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What can parents do about bullying
What can parents do about bullying
What can parents do about bullying
What can parents do about bullying
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What can parents do about bullying


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  • Every parent won't allow anything would happen with our children, especially if you are not with them. The thing is most of our children spend more time at school than anywhere else. However, some schools have problems such as bullying, which makes them less secure. There are specific ways that parents can make going to school a safer and move valuable learning experience for their children, by teaching them about other ways that can't make them harm. If you would like to work towards making your children's school safer, you can visit this link, you might find it interesting:
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  • 1. What Can Parents DoAbout Bullying?
  • 2. TIPS 1) Let your child or grandchild know how much you love them and that they are extremely important to you. 2) Be fair and accountable to them. They need to know they can count on you if they begin to experience trouble with other children. 3) Dont use fear as a means to gain obedience in your home. Living with fear will cause a child to withdraw and refrain from seeking out help when theyneed it.
  • 3. TIPS 4) Instill a sense of humor about life. A positive approach to life will include a lot of laughter and a positive outlook on each day. 5) Praise and encourage children whenever you can. Praise is a builder while nagging and disrespectful talk tears down. 6) Enforce reasonable rules. Children want to have safe boundaries and they will learn to respect them in an orderly home. 7) Be a role model for interactions with others. Encourage kindness and respect,while also expecting the same level of respect from others.
  • 4. SOLUTION Visit here to get solution for anti bullying