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What is apitherapy, apitherapy arthritis, apitherapy honey

What is apitherapy, apitherapy arthritis, apitherapy honey







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    What is apitherapy, apitherapy arthritis, apitherapy honey What is apitherapy, apitherapy arthritis, apitherapy honey Presentation Transcript

    • What is Apitherapy, Apitherapy Arthritis, Apitherapy Honey? Source: http://feelgoodtime.net/what-is- apitherapy-apitherapy-arthritis- apitherapy-honey/
    • What is Apitherapy, Apitherapy Arthritis, Apitherapy Honey?• What is apitherapy? For the secret of eternal life people are searching from the beginning of mankind, but the new millennium is not advanced much further than the ancestors who believed in the power of honey! It seems like the bee hive actually hides a strange elixir of youth. Continuing the tradition of studying the honey people have always re-added some new “pearls”. Important ingredients for the extension of youth are high protein (protein gamma globulin), nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), various fatty acids, enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), coenzyme Q10, DHEA – dehydroepiandrosterone (a type of hormone); pregnonolon (a type of hormone) complex of vitamins (A, B5, C, E, F); complex of minerals and oligoelements (zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium). Reference is also an extract of grape seeds, which are an essential component – bioflavonoids. Due to the continuous attacks of free radicals around age of 50, a third protein found in cells of the body, becomes a waste material. The wastes and toxins of different types during aging damage the DNA of man disrupt biological control, poor defensive strength and support the development of disease. DNA is macromolecule that determines the secret of life, increases in, carrying genetic information from one cell to another and from generation to generation. The human body has identified about 200 different types of cells. These processes of organic acid (DNA), including the process of RNA (ribonucleic acid – another bit micro-molecules), which determine the secret, and the development of living beings are incredibly sensitive and dangerous, because there are many places on their way to the body, where things can go wrong. Apitherapy honey is actually a honey therapy. For more information about honey and bee propolis you should check our article “Bee Propolis”. Because DNA damage can have major consequences on the organism, which are transmitted to the siblings. Of the 75 trillion cells in the human body, 50 000 die and are replaced in a few seconds. Body’s ability to regenerate is amazing, but it needs a little help. All the mechanisms of reproduction, regeneration, transfer and translation of genetic codes of DNA and RNA operates a special type of protein called enzymes. I believe that people who have a hundred and more years, have more natural enzymes in the body.
    • Apitherapy Products• Bee products and preparations are important antioxidants – the protectors of free radicals, because their structure contains all the essential antioxidants:• Phytochemicals (natural chemicals from honey plants) form the immune system of plants, and as powerful antioxidants in humans have protective action against many diseases (heart, lung, malignant)• Plant pigments – natural chemicals from honey plants that bees process, are also edited in the composition of bee products. To mention just two of several hundred: betakarotin (provitamin A), which converts into vitamin A when the body needs, and the rest act as an antioxidant to prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke (in pollen it has 20 times more than in carrots), flavonoids and others – who have up to 50 times more antioxidant power than vitamins C and E (there are only about 50% propolis)• Carbohydrates (glucose and fructose) – amino acids, high protein (protein gamma globulin), nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), inorganic and various fatty acids• Plant hormones• Vitamins, especially vitamin A, B, C and E• Trace elements (antioxidant minerals) and minerals• Ferment, an enzyme that releases from the food all necessary nutrients: amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, vitamins and minerals in a form that is usable by the organism• There is much evidence that longevity is associated with the use of bee products. Thus, the ancient Indians in the known laws of Manu talk about extending life, even up to 500 years and more, using medicinal honey and milk drinks. With substances for slowing the aging process ensures the quality and continuous replacement of cells that die, and thus creates the conditions favorable for the prevention and treatment of some diseases, the establishment of the immune system. With the help of secrets in honey people will be able to live to 120 years. And beyond that will live only when science identifies genes that control the aging process and find a way to control them. In the chase for the 100th year our task is to start immediately with the use of honey and its products! Apitherapy products are most proven way.