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How to Supercharge Your Business with Content Marketing


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Learn tips and techniques to expertly combine good content, well-designed SEO and smart social media efforts to create a web marketing plan that will increase leads and sales for your business! …

Learn tips and techniques to expertly combine good content, well-designed SEO and smart social media efforts to create a web marketing plan that will increase leads and sales for your business!

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  • 1. HOW TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS WITH CONTENT MARKETING Deb Briggs @debbriggs517 Kathy Gray @kagray @PolePositionMkg
  • 2. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg WEB MARKETING HAS THE EDGE
  • 3. Marketing is shifting from outbound to inbound WEBMARKETING’SEDGE * Get Content. Get Customers. Joe Pulizzi, et al. Technology is cheap Inbound leads cost 62% less than outbound leads** Selling to customers is more challenging (informed) Change in buyer attitudes Traditional media losing reach High quality content from businesses Shrinking media budgets reduce quality ** Leads-Cost-62-Less-than-Outbound-New-Data.aspx March 2011
  • 4. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg THE CHALLENGES OF WEB MARKETING
  • 5. THECHALLENGESOFWEBMARKETING Infographic by Shanghai Web Designers: The web is a busy place
  • 6. THECHALLENGESOFWEBMARKETING Every two days, we create as much information as we did since the dawn of time to 2003. Eric Schmidt, TechCrunch, Aug. 2010
  • 7. THECHALLENGESOFWEBMARKETING Google sites = 88 billion search per month 50-200 versions of Google’s core algorithm in the wild 70% of brands’ social content does not rank top 20 for brand names Sources: comScore, Google Inside Search, BrightEdge SMO Study, 4/11 Number of searches is growing exponentially
  • 8. THECHALLENGESOFWEBMARKETING Internet readers are highly distractible
  • 9. Internet readers are usually multi-tasking THECHALLENGESOFWEBMARKETING
  • 10. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg WHY YOU NEED CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIAL
  • 11. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL Your web marketing PB&J Content Search Social
  • 12. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL 51% 48% 1% Search & Social Conversions Search Search + Social Social Alone Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011 Social can’t go it alone
  • 13. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011 64% Consumer Connections via Social Media AFTER Purchase Likely to Follow Unlikely Unsure Social media is closely tied to branding and customer loyalty
  • 14. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Internet Search Blogs User-generated Message boards Social networks Magazines TV Newspapers 92% 53% 46% 34% 26% 20% Info for Purchasing Decisions Media Used Frequently* by US Internet Users** to Find Information to Help with Purchase Decisions, March 2010 92% Purchasing decisions
  • 15. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL “A shape appears to be forming in the brand opportunity to connect with consumers. Consumers want accurate, timely information and they will alternate between two channels; one they feel is ubiquitous and a part of their everyday life (search), and one that [has the ability to] not only introduce brand purchase decisions, but alter their intentions and confirm their final purchase decision (social media).” Content Search Social Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011 “The Virtuous Circle”
  • 16. WHYYOUNEEDCONTENT,SEARCH&SOCIAL Search Engines Social Media Content Conversions Three major considerations for online marketing
  • 17. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg COMPONENTS OF A COMPLETE WEB MARKETING PLAN
  • 18. Org Goals Customer Needs Action Desired Content, Search & Social Mix Analysis COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Web marketing cycle
  • 19. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Specific Customer focused Measurable Setting web marketing goals
  • 20. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Who are you trying to reach? Build personas Priorities Expectations Obstacles Decision Process Benchmarks
  • 21. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN How do you find out what your personas want? Listen! Interviews Conferences Reviews Social Media
  • 22. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN What are their goals and aspirations? What are their problems? What media do they rely on for their answers to problems? What style of content would appeal to them? What sorts of images and multimedia appeal to each? What words and phrases do these buyers use? How can we reach them? *New Rules of Marketing and PR David Meerman Scott How to develop personas
  • 23. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Conversions Macroconversion Set a meeting Call for more info Read content Sign up for emails Download content Make a purchase Microconversions What do you want the customer to do?
  • 24. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Website Blog News Podcasts Video Photos Articles White Papers E-books Case Studies E-mail Match persona to quality content
  • 25. COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Keywords and Long-tail Phrases Metadata Headline Useful Content Call to Action Make quality content findable
  • 26. Invest in Chosen Channels Share Your Content Share Others’ Content Engage with Customers in Two-way Conversation COMPLETEWEBMARKETINGPLAN Share content. Engage with readers
  • 27. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg THREE PHASES OF THE BUYING CYCLE
  • 28. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Researchers Shoppers Buyers Researchers Purpose: Deciding on Needs Shoppers Purpose: Comparing Aspects Buyers Purpose: Looking at Specifics Pass visitors through each of the stages Understanding the buying cycle
  • 29. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE General information searches Don’t know what they want Need category level pages Understanding researchers
  • 30. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Goal Move them to the next phase Deciding on Needs • Use laymen’s terms • Avoid industry jargon • Explain value of what you offer Appealing to researchers
  • 31. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Product info searches Comparing features Need sub-category and comparison pages Understanding shoppers
  • 32. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Goal Move them to the next phase Comparing Aspects • More industry specific terms • Highlight your skills and experience • Provide side by side comparisons Appealing to shoppers
  • 33. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Product specific searches Looking for trust Need product pages Understanding buyers
  • 34. THREEPHASESOFTHEBUYINGCYCLE Goal Become a customer Looking at Specifics • Specific terminology and facts • Easy to understand info • Links to customer service and promises Appealing to buyers
  • 35. @kagray @debbriggs517 @PolePositionMkg SETTING SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS AND METRICS
  • 37. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Traffic Links Credibility Conversions Benefits of social media
  • 38. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Time commitment Number of sites Reasons for participating Understanding channel audiences Engagement Challenges of social media
  • 39. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Presence Brand Conversions Set your goals
  • 40. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Where is your audience? Social giants Industry-specific sites Local sites
  • 41. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS • Introduction (awareness, drive traffic to site) • Expansion into new market • Conversation (word of mouth) and connections • Reviews Presence • Sentiment • Mentions/reviews • Evangelism Brand • Leads • Subscriptions • Social shares and comments • Targeted site traffic • Sales Conversions Set your microgoals
  • 42. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Goals Resources Customers Social media channel selection
  • 44. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Be great with the channels you choose
  • 45. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Fans Mentions Interactions Discount codes & campaigns Referral site ranking @ links to page Demographics Facebook Followers Favorites Listings RTs, @replies Referral site ranking Discount codes & campaigns Links from profile Brand mentions Twitter What metrics can you track?
  • 46. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Views Embeds Social shares “Link-thrus” SERP real estate YouTube Links Visitors Length of stay Downloads Subscriptions Comments Social shares Content What metrics can you track?
  • 47. SOCIALMEDIAGOALSANDMETRICS Spreadsheet Google Alerts HootSuite Google Analytics TweetDeck Topsy Twitter Search + More! Sprout Social SocialReport Trackur Wildfire ViralHeat Lithium Spredfast Radian6 BrandsEye UberVue Brandwatch Argyle Awareness Buddy Media Methods of monitoring and tracking
  • 48. Thank You! Next Workshop October 1, 2013 How to Write Amazing Content Search Engines Love & People Want to Share Register today at