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Stone Works Canada-Outside stone details for homes
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Stone Works Canada-Outside stone details for homes


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Flagstone installation-repair-restoration of driveways-patios-walkways-pool decks - in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville Call 905.486.9836

Flagstone installation-repair-restoration of driveways-patios-walkways-pool decks - in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville Call 905.486.9836

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  • 1. CHARINGTON DETAILS add your personal style to your home with Charington details 1
  • 4. Candles Candles 424 Sills or 436 Sills Candles & Keystone Candles with Keystone & Wings TUDOR HEADERS & With just the basics of a header and a keystone you can achieve a Home Style of your own and make your home one of distinction. Available in Tapestry and Rock-Stone finishes, Tudor Header and Surrounds can be ordered pre-cut to your window dimensions or ordered in bulk and have your mason do the basic cuts on site. Also available in the Gem Stone Flutonia and Diamond Profiles. 4
  • 5. Keystone Keystone Candles Wings 424 Sills Candles 424 Sills SURROUNDS 5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. Stuart Arch Stuart Arch Candles 424 Sills Stuart Arch & Keystone Stuart Arch with Keystone & Wings Stuart HEADERS & The gentle curve of the Stuart Header softens the angular aesthetics of your home. You can use a Stuart Arch or the full Stuart Surround all around your home, or as an accent feature, mixed with the straight Tudor Headers and Surrounds. The advantage of the Stuart Detail is that it requires less height compared to the Roman Header. The Headers and Surrounds are available in both Tapestry and Rock-Stone finishes that can be mixed for accent. 8
  • 9. Stuart Arch Stuart Arch Keystone Keystone Candles Wings 424 Sills Candles Shoes Jade Sills SURROUNDS flutonia Diamond 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Roman Arch Candles 424 Sills or 436 Sills roman HEADERS & The classic lines of our Roman Headers and Surrounds can have the clean lines of a simple arch, or dressed up with keystones, wings and springers. Charington Details offer a variety of matching Sills to compliment the detail. Gem Stone Diamond and Flutonia profiling is also available. 12
  • 13. Roman Arch Roman Arch Keystone Keystone Candles Wings 424 Full Radius Sills Springers Candles 824 Sloped Sills SURROUNDS flutonia Diamond 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. Georgian Arch Keystone Wings Georgian HEADERS & SURROUNDS The Georgian Header and Georgian Surround are multi-centred arches that are matched to your windows profile. Send us a template of your window and we match it for a trouble free installation. The Headers and Surrounds are available in both Tapestry and Rock-Stone finishes that can be mixed for accent. 16
  • 17. Georgian Arch Keystone Wings Candles 424 Jade Sills 17
  • 18. oval Circular custom Charington Charington Details bring your imagination to life. Custom shapes, combinatons and colours are available for those projects of a unique nature and we can make it happen. Our skilled technical staff and craftsmen are some of the best around. 18
  • 19. Gothic 19
  • 20. 20
  • 21. 21
  • 22. 22
  • 23. 23
  • 24. Corner Stone A Corner Stone is a one piece corner which reminds us of the massive stones used as Quoins details which graced the corners of notable homes and commercial buildings of the past. Corner Stones can be laid up in a number of ways affording unique looks by alternating space and orientation or contrasting texture and colours. Corner Stones are often laid so that the stone protrudes from the wall surface further accenting the detail. 24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. 424 Full Radius 424 Rock-Stone 424 Tex-Stone 424 Tapestry Stock Sills in Pearl white and Chamois 436 Super Sills Stocked in Aztec, Pearl White and Chamois Super Sills Our Super Sills are available with left or right return corners. The stock Sills are available in Pearl White and Chamois and as custom orders in our full range of Architectural Colours. Shouldice Designer Stone Sills feature a drip edge cut the full length on the underside of each Sill. Sills are 24” in length except for the 436 Sill which is 36” long. 26
  • 27. 424 Watertable 424 Sloped 424 Jade 224 Super Sills Custom Order 224 Sloped 224 Full Radius 224 Rock-Stone 224 Tapestry 224 Tex-Stone 824 Super Sills Custom Order 824 Rock-Stone 824 Tapestry 824 Tex-Stone 824 Watertable 824 Sloped 27
  • 28. Keystone Keystone Rock-Stone Tapestry Keystone with Wings Keystone with Wings Keystone with Wings Keystone with Wings Rock-Stone Tapestry Mixed Texture Mixed Texture Keystones & Winks Perfection is in the Details Keystones can be used alone or in combination with one of the Charington Details. Alone or with Wings, Keystones provide an economical way to add beautiful detail to your home. They can either be pulled out a bit from the wall or Rock-Stone and Tapestry textures can be mixed to add additional detail to your home. If you have a large space on a wall that looks a bit plain, add a Wink to give it the finishing touch. 28
  • 29. WINKS 29
  • 30. Sapphire Emerald Opal GEM Stones Standard and Custom Shaped Profiles Gem Stones, like their names, are something special. A level of detail not seen often in today’s modern economies. Gem Stones give your home the highest level of distinction available. They can be used as window and door surrounds, banding or as capitals to name but a few. We have eight standard profiles and custom profile available as well as Diamond and Flutonia available as arches you can have it all. 30
  • 31. Topaz Jade Ruby Diamond Flutonia End Shapely Profiles Curves All the Gem Stone Flutonia and Diamond Collection can have a Gem Stone Arch matching profile on Surrounds open the either or both ends. door to an even greater flexibility of design. 31
  • 32. 32
  • 33. 33
  • 34. STENCIL STONE Standard and Custom Shaped Profiles Stencil Stones give you the opportunity to set your words in stone: your family name, street address, date stone or pictures and logos. Stencil Stones add a touch to your home that no other detail can, it evokes a time when qual- ity was the standard and each home had a story to tell. Homes were known by their owner or their location. Stencil Stones add personality. Stock sizes Stock date Stones Stock Date Stones 4” x 8” x 16” are available in Pearl 4” x 8” x 24” White with Benguiat letter style (see 4” x 12” x 24” sample shown). 4” x 16” x 24” 34
  • 35. 35
  • 36. DIMENSIONS Standard candles DIAMOND Flute Size: Opal 1 1/4” wide by 5/8” deep Sapphire flutonia Diamond Emerald Ruby Topaz Jade 6 3/8 162mm 5 9/16 141mm 36
  • 37. Keystone & Wings 1 2 7 8 Springers STANDARD WINKS rosettes STANDARD Field Cut Centre chicklets STANDARD 27 3/4” 705mm Shoes 37
  • 38. SUPER SILLS 224, 424, 824 55mm 90mm 90mm 85mm 140mm 140mm 140mm 45º 90mm 90mm 90mm 140mm 140mm 140mm JADE GEM STONE SILL WATERTABLE 424 (Cut Stone Finish) (Tapestry) SUPER SILL 436 (36” Rock-Stone) CUSTOM ORDER SUPER SILLS Custom Order Super Sills are available in 24” Lengths · Continuous drip edge cut into each Super Sill · Bevels are standard where shown. *No bevels on Rock-Stone Sills 90mm 45º 55mm 55mm 140mm 140mm 195mm 5 9/16” 55mm 90mm 140mm 140mm WATERTABLE 824 (Tapestry) 38
  • 39. Corner Stones 4” x 4” x 24” & 12” 4” x 8” x 16” & 8” 4” x 8” x 24” & 12” 90mm 60º 4” x 12” x 24” & 12” 195mm 195mm 140mm 140mm 4” x 16” x 24” & 12” 39
  • 40. Colour & Texture Pearl White – Tapestry Pearl White – Rock-Stone Chamois – Tapestry Chamois – Rock-Stone Standard Charington Colours Specifications · Charington Details exceed the CSA A165 Series-04 and the ASTM C-55-06e1 Specifications · Charington Details will not flake or deteriorate whether they are used above grade, at grade or even below grade · Maximum water absorption by mass not to exceed 8 percent · Recommended to be installed with Type ‘N’ masonry cement (see TEK 9-1A Mortars for Concrete Masonry) · Charington Details are manufactured using an integral water repellent agent which inhibits water absorption and efflorescence for a lifetime of performance. · Minimum compressive strength 4,000 PSI · Cold Weather Construction – refer to installation guidelines · Manufactured Under U.S. Patent 4,335,549 and Canadian Patents 1,169,265 and 2,127,191. Mr. Stoneman Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada N0H 2K0 Phone: 800-265-3174 Fax 800-211-6060 Email: THE DESIGNER STONE COLLECTION IS EXCLUSIVELY MANUFACTURED AND PROCESSED UNDER PATENT PROTECTION U.S PATENT 4,335,549 AND CANADIAN PATENT 1,169,265 and 2,127,191. PRINTED IN CANADA 800201 40