language) 7. P.E./Strength 8th class (optional) 8th class (optional) 8th class (optional) 8th class (optional) 8Other P.E. Plans? ___________________Other Computer Software Course Plans? ______________________ 4 4 3 3 2 1 2 WACAC SLC 2012
  • 25. Make it Memorable. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 26. WACAC SLC 2012 Idea Paint
  • 27. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 28. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 29. Make it Accessible. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 30. Offer the Plans in Multiple Formats Live meetings Booklets Webcasts / Podcasts Prezi Fuze and Google Hangouts (synchronous collaboration) PDF or other portable document Other Flash-Based Presentation WACAC SLC 2012
  • 31. Garage Band - Free-ware - Mac OS WACAC SLC 2012
  • 32. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 33. Prezi WACAC SLC 2014
  • 34. Keynote for Mac Screen Flow for Mac Power Point for PC Adobe Presenter - add-on to Power Point WACAC SLC 2012
  • 35. Talk About Failure. Students need to know the direct consequences of their actions Preparation for “Remediating” JUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK! WACAC SLC 2012
  • 36. Support the Plan WACAC SLC 2012
  • 37. Mentoring Groups Facilitated by Leadership students Meet once per month 10 students per leader WACAC SLC 2012
  • 38. Study Skills Seminar (Summer) Helping incoming 9th graders who struggle with organization, time- management and study skills. Students discern which learning style best suits them and focuses on acquiring tools to improve performance on homework and and tests. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 39. Special Plans for At-Risk Students Assess special needs early Accommodate the student Dedicated counseling services Game plan for students with extended illnesses WACAC SLC 2012
  • 40. Highlands Ability Battery Counseling staff certified Expensive option but worthwhile WACAC SLC 2012
  • 41. Incentive Program Reward students for positive academic growth (Smartie Notes) GPA group awards/certificates (4.0 lunch with your counselor) Enhance self esteem WACAC SLC 2012
  • 42. Student to Student Tutoring Program Establish list of high-end students and pair them with students who need help Set up the relationship and monitor WACAC SLC 2012
  • 43. Career Counseling Early Earlier discussions about student’s interests, gifts, and talents Bring it up often Bring in guests Career search in Naviance/Family Connection Help students find summer enrichment opportunities WACAC SLC 2012
  • 44. “We are a Family” Foster a sense of belonging through clubs and activities Social transition from Junior High to Senior High Social counseling WACAC SLC 2012
  • 45. Don’t go it Alone Resources and Help for parents Naviance / Family Connection College Board - Springboard Blog for parents and student communication WACAC SLC 2012
  • 46. WACAC SLC 2012
  • 47. Solid College Placement Career Goals Met Scholarship Opportunities Maximize Talents WACAC SLC 2012 Results?
  • 48. Which doors will your key unlock? WACAC SLC 2012