SEO Crash Course: Content Overhaul
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SEO Crash Course: Content Overhaul



How to use content to get noticed, drive traffic and convert visitors.

How to use content to get noticed, drive traffic and convert visitors.



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SEO Crash Course: Content Overhaul SEO Crash Course: Content Overhaul Presentation Transcript

  • SEARCH RANKING CRASH COURSE @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  • WHAT IS CONTENT? “Content is a broad Blog term that refers to E-mail News anything created and uploaded to a website.” ~ Content Rules Case PodcastsStudies WebsiteE-books Video White Photos Papers Social Articles Media
  • WHY DOES CONTENT MATTER? Marketing is Shifting from Outbound to Inbound* Traditional Shrinking Change in media losing media budgets buyer attitudes reach reduce quality High quality Selling to customers is more content from challenging (informed) businesses Technology is cheap Inbound leads cost 62% less than outbound leads** *** Get Content. Get Customers. Leads-Cost-62-Less-than-Outbound-New-Data.aspxJoe Pulizzi, et al. March 2011
  • WHY DOES CONTENT MATTER? Info for Purchasing Decisions 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Internet Search 92% Blogs 53%User-generated 46%Message boards 34%Social networks 26% Magazines 20% TV Newspapers Media Used Frequently by US Internet Users to Find Information to Help with Purchase Decisions, March 2010,
  • Social Can’t Go It Alone WHY DOES CONTENT MATTER? Search & Social Conversions 1% Search 48% Search + Social 51% Social AloneSource: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011
  • Content is Your Online WHY DOES CONTENT MATTER? Marketing Cornerstone SocialLinks Content Sales SEO
  • WHERE TO START WITH CONTENT Customers Resources Goals
  • WEB PAGE CONTENT @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  • Don’t Underestimate Value of WEB PAGE CONTENT Well Written Content • Used to evaluate page SEO topic and relevance • Inform visitors Conversions • Persuade them to take action
  • Rule #1: Write for Your Audience First WEB PAGE CONTENT Switch from “we” to “you” • Don’t talk about your company constantly; instead, educate and persuade • Answer customer questions • State benefits Write naturally • Readability is paramount
  • Rule #2: Write for Search Engines Second WEB PAGE CONTENT Research • Core keywords keywords in • Supporting keyword phrases advance • Related words Develop content based • Hold reader’s interest on keyword • Should not be obvious researchRemember, #1 rank does not equal sales and conversions!
  • Rule #3: Rewrite Until It’s Right WEB PAGE CONTENT • Avoid keyword stuffing • Reader value New • Persuasive value • Keyword targeting • Find appropriate balance Existing between readers/SEO
  • Humorous ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEOur car batteries are durable, long-lasting and deliver enough power to startany vehicle in the harshest winter environment. Your escape from the in-laws is guaranteed every season of year.
  • Whimsical ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEYou want a durable,long-lasting battery?Yeah, we got that.There is no naturalforce in the worldthatll keep ourbatteries from doingtheir job. When youneed power, wedeliver.
  • Serious ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEOur car batteries are durable, long-lasting and deliver enough power to startany vehicle in the harshest winter environment. Youre guaranteed to getpower to your vehicle when you need it most.
  • Snarky ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEWhen headed to thein-laws, you want tobe equipped withone of the mostpowerful carbatteries money canbuy. Come hell orhigh water, youregetting out of therealive!
  • Down to Earth ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEWe don’t compete on price, we compete on quality. Our batteries deliverthe juice to start any vehicle even in the harshest winter environment. Canyou really put a price on that kind of reliability?
  • Thoughtful ESTABLISH YOUR VOICELets face it, batteriesfail at the worstpossible time, in theworst possible place.Weve built reliabilityinto all our carbatteries so theydeliver the power youneed when you needit most to get youwhere you want tobe.
  • Brutally Honest ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEYour boss is a jerk, your wife a nag and your friends are idiots. You need anescape. Where you go is up to you, how you get there is up to us. Our carbatteries will start any vehicle any time any where. Were ready to go whenyou are.
  • Flowery ESTABLISH YOUR VOICEOur car batteries aredesigned towithstand whateverforces of nature thatheaven above (or youknow who below) canthrow at it. When youturn that key, yourevehicle will roar tolife without so muchas a cough or sputter.
  • Understanding Keyword Usage KEYWORD USAGE • 1-3 per page (we Core recommend using only 1) • Use as frequently Term as readability will allow
  • Keyword Density KEYWORD USAGE Search engines think every word is a keyword! Engine looking for “red marbles” text text text red marbles text text text text text text red marbles text text text text text text text text text text text text text red marbles text text text text text text text text text text text text red text text marbles text text text text text text Add in “rubber balls” Add in “jump rope”text text text red marbles text text text jump rope text red marbles text text textrubber balls text red marbles text Search rubber balls text red marbles texttext text rubber balls text text text text text text text rubber balls text text text text texttext text text red marbles text engines get text text text red marbles texttext text text text text text rubber balls text confused! text text text jump rope text rubber ballstext text text text text text text text text text text text text text texttext red balls text text jump rope text text text No magic keyword density. Use “read it aloud” rule.
  • Integrating Core Terms KEYWORD USAGE • Specific phrase Core Term • Use appropriately baby bedding Choose from a wide variety of affordable baby bedding. Select sheets and comforters for both boys and girls. Your baby bedding can be fitted perfectly with a crib or toddler bed.
  • Keyword Phrases KEYWORD USAGE • Core term with qualifiersSupporting • Long-tail phrases Phrases • Use liberally, not always in phrase format
  • Integrating Supporting Phrases KEYWORD USAGE • Core term w/ qualifier Supporting • Long-tail phrases baby bedding Choose from a wide variety of affordable baby bedding. Select sheets and comforters for both boys and girls. Your bedding can be fitted perfectly with your baby’s crib or toddler bed.
  • Related Words KEYWORD USAGEThey match up with the core term and supporting phrases. • Stemmed variations of core (running, ran) – Don’t rely on search engines to do this! • Similar in meaning (jog, walk, hike, stroll) • Found in similar content (shoes, fast, exercise)
  • Integrating Related Words KEYWORD USAGE • Stemmed variationsRelated • Semantic relation baby beddingChoose from a wide variety ofaffordable baby bedding.Select sheets and comfortersfor both boys and girls. Yourbedding can be fittedperfectly with your baby’scrib or toddler bed.
  • Hyperlocal Keywords KEYWORD USAGE• Don’t forget local terms• Use specific references to your business as much as possible• Don’t stuff!• Use cities, regions, zip Call or visit our West Side codes, etc. office to get the lowest quote on car insurance in Cleveland.
  • Misspellings vs. Variations KEYWORD USAGE• Never, ever, EVER deliberately put misspellings on your page, in meta tags or in paid search!• What are variations? • Email vs. e-mail • Book keeper vs. bookkeeper • Web site vs. website
  • Images and Flash WEB PAGE CONTENT STYLE • Images can’t be “read” by engines – Move image text to real text – Use ALT attribute • Don’t Use Images for Optimized Copy – Kills your optimization efforts • Use Images for Non-Optimized Copy – Preventing dilution of optimized text – Rotating text • Engines have a hard time with Flash Visit our beautiful • Flash can be “read” but hasresort near Mohican drawbacks State Park – Can’t optimize pages – Can’t send visitors to most relevant content
  • Headings and Subheads WEB PAGE CONTENT STYLE H1• Read and scanned• Use strategically – H1: Main headline H2 – H2-6: Sub and paragraph headings• Higher value than text• Help visitors find H3 info quickly
  • Body Content WEB PAGE CONTENT STYLE• Target your audience• Make it scannable  Headings and subheads  Bullet points  Bold and italics• Limit paragraphs to one idea• Link to relevant pages frequently; balance with usability• Calls to action
  • Putting It All Together WEB PAGE CONTENT STYLE Cloth diapers are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to diaper your little one. Browse our extensive selection of comfortable, reusable cloth diapers, and enjoy the savings with our wholesale prices.We sell the inexpensive clothdiapers. Buy old fashioned clothdiapers from us and chose from ourwide selection.
  • Better Than Optimized WEB PAGE CONTENT STYLEDrive the European Convertible of Your DreamsImagine the thrill of racing through switchback curves and heart-pounding straightaways ina rare European sports car. Experience the highway like never before behind the wheel of aluxury Porsche convertible.At Antonio’s Sports Cars, a one-of-a-kindNortheast Ohio dealership, we specialize inrare European convertibles and race cars thatlet you live your dream. And, our highlytrained technicians will help you protect andpreserve that dream for years to come.Make Your Sports Car Fantasy a RealityAny time you visit our showroom in Hudson,Ohio, you’ll enjoy attentive, efficient serviceand a selection of exceptional vehicles toperuse.Don’t wait a moment longer. Reserve apersonal appointment with a member of ourknowledgeable sales team today by calling1.888.ILO.ADED.
  • WHY BLOG? @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  • Is Blogging Really That Popular? WHY BLOG?Many inbound marketing authorities consider blogging as social media.
  • So, Everybody’s Doing It. Should I? WHY BLOG? • B2B companies thatAccording to Hubspot, a blog get 67% moreleading authority on leads/monthinbound marketing and itsmetrics: • B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors Of all the forms of content marketing, blogging is one of the easiest and least expensive methods.
  • Why Does It Work? WHY BLOG?• Drives traffic  Fresh content  More indexed pages  More backlinks• Increased reach of your message  An aspect of social media  Companies that blog have 2X the Twitter followers as those that do not (Hubspot)• Good branding  Educates readers, building loyalty and trust  71% say blogs affect their purchasing decisions either somewhat or very much (Fast Company)
  • Value of Blog in Context, Competition WHY BLOG? Micro blogging Social News Competition Context Search Results Forums Social Reviews Blogs, Articles
  • Value of Blog for Social Media WHY BLOG? Home Base Under your control Not a third-party site
  • Reasons to Blog WHY BLOG? • Add personality to a business, connect with people • Shine different light on your business • Initiate feedback cycle • Build a community from ground up • Emotional investment • Educate, build credibility, generate ideas and insights • Get found by the media • Bolster the brand • Create demand for novel products • Sell products by sharing just enough info to make people curious
  • Control the Conversation Control the Conversation WHY BLOG? A blog sets the tone of social media efforts. • Conquer fear of criticism • People talk whether you’re out there or not • Rectify situations • Help people understand your side • Gather data • Spur change
  • BLOGGING BASICS @PolePositionMkg #SearchRankCC
  • Website vs. Blog, Part 1 BLOGGING BASICS Blogs: • Viewed as a resource • Fresh content • Constant link building • Deep, topical links • Outflow of links • Unlimited keywordsWebsites:• Viewed as a business• Stale content• Slow link building• Top-level links• Few outgoing links• Limited keywords
  • Website vs. Blog, Part 2 BLOGGING BASICS Blogs: • Friendly and insight focused • Editorial freedom • Soft sell • RSS distribution • ConversationWebsites:• Marketing and sales• Need for focus• Hard sell• Company driven• Requires visits• No conversation
  • Five Things to Know Before You Blog BLOGGING BASICS 1. How to write 2. How to engage 3. How to focus 4. Basic SEO 5. Basic PR
  • Six Things to Plan Before You Blog BLOGGING BASICS 1. Why are you blogging? Define goals, desired outcomes and key performance indicators. 2. Who will be responsible for blogging? • Individual • Team 3. What will your core topics be? 4. Where will you share your content? 5. When (how often) will you check social channels and metrics? 6. How can you best address your audience(s)?
  • Create Audience Personas* BLOGGING BASICS What are their goals and aspirations? What are their problems? What media do they rely on for their answers to problems? What style of content would appeal to them? What sorts of images and multimedia appeal to each? What words and phrases do these buyers use? How can we reach them?*New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Meerman Scott
  • How to Answer Persona Questions BLOGGING BASICS • Blogs • Forums and Groups Find • Interviews and Surveys • Customer Feedback Listen • Social Media • Agendas/Topics at Conferences • Read Targeted PublicationsResearch
  • Blog Opportunities: Educate BLOGGING BASICSBeyond marketing info and salesDelve deeply into topics of expertise (thought leader)Help people understand company nuances
  • Blog Opportunities: Motivate BLOGGING BASICSTake actionSpur interaction and responsePost photosContests and Special Offers
  • Blog Opportunities: Congregate BLOGGING BASICS Brands have fans Consumer loyalty Similar interests Atmosphere for conversation
  • Developing an Editorial Calendar BLOGGING BASICSPrioritized List of TopicsAssignmentsDeadlines Think like a publisher because you are a publisher!Tools
  • Sharing Your Content BLOGGING BASICS TwitterLinkedIn Google+ Two-way CommunicationFacebook YouTube External Blogs & Forums
  • Measuring Success BLOGGING BASICS Return on Readership Sales LiftObjective (ROO)* Studies Engagement AnalyticsMicro and Macro Conversions
  • The Do’s and Don’ts BLOGGING BASICSAsk Do’squestions Fake itUsepictures Don’ts Self-Write focuscompellingheadlines HaveGive credit thin skinLeave your Get lazyblog
  • Invest the Time BLOGGING BASICS It will take time to: • Plan the editorial calendar • Do the writing and uploading of media • Post to social media sites • Check progress on all fronts • Respond to comments • Stay informed and on top of your subjects • Go out to other blogs and have conversations
  • Thank You! Find Us