Accelerate Your B.L.O.G., Part 4: Going the Extra Mile


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Discover why link building is so important, how to identify link opportunities and ways to promote your blog and its content.

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Accelerate Your B.L.O.G., Part 4: Going the Extra Mile

  1. 1. ACCELERATE YOUR B.L.O.G. – GOING THE EXTRA MILE @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  2. 2. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  3. 3. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERS Types of InfluencersThe Networkers The Thought Leaders The Early Adopters The Content CreatorsThe Consumers
  4. 4. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSDifferent typesof influencersexplained…
  5. 5. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERS The Networkers – they know everyone and vice-versa“Big net” value –They’re a valuableresource to small-businesses because oftheir reach. They’re the“popular kids.” You’ll find them engaging in most social networks.
  6. 6. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSAdvantages to building relationships with Networkers If you need a content writer, social media strategist, SEO, etc. they have a list of options. When others in their network are looking for (insert your industry here) you’ve built report with them and chances are they will give your name as a viable option for your product(s)/service(s).
  7. 7. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSThe Thought Leaders – the voices of trust & authority Their content is The engagement getting shared on their blog posts are constantly. abundant.
  8. 8. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSAdvantages to building relationships with Thought Leaders Aid in establishing your trust & authority When they share your content, mention you in a tweet/post, or offer to help with your content (interview, ideas, etc.) The piggyback effect. Increased impressions & traffic to your site More eyes, more clicks, more conversions.
  9. 9. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSThe Early Adopters – always on the hunt for the next best thing They’re partly driven by ego These are the people with whom because they want to be the to share news of a new first one to share and/or upcoming “their discovery” products or services. with the masses. Ask them to test it, review it and give feedback.
  10. 10. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSAdvantages to building relationships with Early Adopters They are cheerleaders They get others excited about what they uncover; love/think is “cool” or innovative. People follow them in droves People that want to know what the future holds will follow the Early Adopters because they share up-and-coming products services. It’s easier than staying ahead of the latest things themselves, they just identify and follow the leader.
  11. 11. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSThe Content Creators - responsible for writing or reporting on your industry Create a list of who Bloggers, jour covers news/press nalists, author in your niche. s, etc. This includes identifying and building relationships as soon as possible, so when you have something to share, you’re already connected.
  12. 12. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSAdvantages to building relationships with Content Creators Press, coverage and links. The trifecta pay-off. It answers the question, “Why”? Why spend all this time on content? Why social media? Why build relationships? Build your: brand rankings in search engines online presence traffic customer base conversions, etc. They distribute the news of the industry to their readers. They are the source of information for the industry and have a large audience. They amplify your reach by sharing your products/services with their readers.
  13. 13. The Consumers – potential customers IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERS• Use social media as a way to become aware of their options. They want to know what products and services are available and what people are talking about/sharing.Low-hangingfruit and oftenoverlooked If you reach them they’re likely to share their experience with family and friends They help with content ideas. What questions are they asking on social media channels and in industry forums?
  14. 14. IDENTIFYING INFLUENCERSAdvantages to building relationships with Consumers Win a customer, Win their family & friends Building relationships helps build your brand. If you can get people to champion your product/service they will spread the love by word-of-mouth. Building your brand builds your revenue.
  15. 15. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  16. 16. BECOMING AN AUTHORITYHow To Become An Authority
  17. 17. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Create a Strategy Determine Who To Engage What Topics Will You Focus On Pick a handful to target over a set period of time Dig deeper – develop your knowledge base Remember, being a valuable contributorPrioritize Your Social should be your 1st Media Channels priority Build a community around providing great content
  18. 18. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Offer A Unique PerspectiveKnow What People Are Find What Essence Is Talking About Missing And Create It Build your foundation on it
  19. 19. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Write for the webPractice, Practice, Practice Find your voice Organize information Eliminate mistakes Spelling & grammarHave someone else look over it before publishing
  20. 20. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Guest postWrite for Bloggers in your industry Online magazines in your verticalothers: Feature articles News/Press Releases
  21. 21. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Share your work Others:Social Networks: • Post to • Forums, blogs, Q Facebook, Twitter, & A sites, etc. Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  22. 22. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY SEO your content Add keywords that you are targeting in the searchTitle tags, description, engines and the keywords Link to other pages/blog headers searchers are using in the posts search engines. (Google AdWords tool)
  23. 23. BECOMING AN AUTHORITY Grow your audience Use Analytics This is a great way to check your progress. Use this tool to set benchmarking goalsSubmit to BlogDirectoriesTechnorati ListoriousBlogarama Social Bookmarking Diiigo Digg StumbleUpon RSS Feed & E-mail blasts
  24. 24. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  25. 25. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Blog Directories• Technorati• Blogarama• Blog Hints• Blogdigger• Blog Listing• Blog Directory• Bloggernity• BlogCatalog• Blog Search Engine• Ontoplist• Bloggeries
  26. 26. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Queries / Search Engines Exact Match: “keyword” Exclude a word: -keyword Include similar words: ~keywordSearch within a site ordomain: site: keyword
  27. 27. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Look at CompetitorsWho are your competitors following?Who are they interacting with?Who are they engaging?
  28. 28. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Types of Tools for Finding InfluencersDiscovery Monitoring Scheduling
  29. 29. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Discovery toolsDiscovery tools help you find influencers in your niche to follow and engage.• Google / Bing / Yahoo• Twitter search• SocialMention• Followerwonk• Blog Directories(Technorati, Blogarama, Blog Catalog, etc.)
  30. 30. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Discovery tools etiquetteDo• Analyze followers and potential follows• Find conversations using your keywords• Engage & Interact Don’t • Automate follows • Share your content with influencers until you’ve built a relationship through engagement • Expect anything in return
  31. 31. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Monitoring toolsMonitoring tools help you track your efforts, engagement and manage yourreputation.• Google Alerts• SocialMention Alerts• Twilert• backtweets
  32. 32. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Monitoring tools etiquetteDo• Track brand, name, and keywords• Respond to both positive and negative mentions• Reply as quickly as possible Don’t • Add fuel to negative feedback
  33. 33. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Scheduling toolsScheduling tools help you schedule post with your content. Not all postsshould be scheduled.• Hootsuite• Socialyzer• Sprout Social• Timely• Buffer• Tweriod
  34. 34. FINDING THE INFLUENCERS Scheduling tools etiquetteDo• Use auto timer• Space out content throughout the week• Share other authors / websites content Don’t • Use only scheduled tweets/posts • Schedule responses to outreach • Auto DM for new followers
  35. 35. ENGAGING INFLUENCERS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  36. 36. Getting Their Attention ENGAGING INFLUENCERSRead everything they write, engage and promote.Write good content and share it with them.Their time is valuable and in short supply. It takesgreat content to get their support.It takes time, don’t give-up.
  37. 37. Read Stock Them ENGAGING INFLUENCERS Read everything they Comment on theirwrite on their blog, and posts, both on their the articles they blog and SM channels. promote. Share their content on your blog and SM channels.
  38. 38. Write Great Content & Share ENGAGING INFLUENCERS Spend time researching your Share What’s Relevant content. Techniques How To’sWhat’s being talked about in your industry? What Ideas Thoughts value can you add to the conversation? Skills Knowledge Content
  39. 39. Respect Their Time, and Persevere ENGAGING INFLUENCERS Be mindful that they’re busy and don’t have a lot of extra time. If they don’trespond to you right away, or acknowledge the first few times you try and engage them in conversation– don’t give up!
  40. 40. IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDING @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  41. 41. IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDING What Is A Link? What a link isn’tA word, or group of words that is linked to a webpage.
  42. 42. IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDING What Is The Purpose Of A Link? A vote for your page DirectBuild your brand &reputation Links people to helpful resources Bring traffic to your site / increase sales
  43. 43. IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDINGHow Is A Link Valued?
  44. 44. Link Placement IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDINGWhere the link is on the page • Avoid side-bar and site-wide links • Highest valued links are on top quarter of page within the contentThe surrounding text • The algorithms factor in the sentences surrounding the link. Are they relevant to the anchor text? Is it natural? Does it make sense?
  45. 45. Link Anchor Text IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDINGThe words that are linking • Exact match of the keywords you are targeting (avoid over optimization) • Long-tail • Brand name • URL
  46. 46. Authority of Link Source IMPORTANCE OF LINK BUILDINGWhat is the value of the page you’re trying to get a link from? • Is the site indexed by Google (site:URL) • Does it have good content? • Interesting, informational, proper grammar etc. • Is new content published on a regular basis? • What is the traffic level to the website? • Is there engagement? • Social shares/authority?
  47. 47. LINK BUILDING THE RIGHT WAY @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  48. 48. Give to Get, But Don’t Expect Anything LINK BUILDING THE RIGHT WAYThe way of link building: • Build relationships • Link to others • Create value added content
  49. 49. Build Relationships LINK BUILDING THE RIGHT WAY EngageSocial Media ContentForums / Q&A Blogs
  50. 50. Link To Others LINK BUILDING THE RIGHT WAY AcknowledgePosts & Articles Resources Videos Add Credibility
  51. 51. LINK BUILDING THE RIGHT WAY Create Value Added Content ContributePosts & Articles Resources Videos Attack Links
  52. 52. GROWING YOUR LINK BUILDING @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  53. 53. Promote Your Knowledge GROWING YOUR LINK BUILDINGResearch Reach Out Reinforce
  54. 54. Research Industry Content, Conversations, Ideas GROWING YOUR LINK BUILDING Know what is being written about Know what’s being talked about Know what’s being innovated
  55. 55. Reach Out & Add Your Knowledge To Discussions GROWING YOUR LINK BUILDINGBlogs, Forums,Q&Asites, SocialMedia Channels
  56. 56. Reinforce Linking By Showing Appreciation GROWING YOUR LINK BUILDING When someone links to you, be sure to thank them. Continue sharing relevant content.
  57. 57. Thank You! Find Us