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STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
STOP's Corporate Presentation
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STOP's Corporate Presentation


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Brief Overview of STOP’s products and services and industries served.

Brief Overview of STOP’s products and services and industries served.

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  • S.T.O.P. has major offices in 11 countries around the world. Our corporate headquarters for US based operations is in Stamford, CT. S.T.O.P.’s network of Resellers and distributors spans the US from coast to coast. You can also buy STOP directly from OEM’s like Toshiba or Dell.
  • It is because of the effectiveness and the obvious return on investment that S.T.O.P. offers, that many companies have adopted our service. Here is a list of just a few of them. As you can see, most of our clients fall into three categories: 1) Organizations with many portable computers, such as the two largest consulting firms in the world: McKinsey and Andersen Consulting. 2) Universities and school systems which are at high risk of student and outside theft, such as the University of California at Berkeley, Irvine, and Santa Cruz, Harvard, Yale, and the MIT.. 3) Finally, we service government and military organizations such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Marines,Department of Defense, or State department. All of which put a major emphasis on inventory tracking. These organizations appreciate the combination of both the loss reduction and the inventory and asset tracking solutions that we offer.
  • How does it work? The patented process consists of a security plate that is permanently sealed to the case of the equipment. The special high-strength adhesive requires up to 800 pounds of force to remove. The plate bears a unique ID number, a dissuasive warning message, and an 800 number to call for ownership verification and anti-theft information. A bright red police identifiable warning sticker is also affixed next to the plate.
  • What makes this system truly unique and effective is in the patented process. An indelible Tattoo, underneath the plate, is automatically chemically etched into the case when the plate is affixed. If a thief succeeds - using a special tool - in removing the plate; the STOLEN PROPERTY message, permanently imbedded into the casing, is revealed. Along with your company ID number and the 800 security number, the computer can immediately be identified as stolen. This STOLEN PROPERTY message makes the computer or equipment worthless for thieves since it is virtually impossible to resell. It also allows for rapid recovery of lost or misplaced equipment.
  • Here is a chart that will summarize how STOP works and how your losses will be reduced by more than 80%. The security plates are affixed to the equipment using our patented process (it takes only 30 seconds). The registration information can either be entered by hand, or using the STOP Asset Tracking Software or even directly on STOP’s Web site. STOP will then maintain and update all information about your equipment. Two things can happen to your machine: 1) If misplaced, it is very likely that a fellow traveler or commuter, the police, a service center, or any individual who finds the machine will call our 800 hot line. We will immediately call you to let you know where your machine is and will take care of returning it. 2) If the machine is stolen, we will immediately identify it as stolen in our database and advise anybody that calls about the equipment that it is “hot”. When the machine is offered for sale, potential buyers, resellers, end-users, and the police may inquire about a suspicious machine. Before buying, they will call S.T.O.P.’s 800 hot line. We will immediately tell them that the machine has been stolen, and thus prevent the resale of the equipment.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Protecting Laptops and Other IT Equipment
    • 2. STOP Worldwide
      • U. S. Corporate HQ: Norwalk, CT
      • – Reseller & OEM Network: Dell, HP, Apple
    • 3. Partial Client List
      • Alexandria City Public Schools
      • Boston University
      • Bowdoin College
      • Columbia University
      • Calif. State University Northridge
      • Georgetown University
      • Farmington Municipal Schools (NM)
      • Harvard University
      • Henrico County Public Schools
      • Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
      • McGill University
      • Miami Dade College
      • M.I.T.
      • Michigan State University
      • Ohio State University
      • Rutgers University
      • San Jose Unified School District
      • School District of Philadelphia
      • State University of New York
      • Syracuse University
      • Texas A&M Intl University
      • UCSF Medical Center
      • University California at Berkeley, Irvine, Santa-Cruz, UCLA
      • University of Guelph
      • University of New Mexico
      • University of South Florida
      • University of Toronto
      • Western Washington University
      • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
      • Yale University
      • Accretive Health Systems
      • Alegent Health Inc.
      • Allied Waste Industries/Republic
      • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
      • Carolinas Healthcare
      • Children’s Hospital Boston
      • Cingular Wireless
      • Federal Reserve System
      • General Electric Company
      • Hewlett-Packard
      • KPMG
      • L-3 Communications Sonoma
      • Lehigh Cement Company
      • McKinsey & Co.
      • Morrison & Foerster LLP
      • National Institutes of Health
      • NAVTEQ
      • New York Times Company
      • Pitney Bowes
      • Providence Health System
      • Sanofi-Aventis
      • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
      • Thomson Corporation
      • Time Warner Cable
      • Turner Broadcasting
      • USDA
      • U.S. DOD - Secretary of Defense
      • U.S. Department of State
      • U.S. Secret Service
      • Verizon Wireless
      • Waste Management
      • WE Energies
      • Western Area Power Administration
    • 4. Who Uses STOP at Corporate and Government Enterprises?
      • IT Departments:
        • Laptop Administrators
        • Network Administrators
      • Safety & Security Departments
      • AV/Media Departments
      • Asset Management Specialists
      • Inventory Control Specialists
      • “ Road Warriors”
    • 5. The STOP System Protects:
      • Laptops
      • Tablet PCs
      • Projectors
      • Monitors
      • Personal Digital Assistants – PDA’s
        • IPods, Blackberries, Palm’s, iPAQ’s
      • Desktops in High-traffic Areas
      • AV Equipment – TV’s, DVD Players, Editing, Speakers
      • Lab Equipment
      • Anything that has value and can easily “walk away.”
    • 6. Where Do Stolen Computers Go? Pawnbrokers On the Street
    • 7. How STOP Works: Security Plate is Permanently Affixed to Equipment. Plate Features:
      • Unique Bar-Coded ID Number
      • Dissuasive Warning Message
      • Toll-Free Number to Call for Owner Verification
    • 8.  
    • 9.  
    • 10. If Security Plate is Removed:
      • STOP’s patented indelible tattoo, chemically etched into the case when the plate was installed, is revealed.
      • The “ Stolen Property ” message makes illicit resale virtually impossible.
      Stolen Property 1-800-488-STOP
    • 11.  
    • 12. Installation Update Registration Incident Report Created STOP Eliminates Illicit Resale Value RETURNED MISPLACED
      • Lost & found
      • Traveler/Commuter
      • Police/security
      • End user
      • Buyer/ Reseller
      • Repair Shop
      • Pawn shop
      • Police
    • 13. Individual Web Registration
    • 14. Enterprise Web Registration
    • 15. STOP Monitor Mobile Scanner
    • 16. Recoveries Posted on STOP’s Website in Real Time
    • 17. New from STOP: STOPLock Two Layers of Protection: Cable lock + STOP Security Plate
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. Protecting Laptops
      • Lock It : STOPLock
      • Deterrence, Recovery, Inventory
      • Brand It : STOP , Operation ID Deterrence, Recovery, Inventory
      • Retrieve It : Stealth Software Recovery, Inventory, Encryption
      • Insure It : Reimbursement for material losses
    • 21.
      • It’s Easier to STOP a Thief
      • Than it Is to Catch One!