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Bethany, The Girl Who Loved A Boy 001



A Story of a girl who loved a boy

A Story of a girl who loved a boy



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Bethany, The Girl Who Loved A Boy 001 Bethany, The Girl Who Loved A Boy 001 Presentation Transcript

  • Bethany was a girl who loved a very  special boy……. › She loved him so much that she would dream of things they could do together……
  • Bethany walked to her local grocery store. She had to buy some flowers for her mother. She was excited for a party that was going to take place Saturday night at her house. It was going to be a masked ball.
  • Bethany was looking at the fresh flowers when she saw Lance Johnson (her crush) walk through the door….. View slide
  • Quickly Bethany decided to walk towards the back of the store. Thinking she had escaped a most embarrassing moment. As she was walking back towards the meat department she went around a corner and………… View slide
  • She had bumped right into what she had been avoiding….Lance!!!!! “ Ummmmm…hi….I…..Ahhhh…Sorry……” She said quickly. Lance smiled. “ That’s ok it happens.” Bethany thought quickly…. I should invite him to the party. Or should I? What if he thought my house was to small, or to cramped or what if my family embarrassed me.
  • She was going to ask him. “ Umm… My name is Bethany…” She said. Before she could finish Lance interrupted her. “I know who you are. You are in my Math 101 class.” He said. “Yeah, that’s right I sit right beside Susie. Did you know that she had….” Bethany began to ramble as though her mouth was spuing out words she did not even recognize. Was she actually talking to Lance Johnson. The Lance Johnson who she had had a crush on since the beginning of the year. She was… And she was going to ask him to her party.
  • “Well…. Sorry I am rambling.” Bethany said. “That’s ok I live with four sisters, I know all about that.” Lance smiled. “Well I should get going…” Lance said. Come on… you can ask him, Bethany thought to herself trying to build up the courage she knew she had. “Ok. Well nice bumping into you. If I have problems with Math maybe I will catch up with you sometime.” Lance said as he started to walk away. “Ummmm…before you ….. Like…. Go …….ummm” Bethany couldn’t spit it out. “yeah….?” Lance said.
  • “Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come to this Masked ball that my mom is throwing on Saturday. It’s a little get together that we have every year. It is kind of fun and maybe if you need some help with your math we could go over it.” She did, she finally asked him. She never thought she could ask Lance Johnson such a thing. “Ummmm….well I would have to check to see if my family had plans but if not, I would be happy to come. It would give me something to do and plus I have never been to a masked ball before.” He said. “Really? Great. Well it starts at 8 p.m. and goes until midnight. Here is my number call me when you find out if you can come and I can give you directions.” Bethany handed Lance a piece of paper that she wrote her number on.
  • “Thanks. I will give you a call sometime tomorrow.” Lance smiled, took The paper and walked away. Bethany than realized she was sweating profusely and needed to go to The restroom to blot away the drops of sweat on her forhead. What a fool I am for sweating over a boy , she thought. As Bethany walked back up to the front of the store she had a sense of Herself. She felt confident and more alive than ever before. She never thought she would have it in her. But today she did. She Asked Lance Johnson to her party and she knew even if he didn’t come She was still proud of herself for having such courage.