What to do about school bullying


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What to do about school bullying

  1. 1. W hat To DoAbout SchoolBull ying ?http://4useful.com/readthis/MethodsToStopBullying.php
  2. 2. TIPS What can I do if my child is being bullied at school? Your overall aim is to work with the school. Stay calm when you talk to them; don’t get confrontational or aggressive. You may need support and advice too, as this won’t be easy for you. There are a number of organisations with helplines for parents and children who are victims of bullying (see Sources of Information and Support below).
  3. 3. TIPS What if my child doesn’t want to tell the school? Don’t be surprised if your child wants to put the brakes on the process once she has told you. The bullying isn’t resolved in, say, two weeks, the school will need to be involved. In the meantime, suggest that you talk informally to other parents to see whether the bullying is widespread. If your child is hesitant about approaching her form teacher, ask if there is someone else in the school she could talk to - a teacher she likes, the nurse, the school secretary, the head... anyone she feels she can trust. If your child is insistent that you don’t complain, you should respect that decision.
  4. 4. TIPS How can I help my child? One of the best ways to support your child is to arm them with strategies to deal with bullying behaviour. Then they have something concrete to work with. Try these: tell them that the best way to thwart a bully is to ignore the taunts and walk away. Role play doing this with your child as the bully, you as the victim, and then change roles think about why your child is being bullied. Is it because she needs to develop new social skills? Help her make new friends and build up her confidence
  5. 5. SOLUTION Visit here to get solution for anti bullying http://4useful.com/readthis/MethodsToStopBullying.php